Healer (2014)

1hDorama, Comédia, Action & Adventure, Mistério, Drama

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Kim Moon Ho é um repórter de sucesso em uma estação de notícias mainstream, mas quando ele se depara com um mistério de 10 anos, ele é forçado a mergulhar em uma agência de notícias underground subversiva. Em sua jornada para abrir o caso, Moon Ho se junta a Chae Young Shin, um redator de tablóide de segunda categoria, e Healer, um misterioso jornalista baseado na Internet. Com sua carreira e segurança em jogo, quem pode Moon Ho confiar em um mundo cheio de fontes não confiáveis?


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1I Have a Dream

The Healer works on a case that becomes harder than it should have been. Reporters Moon Ho and Young Shin work on their stories from very different levels in their careers.

2Fate Continues

The Healer's current assignment involves both Moon Ho and Young Shin.

3The First Kiss That Day

As the Healer gets closer to Young Shin, he continues to wonder how she knows about him and why.

4Because I'm Next to You

Young Shin is turning out to be more trouble than Healer expected with her new article.

5Meaning of You

Healer has now tied himself to Young Shin after he intervened on her behalf during an attack.


Young Shin's story is turning out to be a bigger handful than she ever expected. Healer learns that someone is out to get him.

7We, Under the Sunset

Healer is slightly worried now that Moon Ho has taken over the news site where Young Shin works.

8Cannot Be Forgotten

Young Shin learns she does not yet know everything about the 2 new people in her life and one of them again causes her life to be in danger.

9I Trust You

Mun-ho threatens to tell Myeong-hui everything if something happens to Ji-an again. Mun-sik is running out of time to turn in Ko Seong-cheol's killer.

10Can't It Be Me?

At Someday News, everyone eagerly awaits Yeong-sin's reporting. Mun-sik and Boss watch the live broadcast of Kim Ui-chan's candidacy announcement.

11In the Darkness

Back home from work, Mun-ho discovers that there’s been an intruder and receives a call from a restricted number asking about what happened in 1992.

12I Don't Know How to Escape

Mun-ho is furious at his brother for coming to visit Someday News. Jeong-hu meets one of his father's close friends.

13I'm Waiting

Bae Sang-su is confident that he has finally caught Healer. Mun-sik arrives at the Double S Guard's headquarters to meet the man they brought in.

14It's Alright Even If You Cry

Ms. Jo tries to hack into the police server to obtain Yeong-jae's statement. Yeong-sin gets worried when Bong-su becomes unreachable

15I Remember

Jeong-hu contemplates how he’ll reveal his truest self to Yeong-sin -- and when. Someday News prepares its attack on Mun-sik's campaign.