Guardiões da Justiça (2022)

20mAnimação, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Comédia

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Depois da autodestruição do líder, uma equipe de super-heróis problemáticos precisa confrontar poderes malignos no mundo – e neles mesmos.


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1Chapter 1: It Was Murder, She Said!

Forty years after he appeared in the sky to save humanity, Marvelous Man makes a televised address that shocks the world — and his Guardians of Justice.

2Chapter 2: A Mentally Shattered Megalomaniac

As crime and chaos spin out of control, Knight Hawk starts to investigate the "god killer" bullet and Marvelous Man's mysterious demise.

3Chapter 3: Anubis and How I Learned to Love the Nuke

Anubis terrorists leave a gruesome trail of destruction while power-hungry world leaders move toward nuclear war. The Guardians suffer painful losses.

4Chapter 4: You Can Own the Word "Justice"

As the public loses faith, Knight Hawk's interrogations uncover more of the Guardians' buried secrets. Sparks fly between the Speed and Awesome Man.

5Chapter 5: When Guardians Fall in Love

A visit to Golden Goddess' lair leaves Knight Hawk undone. Motion Blur comes forward with shocking information about the "god killer" bullet.

6Chapter 6: Shame Is a Lower Vibration than Anger

Knight Hawk finds out more about Marvelous Man's secret life — and the truth about his death. The Mellow Devil drug ravages the streets.

7Chapter 7: Proximity to Power Corrupts More than Power Itself

Armed with the truth, the Speed races to stop a catastrophe. Knight Hawk and Awesome Man face terrible choices for "the greater good."