Hajime no Ippo (2000)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Drama, Action & Adventure

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Makunouchi Ippo é um estudante normal do ensino médio no Japão. Como ele passa a maior parte do tempo longe da escola ajudando sua mãe a administrar os negócios da família, ele não consegue aproveitar os anos de juventude como a maioria dos adolescentes. Sempre alvo de bullying na escola (a pesca da família lhe confere um odor distinto), Ippo tem uma vida de adversidades. Uma dessas sessões de bullying depois da escola muda a vida de Ippo para melhor, já que ele é salvo por um boxeador chamado Takamura. Ele decide seguir os passos de Takamura e treinar para se tornar um boxeador, dando direção e propósito à sua vida. O caminho de Ippo para aperfeiçoar suas proezas pugilísticas está apenas começando ...


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1The First Step

Ippo is a high school student who works full time at his mother's fishing though. Because of this, he gets bullied on by the kids at his school. That's when his life turns around, when a professional boxer happens to be jogging along the way, and introduces Ippo to the world of boxing.

1The Strongest Challenger

Makunouchi Ippo defeated Sendou Takeshi with his Dempsey Roll and became the Japanese Featherweight Champion! Reflecting on his recent title defenses, Ippo reminisces about his late father Kazuo, and his own desires to be as strong as his dad was.

1The New Step

The first episode of the second season starts with mostly the match of Miyata against Arnie. Shows Kimura sparring with Miyata and then the Weigh-in. Then the match is about to start, Miyata and Arnie are ready for battle!

2Fruits of Labor

Ippo succeeds in catching 10 falling leaves, and is granted his first sparring session.

2The Dempsey Roll Destroyed

With his title on the line, Ippo goes toe-to-toe with Shimabukuro. The battle is so intense Ippo doesn’t even have room to breathe, to the point he starts turning blue! With Ippo struggling at the “bottom of the ocean,” has Shimabukuro met his goal of destroying the Dempsey Roll?!

2Bloody Cross

The second episode of the second season starts off on Miyata's OPBF Title Match. With it Arnie showing his special weapon called Bloody Cross and Miyata throwing strong counters to escape from this techniques strange name 'Bloody Cross '.

3Tears of Joy

Ippo loses his first sparring session, but shows enough potential to be accepted into the gym.

3A Woman's Battle

Ippo emerges victorious after a vicious war with Shimabukuro, and Itagaki’s sister Nanako comes to pay him a visit at home while he rests. Meanwhile, Aoki is busy preparing for his first ever title match against the lightweight champion Imae Katsutaka.

3To a Promise

The third episode of the second season continues on the OPBF Match with Miyata against Arnie. With almost everytime Miyata is about to fall down from hits of the champ, but then he tooks big step and takes the OPBF Champion Arnie Gregory to the ground. The count starts, and the episode ends.

4Shadow Boxing

Ippo practices shadow boxing.

4The Goddess of Victory

After an infuriating face-off with Imae, Aoki turns to his girlfriend Tomiko for comfort. Meanwhile, Imae chooses to focus all his energy on boxing and his upcoming title defense, rebuffing his former girlfriend Sachiko’s attempts to rekindle their romance. Will Tomiko’s support carry Aoki to victory, or will Imae’s intense focus keep the belt on his waist?

4Towards The World

Miyata Ichirou wins the title of OPBF Featherweight Champion, but now Ippo feels even further from him than before. After his match, Date Eiji's second Title Match against Ricardo Martinez is officially finalized, after seven years. As they look at the boxing magazine, the coach comes in and says that Ricardo Martinez has requested a sparring match with Ippo.

53 Months to Counter

Ippo trains for a rematch.

5100% Fake

Imae’s long hours of research quickly pay off as he decimates Aoki by countering every one of his trademark attacks, even the Frog Punch! As Tomiko watches on and the crowd awaits the inevitable knockout, Aoki does something that leaves the whole arena in shock.

