High School Musical: A Série: O Musical (2019)

38mFamília, Comédia, Drama

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Treze anos após "High School Musical" ter sido filmado na East High, o departamento de teatro está criando uma nova montagem ambiciosa: "High School Musical: O Musical"! Uma nova turma de jovens irá encarar os papeis de Grabiela, Troy, Ryan, Sharpay e todos os outros – com bastante drama escolar dentro e fora do palco!


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2Into the Unknown

A reluctant E.J. takes the reins in a surprisingly new role on "Frozen". New campers bring vocal chops—and competition—to the auditions. In Los Angeles, Nini makes a potentially life-changing discovery of her own.

3The Woman In The Woods

After the cast list is revealed, the campers embark on Maddox's favourite camp tradition: Newbie Initiation Night. The centrepiece of the night is a spooky tale that sends Gina and Ricky on a quest into the unknown.

4No Drama

After a spooktacular night in the woods, the cast of "Frozen" have their first read-through. But the Wildcats are in disarray from Corbin Bleu's documentary crew and a camper's sudden disappearance.

5The Real Campers of Shallow Lake

After promising juicy drama for the "Frozen" documentary, E.J., Carlos and Val plan to turn rehearsals into "The Real Campers of Shallow Lake". But E.J. realizes he may have gone too far when the fake drama pushes some real buttons.

6Color War

After an explosive rehearsal, the Wildcats are divided into rivalries for an annual all-camp competition known as Color War.

7Camp Prom

A throwback '70s-themed prom unexpectedly inspires everyone to look to the future.

8Let It Go

Nerves run high on the opening night of "Frozen" as the documentary's release quickly approaches.