Graceful Family (2019)

1h 14mDorama, Drama, Família, Mistério

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Mo Seok-hee is an only child and her father runs the large company MC Group. She is beautiful, smart and rich. Mo Seok-hee appears like she is arrogant, but she struggles over her mother’s death. Her mother was killed 15 years ago. Meanwhile, Heo Yoon-do is a lawyer, but he doesn’t even have an office. He solves small problems of neighborhood residents at a restaurant. He is full of love. Miraculously, Heo Yoon-do is headhunted to join the TOP team at MC Group. The TOP team manages the affairs of the family who runs the MC Group. Their job includes covering up immoral or illegal behaviors done by the family.


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Mc Group owner's secret information, 'TOP TEAM', a risk-dedicated team that manages the privacy of families, and the group's only daughter, Seok-hee Lim , who has been under their watch, return home soon after hearing that their grandfather, President Wang is in serious need.


Yoon-do (Lee Jang-woo),who was hired by the TOP team through Seok-hee (Lim Soo-hek), is young and has the same contract details as the MC Group's slave contract. On the other hand, the TOP team promotes Seok hee's marriage in order to exclude Seok hee from management.


Yundo is conflicted between the belief that he wants to save a crazy person and the reality that he can be fired from the hard-earned TOP team.


Seok Hee and Yoon-do visit a woman called Sam cheng-dong Milk Girl to borrow cash to secure MC Group management...


When Chairman Wang who only thought he was in a coma, appeared at the general meeting of shareholders, the MC family was in great turmoil.


After being investigated by the police for drunk-driving, Seok-hee will eventually be unable to attend the general meeting of shareholders, and his chairman will be appointed as CEO instead.


The chairman of the MC Group promotes the TOP team to fasten the succession of management rights to his son.


For the succession of management rights to the MC group's eldest son, Wan Jun, The Empire instructs Yun Do to commit the National Assembly Inheritance Act.


The hidden mole of the house Choi Seung-eun enters the MC family home and declares that he will live.


Yoon-do and Seung-yoo Oh and Seok-hee misunderstand Yundo's sincerity.


Seok-hee, who went to the gallery of Ha Young-seo, finds her mom's paintings engraved with the initials of the English words.


Seok Hee and YunDo finally meet the judge who was responsible for the verdict in the murder case 15 years ago.


The Empire, which restrained Yoon Do for public money windfalls, demands that he waive the retrial claim in the case 15years ago in exchange for his release.


Seok-hee and Yoon-do, who used a Ji-Seok to bind the empire, will request a retrial for the murders 15 years ago.


When The Mother learns that Seok-hee is the daughter of President Wang, she is shocked and in a state of insanity.