5The Strength of the World

Ippo comes to the sparring match against Ricardo Martinez as focused as if it were a real match, and he is determined to land at least one hit on the World champion. However, Martinez's lightning-fast lefts and instant reflexes are like nothing Ippo's ever seen. Will Ippo's Dempsey Roll work on the strongest man in the world?

6The Opening Bell of the Rematch

Ippo and Miyata face off in a rematch.

6The Distance Between Me and Glory

Imae, cowed by Aoki’s fearsome new move, suddenly realizes what it is Aoki has that he lacks. Summoning up all the energy he has left, he faces his challenger once again. As the fight drags on, will Imae retain his championship, or will Aoki finally reach the belt?

6A Figure to Chase After

After seven years Eiji Date will finally have his rematch with Ricardo Martinez, the world featherweight champion. The title match begins, Date starts the match off with two lefts, the second landing on the champion's face.

7The Destructive Force Of One CM

Ippo and Miyata are in the last round of the rematch

7Cheese Champion

Sendou Takeshi, the "Naniwa Tiger," returns to the ring! But it's his sparring partner, Sawamura Ryuuhei, who knocks Ippo for a loop when he calls the Dempsey Roll a "clumsy technique" and declares he's gunning for the Featherweight Title!

7The Advent of the Devil

The world featherweight title match has begun, in the first round, neither Date or Martinez use their rights. The second round is more exciting than the first. In the third round, Martinez steps it up and becomes more aggressive.

8Promise to Meet Again

Ippo trains with Takamura and discovers the hardship of pro boxing.

8The Mad Dog and the Red Wolf

Ippo's next title defense is confirmed to be against Sawamura Ryuuhei, and after realizing the Dempsey Roll is vulnerable to counter punches, Ippo realizes he doesn't stand a chance. His only option is to somehow evolve the Dempsey Roll into a more effective move, but as he mulls over exactly how to do it, a surprisingly familiar face appears in front of him.

8Spirit For One Last Attack

Date tries the heart-breaker shot but Martinez blocks it with his elbow breaking Date's hand. By the end of the round Date's hand, jaw, and ribs are broken. After ten rounds the match has a winner.

9C Class License

Ippo takes the License Test and meets Mashiba.

9A Savage Scenario

Volg has return to Japan to take back his boxing gloves from Ippo. He hopes to travel to America, but with no contacts there he must rely on Coach Kamogawa to introduce him to someone. The gang at the gym asks Volg to spar with Ippo to help him prepare for the Sawamura fight, but after such a long time away from the ring, can the Russian get in fighting shape in time?

9Inheritance Qualifications

The Kamogawa Boxing Gym gets a new recruit: Itagaki Manabu, the inter-high national runner up who happens to idolizes Ippo. Meanwhile, Ippo is hit with a blast from the past when he is challenged by Hammer Nao, his former junior who now seeks to defeat him and take his belt.

10Debut Match!

Ippo and his opponent Yusuke train for Ippo's debut match.

10The Face Of Determination

As the fight with Sawamura draws near, Ippo has pinned all his hopes on the newly-evolved Dempsey Roll, to the point where practicing it has left him worn out and overtrained. Left with a dire warning from his massage therapist about the toll his new move is taking, will Ippo be able to perfect his technique in time for the fight?!

10Biting Dog

Ippo is reluctant to fight Nao, who used to be his junior and friend. Nao faces his fear of fighting Ippo and resolves to let Ippo know how strong he has become firsthand. Who will come out on top?

11Obsession for Victory

Ippo defeats Yusuke via K.O.

11Fearless Challenger

Sawamura's blatant fouls and bullet-like left jabs leave Ippo scrambling to establish some kind of rhythm. He stubbornly forces his way inside, but is he charging headfirst into a trap?

11Ippo vs. Hammer Nao

The match begins. Ippo goes on an all-out offensive, hoping to end this match as soon as possible, but Nao refuses to stay down until he has shown Ippo his new power! Nao makes use of relentless and forceful body blows, pushing Ippo into a corner.

12Becoming a Bully's Buddy

Ippo fights and wins his second match via K.O.,After the fight he was befriended by Umezawa, his former bully.

