Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun (2013)

24mAnimação, Action & Adventure



Cinco anos atrás, quase toda a população da vila de Ootsuka morreu por conta de uma praga, somente três crianças sobreviveram, uma garota e dois rapazes, e após isso passaram a morar em uma igreja. Um deles, Shino, tem controle sobre o poder da Murasame, uma espada demoníaca que dizem “conter vida”. A rotina pacata desses jovens é interrompida quando a Igreja Imperial tenta tomar posse dessa arma.


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1Chapter 14

Shino, Sosuke, and Genpachi go to the Imamura doll maker to pick up a set of dolls for the elite church member's order. As they walk toward the house, they meet an old man enjoying the flowers and also hear a voice of a boy, singing to the Sakura trees. Confused, they continue on to the house, where they meet Daikaku and Hinaginu, the children of the doll maker. For some strange reason, the doll maker had disappeared without finishing the dolls. Shino demands that Daikaku, his heir, to finish the dolls, but he refuses, saying that he is unable to capture the expression of the doll. Angry Shino mutters to himself while walking in the backyard, where a young boy chucks a decorated ball at his head, telling him to leave Daikaku alone. Confused, Shino picks up the ball and goes to beg Daikaku to finish the dolls, also noticing the many cat dolls around the room. Shino continues to check out the house, where he finds a room full of live-sized dolls.

1Chapter 1: Boundary

Five years previously everyone in Ōtsuka village died in a plague, but there were 3 survivors, Shino Inuzuka, Sosuke Inukawa and Hamaji. They took shelter in a church near another village, which happens to be near a dark and dangerous forest. The church, as well as the survivors, are viewed with suspicion by the villagers. Now the Imperial Church comes in search of "Murasame" the demon blade that contains "life" which Shino possesses.

2Chapter 15

Shino confronts Nachi about the magical barrier around Daikaku's house. Meanwhile, the young boy runs off and Shino chases after him. Daikaku stands in the room, slowly remembering the day of his "murder." Shino confronts the boy, which he realizes is Daikaku's cat. The boy falls off a Sakura tree, because his constant begging for blooms had begun to take its toll on the forest. Shino reverts the forest to its original state by breaking the barrier, and the boy begins fearing the return of the "murderer" that had tried to kill Daikaku. Daikaku realizes that his father had actually died and that the man who killed him is coming for him too. When the man killed Daikaku, his cat gave him the Bead of Etiquette, which kept him alive. He wonders back in the present day on how he is still alive. A sudden visitor visits them, muttering over and over -- "Daikaku is my son." Daikaku almost gets eaten, but the cat boy saves him.

2Chapter 2: Demonic Human

Shino and Sousuke travels to the city to find Hamaji.

3Chapter 16

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3Chapter 3: Demon Hunt

Shino and Sosuke was reunited safely with Hamaji at the Villa. Shino told Sosuke that they were saved by Satomi Rio five years ago. Satomi gave Shino and Sosuke their marble that represents them as one of the eight beast and asked them to gather all eight of them.

4Chapter 17

When Shino learns Ao’s current whereabouts, he runs off to find him.

4Chapter 4: Homecoming

The demon appearing in the middle of town chasing after Shino wanting to eat him and the monks that hunt demons chasing after. They managed to escape from the monks and the demon return to its own human form who is Inukai Genpachi. Inuta Kobungo, Genpachi's good friend stated to Shino that three years ago, Genpachi and Kobungo's soldier team was attacked by a demon that served in the hostage crisis in the north eating people. Originally they were supposed to die but something stranged happened and ever since then, their bodies have some changes and they are immortality. On the other hand, the demon huntimg monk saw Shino with Murasame and hoping to get his hand on Murasame Sword.

