Hatena☆Illusion (2020)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Makoto Shiranui é um garoto que viaja para Tóquio buscando se tornar aprendiz de Mamoru Hoshisato, um mágico mundialmente famoso e amigo de seus pais. Desde que assistira a um show de Mamoru e sua esposa Maive, ele sonhava em ser um mágico. Sua filha Kana (apelidada Hatena) é amiga de Makoto desde a infância. Mesmo Tóquio sofrendo uma série de roubos por uma linda ladra, Makoto pode descansar tranquilo enquanto Hatena estiver lá. Quando ele chega na residência Hoshisato, uma mansão mal-assombrada, o mordomo da família Jeeves e a empregada Emma o recebem, e ele se encontra com Hatena, apenas para descobrir que agora eles não se dão muito bem.


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Makoto arrives in Tokyo at the start of a new school year to be apprenticed as a magician by the father of childhood friend Kana. However, when Kana learns the truth about Makoto, their relationship drastically changes.


It is the first day of school, and Kana refuses to have anything to do with Makoto for fear of any rumors about the two of them getting started. Kokomi, one of the Hoshisato's acquaintances, imposes upon them to collect on a promise.


After Kana and Kokomi are caught in the rain, they decide to warm up with a bath, leading to an uncomfortable situation with Makoto. An item turns up missing from the mansion, and it appears to have been stolen by someone on the inside.


Yumemi's homeroom teacher and a classmate come by to drop off some homework for her, but Yumemi just runs away. Kana, Kokomi, and Makoto take it upon themselves to figure out what is keeping Yumemi from going to school.


Tomoko Tominozawa, a local art dealer, delivers an invitation to an upcoming exhibition to Kana. When a bear-like monster is supposedly sighted at Yumemi's school, Kana and Makoto decide to take matters into their own hands.


Kana strikes a deal with Mariah to steal back an Artifact from Tominozawa in return for Mariah's cooperation in allowing Maeve to return home sooner. Yumemi also makes a deal with Makoto for his assistance in helping her control her magic.


Mamoru asks Sir Gregory Camelot, the master under whom he apprenticed, to train Makoto in how to perform magic. Kana and Yumemi try new methods for developing their mental focus and magic skills, with varying degrees of success.


Tensions run high after Mariah orders the girls to leave the mansion, and when Yumemi tries to create Artifacts to come to their aid, the results are not as predicted. Mariah turns her attention to Ema, who must come to a decision of her own.


Following a grueling workout at the hands of Jeeves, Kana and Makoto are encouraged by Ema to once again undergo Mariah's fitness test. However, for Ema, the stakes are higher than the pair realize, until her dark past is revisited.


Gregory delivers a message from Morrigan stating that if they recover three Artifacts, Maeve will be allowed to return home. Mamoru and Gregory take the family to Australia in search of one Artifact, while Mariah looks into obtaining another.


In Australia, while Mamoru and Gregory perform their show together, Makoto and Kana work to steal the final Artifact. But just as everything seems to be going smoothly, the family finds themselves under fire from a surprise source.


As the standoff against Michelle continues, Makoto makes a last-ditch effort to salvage the situation by using his sleight-of-hand skills. A message from the village dictates that one more Artifact must be recovered before Maeve can return.