12The Anti-Dempsey Perfected

Ippo mounts a desperate, full frontal assault as Sawamura continues to toy with him. Determined to take back the pace, Ippo begins to dodge the Bullets and get into a rhythm as he strikes back. Almost naturally he falls into the Dempsey Roll pattern, and Sawamura makes his move!

12Requirements For A Pro

Ippo lowers his guard and it becomes a blow-for-blow confrontation, with Ippo winning out and knocking Nao down. Nao reflects on his past with Ippo as he gets up once more, only to be ultimately knocked out. Ippo remarks that Nao hasn't felt the pain of losing yet, and now that he has, he will become much stronger.

13The Eastern Japan Rookie Championship Tournament Begins

Ippo and his opponent Jason prepare for the first match of the Rookie King Tournament.

13A Fist That Picks You Up

The evolved Dempsey Roll saved Ippo from the jaws of defeat. Bolstered by the cheering fans, he chases down Sawamura. But with Sawamura more willing than ever to risk an illegal move, will Ippo's last bit of energy be enough to defend the title?

14Powerful Arms! Hooks vs. Uppercut!

Start of Ippo vs Jason match, both men exchange powerful punches but neither goes down.

14Empowering Words

Ippo visits Dr. Yamaguchi and learns the full extent of the damage caused by the evolved Dempsey Roll. As he walks home on crutches, Umezawa drives by and gives him a lift. Ippo's relief is short-lives, however, as Umezawa suddenly reveals he plans to quit working on the Makunouchi fishing boat!

14Two Spars

Não temos uma sinopse em Português do Brasil. Você pode ajudar a ampliar o nosso banco de dados adicionando uma.

15Test of Endurance

Ippo defeats Jason via K.O. after a tough match.

15A Storm Descends on Makunouchi Fishing Boat

To celebrate Ippo's win and recovery, the whole gym gang hops aboard the Makunouchi Fishing Boat for a fun fishing trip. Yagi suggests they liven things up with a little contest, and suddenly a relaxing afternoon turns into an all-out war!

15Itagaki`s Debut Fight!

Takamura and Ippo's next matches are finalized. Itagaki has a jarring introduction to the world of pro boxing when he fights a boxer desperate enough to cheat, and Kimura's Dragon Fish Blow can't seem to get the job done. To top it all off, Takamura has botched his weight management due to Aoki's revenge and is in no shape to fight! Can Takamura defeat the Filipino Middleweight Champion?

16Premonition of a Hard Battle

Ippo watches the fight videos of Kobashi and Hayami, his future opponents.

16Golden Eagle

While Takamura approaches his physical limits as he cuts weight for his upcoming world title match, the American champion David Eagle arrives in Japan. Talented, dedicated, respectful, and honorable, he exudes the aura of a true champion.

16The Two Hawks

Takamura's light punches and decreased stamina have put him at a great disadvantage, but when he sees a familiar and taunting face, his anger allows him to fight back. Bryan Hawk finally makes his appearance - but his behavior is far from that of a true champion...

17Ippo on the Beach

Ippo joins Takamura, Kimura, and Aoki in a training camp near the beach.

17Eleki's Shocker and Papaya's Coconut

It's time for Kimura and Aoki to step into the ring at the Yokohama Arena! Kimura's up first, and nerves come into play as he stands before a huge crowd for the first time. Then when Aoki's turn comes up, he finds himself perplexed by a boxer every bit as unorthodox as himself! Can the duo set the right tone for Takamura's title match?!

17Wild Kid

Takamura attacks Hawk in a fit of anger, but Hawk effortlessly blocks his attack, stunning everyone. The Kamogawa gang reviews Hawk's previous matches and learn how terrifyingly strong he is. When Ippo and friends visit Takamura's home out of curiousity, Takamura's checkered past with his family is revealed.


Start of Ippo vs Kobashi match, Ippo is loosing by points because of Kobashi's strategy.