5Chapter 18

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5Chapter 5: Divine Protection

Due to the new moon, Sosuke sleeps for an abnormally long time while Murasame becomes strangely quiet. Shino then bumps into a white-haired, red-eyed girl from the Snake Clan, Mizuki Ayane, that occupies the other half of the abode. In an attempt to become friends, Hamaji sends Shino to the other side with a basket of flowers, to which he angers Mizuki Ayane's guardian god, Hibiki. Shino is saved by sosuke, who almost cuts off his arm as a peace offering, and is rescued by Ayane. The four of them start to talk about themselves, which compels Ayane to befriend Hamaji. There is a town festival, however, Hibiki is reluctant to let Ayane out of her sight, but eventually gives her consent to leave the house, so long as one of the Osaki foxes remain by her side.

6Chapter 19

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6Chapter 6: Stash

Shino shows interest in a incedent that was reported in the newspaper. Apparently six villagers were visiting Perquisite Mountain in search of a new water sorce, but become lost. A "beautiful woman" appeared before them and showed the villagers the way back to the village, where they died of an unknown illness. Sousuke searches for Shino, who has gone to the mountain to investigate. While on the mountain, Shino's and Sousuke's beads begin to glow. Destracted by this, Shino loses his footing and falls down, dropping the two beads. While waiting at the train station, Sousuke meets Kobungo, who decides to join Sousuke. After losing Sousuke's bead, a monkey deity appears before Shino and gives him a huge rock of gold. A group of traveling musicians come to the village to perform during the festival, and it is revealed that one of the musicians is Asakeno.

7Chapter 20

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7Chapter 7: Promise

The villagers have discovered the gold the monkey god gave Shino and has forced him and his friends to take them up the mountain. That forces Akane to make return to the mountain where she spent her childhood.

8Chapter 21

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8Chapter 8: Chance Encounter

On the train ride home Shino meets an old friend to the surprise of Sosuke.

9Chapter 22

Ao breaks the anti-Tengu barriers that have been keeping Shinobu hidden from the Tengu that had spirited him away. Hazuki is quick to retrieve his “son” once he finds him. While on the other side, Shinobu’s sealed memories resurface.

9Chapter 9: Guard

Hamaji is moving to an all-girls school dorm. There's a rumor about the guardian of the school and Hamaji asked her roommate if she have seen the guardian of the school but then she said no. Shino encountered the guardian and apparently isn't every good in dealing with cute dolls. After Shino re-encounter again with the guardian this time with Inusaka Keno and also Sosuke, they relieved that they were only worried about Hamaji. The next day, Hamaji's roommate mentioned about how great Hamaji's friends are and then gave an excused to go back to the room. Hamaji then met some girls inviting her for lunch and revealed that Hamaji stays alone. Hamaji ran back to her room seeing a doll on the bed and to her feelings, that was her roommate and thanked her.

10Chapter 23

Shinobu is fatally injured when trying to protect Hazuki from Ao! Now it is Hazuki’s turn to save Shinobu at the cost of half of his own life.

10Chapter 10: Lonely Figure

A man that resembles Sosuke has been spotted in the Imperial Capital; this has Keno up in racing around the city to exact his revenge.

11Chapter 24

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11Chapter 11: Avatar

Murasame starts going crazy from blood loss after Shino is shot in the neck. Shino then reverts back to his supposed 18 year old self.

12Chapter 25

Shino is desperate to get Sosuke’s gem back, but neither Ao nor Tamazusa is going to make this easy. All of his friends are willing to help, but is it really wise to gather all eight of the Dog Warriors in one place...

12Chapter 12: Price Paid

Kohaku returns to her abode, and seemingly "devours" her friend. The next day, she wakes up in a blood-stained room and news about the mysterious death of one of the Zuikou Mansion workers spreads. Shino wakes up, still in his eighteen y/o body, and leaves for the church, where Kohaku escaped to. After Kohaku's explanation of her life story, she starts to grow a pair of rigid wings while Sosuke and Satomi attempt to console her. Shino appears and reveals Murasame as a sword, calling Kohaku an "angel from a picture book," rather than the monster she saw herself as. Shino then falls asleep and once again returns to his child form of a body.

13Chapter 26

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13Chapter 13: Fate

The Church is forcing Satomi to bring Shino before the Elders. To make matters worse, the man that looks like Sosuke shared with Shino some devastating secrets.