Hanebado! (2018)

24mAnimação, Drama



Apesar de ter muito potencial para o badminton, Ayano Hanesaki prefere evitar o esporte. Mas ao conhecer Nagisa Aragaki, uma veterna que passa cada minuto de sua vida aperfeiçoando suas jogadas, ela se sente inspirada. Motivada por seu treinador Tachibana Kentarou, Ayano e Nagisa entram em quadra, disputando partidas emocionantes contra oponentes e rivais incríveis!


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1Incredible Talent!

Aragaki Nagisa, captain of the Kitakomachi High School badminton club, lost a game at the Junior Nationals without scoring a single point. She’s fallen into a slump since then, and takes her anger out on her fellow club members. But six months later, a new student appears in the club…

2Meat’s the Best After a Workout!

Nagisa is threatened by Ayano’s presence. She works even harder than ever before, but can’t seem to pull out of her slump. Then, their new coach Tachibana takes action…

3She Was Perfect

Ayano has just started fitting in at the badminton club when Serigaya Kaoruko, ace at Konan High School, appears. Ayano is upset by her presence, and appears to have some past connection with her.

4I’m Lost Right Now, Too

While at a training camp, the Kitakomachi badminton club ends up playing the Fredericia Girls badminton club. Ayano is excited about playing with her team for the first time, but when she goes out to buy things from the local convenience store, she runs into another girl…

5You’re Not Alone

Danish player Connie singlehandedly dominates the Ayano-Riko pair. Riko notices that Ayano seems shaken by some meaningful words Connie said to her, and offers her own encouragement.

6It’s Our Last Summer, You Know!

The Kitakomachi badminton club is hard in training for the upcoming Inter-High preliminaries. Riko is revved up to play in her last tournament, but when she receives her match-ups, she goes from elated to despondent.

7I’ll Mop the Floor With Her

For her third match of the Inter-High preliminaries, Ayano faces her middle school rival, Kaoruko. Though puzzled by Ayano’s attitude change from the last time they played, Kaoruko faces her with utter confidence. But when the match begins…

8The Badminton I Want to Play

Nearing the end of the Inter-High preliminaries, Nagisa must play her old teammate, Ishizawa, for a spot at nationals. Nagisa is more revved up than ever, but Tachibana senses trouble with her knee…

9What I Want Us To Be Is Not 'Friends'

The Kitakomachi Badminton Club is preparing for the Inter-High finals between Nagisa and Ayano. While club feels nervous over Ayano’s strange behavior, one day, an unexpected person shows up in the middle of practice.

10The Backhand Grip Is Like This

Nagisa is nervous about playing Ayano at full strength. Worried about her knee, Tachibana gives her some advice. And all the while, the boys’ Inter-High preliminaries are going forward.

11Because I Love Badminton

It’s the night before the Inter-High finals, and the two finalists reflect on their journeys. Ayano wonders what she’s playing badminton for, while Nagisa thinks back on her old loss to Ayano. And so the finals begin…

12Step Forward Already!

While the match between Ayano and Nagisa begins in force, Elena confronts Uchika about the real reason for her abandonment of Ayano.

13On the Other Side of That Net

It’s the final game of the white-hot match between Ayano and Nagisa. Ayano continues to search for purpose, while Nagisa fights her with everything she has.