18The Unfinished New Counter

It's the semifinal match, Miyata vs. Dachboy, and the Miyata camp recognizes a familiar face in the opponent's corner... Mister Sakaguchi, the former manager of the boxer Miyata beat for the OPBF title!

18Extreme Weight Control

Takamura resolves to reach the top of the world for the sake of his friends and for the coach. In order to do so, he must lose 20 kilos (44 lbs) before the match. Takamura starves and dehydrates himself to accomplish his goal, but will he make it through this bout of extreme weight control?

19K.O. Dream

Kobashi abandoned his strategy and loses the match to Ippo via K.O.

19Hawk vs. Eagle

It's finally time for the main event, Takamura Mamoru vs. David Eagle! The challenger is full of vim and vigor, but even in the face of Takamura's fury, Eagle's face remains calm and collected.

19Critical Situation

The coach and Nagi see Hawk's devastating boxing firsthand. Takamura barely makes weight and is taunted by Hawk for his skinny appearance. Later, when a press conference turns into utter chaos, all of Japan roots for Takamura to beat Hawk. Ippo makes a risky promise to Takamura, but will he be able to fulfill it?

20Threat of Shotgun

Takamura wins the Japanese Middleweight Championship belt, Ippo trains with Aoki to counter Hayami's Shotgun punch.

20A Lesson Never Forgotten

Despite being stymied by Eagle, Takamura assures his corner he has a plan for victory. Just as he seems to be making progress, a shocking development changes the entire fight.

20Junior Middleweight World Title Match

Ippo manages to win his title defense with a 1-round KO as per his promise and rushes back to see Takamura. There, he sees all of the Japanese champions and former champions, including Eiji and Sendo,encouraging Takamura to do his best. After a flashy entrance ceremony, the long-awaited world title match finally begins!

21The Way to Capture a Prodigy

Start of Ippo vs Hayami fight, Hayami takes the advantage during the early rounds.

21The End of the Death Match

Blood sprays across the ring as Takamura and Eagle pound at each other's cuts. Takamura's good eye is quickly swelling shut, and the ringside doctor stands ready to call the match at any time.

21Battle of Hawk

Takamura takes the pace at the beginning of the match, but Hawk unveils his unique style that allows him to dodge and attack simultaneously! After being caught off-guard and taking a beating in the first round, Takamura uses his speedy footwork to circle around Hawk, but Hawk outspeeds him and knocks him down. Can Takamura learn to counter Hawk's wild fighting style in time?

22Forward! Forward!!

Ippo defeats Hayami via K.O. Ippo's training with Aoki and Kimura's help Ippo win the match.

22Flower of Hope

And old photo and a little prodding from Ippo and Aoki prompts Coach Kamogawa and Nekota to take a trip down memory lane. Theirs is a tale of hope, frustration, and ultimately redemption in the early days of postwar Japan.


Takamura is outsped once more and knocked unconscious, but manages to recover just in time. Relying on what he has learned from the coach, he knocks down Hawk and discovers his weakness! An all-out brawl ensues and Takamura comes out on top! Takamura begins the next round with a KO proclamation - but can he really end the fight in this round?

23Another Semi-Final

Ippos day off. Miyata and Mashiba face off.

23The Courage to Live

Prizefighting turns out to be no match for boxing as Sergeant Ralph Anderson easily manhandles Kamogawa and Nekota. The two fighters redouble their training even as they adjust to their new lives living with Yuki...and each other.

23Supporting Hand

Despite using all of his remaining energy, Takamura cannot break through Hawk's defense and is left with no way to fight back. Hawk's wild bloodlust comes out, and he aims to kill Takamura in the ring! With nothing supporting him but the love of his friends and the coach's help, can Takamura mount a comeback?

24To the Place We Promised...

Miyata and Mashiba continues to fight. Ippo is angred by the outcome.

24Iron Fist

Kamogawa breathes a sigh of relief as he watches Nekota run circles around Anderson with his spectacular footwork... Until round four, when the soldier's frustration reaches a critical mass and things take a dark turn.

24The King

Takamura is knocked unconscious while standing yet again, and remembers all of the pain, suffering, and disrespect he faced for the sake of this match. Realizing that his pain is because of Bryan Hawk, he begins fighting back, this time driven purely by instinct and anger. Takamura turns the table, but the champion on the ropes has one last trick up his sleeve...

25A Vow

Kamogawa resorts to pounding a log with his bare fists as he trains to face Anderson and avenge Nekota. Anderson rediscovers his pride as a boxer and brings Miguel along as his cornerman. Everything comes down to this!

25Please Accept This Bronze Statue

After a gruesome fight, Takamura becomes the WBC Jr. Middleweight World Champion, and orders a giant bronze statue of himself to celebrate. Itagaki wins his first official match, and Ippo meets Itagaki's family - and learns how terrifying a simple pun can be!

25Every Emotion

Ippo trains for Mashiba flicker jabs.

26New Challenger

When Miyata confronts Ippo about their promise, it is revealed that Miyata has risen far above Ippo's level due to his over-reliance on the Dempsey Roll. When Ippo's next challenger, Shimabukuro Iwao, declares that he will destroy the Dempsey Roll, Ippo decides to train his Dempsey Roll so that it has no weaknesses. The coach decides to help Ippo, even if it means fighting against modern boxing itself!

26Battle for Distance

Ippo VS Mashiba Round 1

27Death Match

Ippo VS Mashiba continues.

28Victory or Defeat

Ippo defeats Mashiba for Rookie King of Eastren Japan.

31Traces of Intense Battles

Episode 31 is a retrospective on the hope that managed Ippo championship. It is made in the form of a newspaper article commented and written Fuuji, journalist of the monthly "boxing fan."

33Smash Force

Makunouchi takes the smash improved Sendo, and crashed into the ropes, but do not fall! Alas, his legs tremble, Sendo and the opportunity to boost its smash. Ippo then chooses the combat body to body pure to prevent Sendo launched its smash, blow midway. Both boxers are equal forces in this area, and no stroke reaches its target.

34The Rookie King

Sendo Makunouchi and continues to cast powerful blows to turn, but neither weakens, they are very determined !! But after a few moments, Sendo eventually take the lead, and pushes Ippo the ropes. Our hero then decides to fight back, he took advantage of a moment's respite to launch its right on Sendo, but he dodges and launches Smash Makunouchi that takes the brunt, then connects with an uppercut and a violent series Ippo preventing strokes to attack ...

35The Continuing Journey

It is the day of graduation, Ippo has also obtained his. At his high school, he became The Star, Idol of all students. This awareness leads logically significant upsurge in new boxers Club Kamogawa, known mainly through Takamura, Aoki and Kimura. But most do not have the mind needed to make boxing, and quickly brought back to reality by Takamura which they all did make a fool of jogging. Only a poor fan Ippo Yamada, managed to keep up, somehow.

36The Champ and I

Ippo finally meets the champion in its class, Eiji Date. The latter is there to comment on the evening's matches as a guest. It turns out that date and Takamura are old friends. It is then time fighting. Aoki and Kimura wins them narrowly, and ranks both 5 of their category. Takamura broke his opponent as usual. Ippo meanwhile, is ranked 10 ° in its class. A few days later, the right fist Ippo is healed and he immediately asked by Newest Eiji in person for a sparring.

37A Thing to Strive For

Ippo gets to get up, the game resumes. Date returned, and hardly the match resumed, Ippo is again stuck in the ropes. Date then returns its corkscrew, trying to anticipate where Ippo Date will strike, and protects his body. But the blow-out date is very accurate and comes crashing right in the heart of Ippo. The latter is then locked again, and again takes the left of Date. Our young boxer collapses into the ring for the 2nd time. Date who just wanted to test this one, decided to no longer use and Sparring resumes...

38Two Rookies of the Year

Okita also control the blow that had allowed Date set down Ippo 2 times !! Ippo, panicked, took distance, and Okita feints put the uncomfortable, it can not predict its moves. Ippo then test to get closer, but is kept at bay by jabs Okita !! The latter took the lead thanks to its experience and managed to place all his shots !! He finally ends up stuck Ippo in the corner, what he expected from the beginning of the round, in order to launch its Corkscrew, once dreaded by Makunouchi !!!

39Challenge in a Foreign Land

In Thailand, Miyata a draw against a second-class boxer. Decision of the arbitrator although debatable, the Japanese are not welcome there, and Miyata seems to be the target of combatants wishing to earn points easily. But our young prodigy does not intend to scroll and accept a new challenge, against the wishes of his father, who would rather see it go up in the lightweight category. For Miyata, that change is impossible, it MUST NOT prevent Ippo, about dignity, he refused to flee the face of obstacles.

41Barf-michi's Big Fight

At sunset, While Ippo's mother prepares the material for fishing, it can hardly his training, sorry for being late to help his mother. The next day at Kamogawa club, while everybody is training, the coach delivers some news: Aoki and Kimura are registered in Class A tournament - a competition of the highest level. Ippo learns with astonishment that it is also registered for this tournament. But always with astonishment, Geromichi learns that he was included in Pro test.

42Sharing a Dream

Ippo thinks of quitting boxing.

43The Speed Star

Ippo gets ready for his match against Saeki the Speed Star.

44Blind Spot in the Ring

Ippo fights Saeki.

45The White Fangs of the Wolf

Gero-michi leaves and has to move away.

46Be the Gazelle

Aoki, Kimura & Ippo train hard for their next match of the tournament class A. They linked together jogging, sparring and Shadow Boxing to be at their best. It is time for the semifinals of Aoki. The match was balanced, but the 4th round, Aoki is counter to "the shot of the Frog" and collapses in the ring. But he gets up, feint and then delivers a powerful one to two who puts his opponent down. The latter in turn reports to, and through a nice web...

51Group Date

Group date, literally. Ippo walks Mashiba's Kumi home.

52The Challenger

Recap episode.

53So That I Can Be Myself

Background episode for Date Eiji.

54Fists of the Champ

"The champions have special powers! "That is what was said to Takamura Ippo before his defense of the title match. But after weight problems and a passage in a sauna that has significantly weakened, Takamura finds himself in trouble with his challenger Tamaki but still holds out and the gong sounds the end of the 1st round. The 2nd round barely begun, but Takamura load Tamaki is pushing his fitness is at its lowest, it is out of breath and roll with the punches of his opponent.

55The Japan Featherweight Title Match

The episode begins the day before the match for the title of Ippo, during training with mittens. But the latter is shortened, the coach looks ill. While Aoki asks Ippo to reach him, Kimura Takamura and Tomiko to make something interesting ... When the young boxer arrives, he learns that Tomiko will predict his future, but then refuses Takamura and Kimura are there to prevent him from leaving the coach then makes appearance and berates everyone !!!


What wonder what Dempsey Roll early in the 1st round, Ippo sends his best and most powerful blow while Sendo had not yet had time to get into position. The champion is found on land that is a panic down. But we suspected that Sendo was not going to stop there, he gets up with difficulty ... In revenge and especially to repel the new qu'Ippo Dempsey Roll is about to launch, the champion sent a straight right in the custody of our hero, not to worry, in theory ...

73Surpass That Moment

Ippo happens somehow to join his corner. This end of the second round was very rude for the challenger, the 3rd round starts in exactly the same way as has finished the second. Ippo gets scared, he knows a single shot Sendo could send it to the mat. Distraught, our hero does not know what to do, he took refuge behind his guard and cash titanic blows champion. After an uppercut and a smash Sendo took the full brunt, it makes up for in accuracy and sends a desperate shot ...


Takamura has noticed, Ippo has had enough it is burnt and courage in this game is like a time bomb because if Sendo quite put down Ippo, it will never recover. 5th round begins with a superb one to two of Ippo, but Sendo replica and sends ippo the ropes and starts sending high-powered shots in the custody of the challenger. Seeing his boxer so ready for victory, the coach still Sendo revisit it when it was just a thug brawler.

75One Step Further

Ippo and Sendo's match concludes.