Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Gou (2020)

24mAnimação, Mistério, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A história se passa durante Junho de 1983, numa vila rural fictícia chamada Hinamizawa (????). O personagem principal da série, Maebara Keiichi, se muda para Hinamizawa e se torna amigo de suas colegas de classe: Ryuugu Rena, Sonozaki Mion, Furude Rika, Houjou Satoko e posteriormente Sonozaki Shion. A tranquilidade termina quando é iniciado o festival anual Watanagashi, que comemora e agradece ao deus local, Oyashiro-sama. Keiichi aprende que no dia dos festival, nos últimos quatro anos, uma pessoa é assassinada e outra desaparece e nunca mais é vista. Keiichi então começa a investigar os estranhos eventos envolvendo o festival Watanagashi e o deus Oyashiro-sama. Em cada um dos primeiros arcos da história, um dos amigos se torna paranoico e comete os crimes. Geralmente os crimes envolvem o assassinato de seus próprios amigos. A verdade dos fatos só é


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1Oniakashi-hen: Demon-Revealing Chapter, Part 1

Rena becomes increasingly frustrated with her father's affections for Rina, a showgirl at a gentleman's club frequented by her father. Satoko begins her plan to trap Rika in Hinamizawa by injecting Rena with H-173 as she sleeps in the nurse's office. Rena discovers that her father has been spending large sums of money on Rina taken from the settlement from his divorce from Rena's mother. Rena reflects on her parents' divorce and concludes that she did not try hard enough to stop the divorce and that some people are not deserving of kindness.

1Onidamashi-hen: Demon-Deceiving Chapter, Part 1

Keiichi spends his day accompanying his friends. He, Mion and Rena are on a tour to the village. Afterwards, he retrieves the statue of a fast food restaurant mascot because Rena finds it 'cute'.

2Oniakashi-hen: Demon-Revealing Chapter, Part 2

Rena purchases tools at a local hardware store and places them in her hideout at the Dam Construction Site. Rina visits Rena's house and is delighted when Rena suggests that the two spend time together.

2Onidamashi-hen: Demon-Deceiving Chapter, Part 2

Keiichi goes with Rena to retrieve the Colonel so she can take him home with her. Later, Keiichi and his friends have fun at the festival and watch Rika performing the ritual.

3Oniakashi-hen: Demon-Revealing Chapter, Part 3

After witnessing Keiichi speaking with Oishi outside of school, Rena becomes convinced that Keiichi knows about her crime.

3Onidamashi-hen: Demon-Deceiving Chapter, Part 3

Hinamizawa's darkest secrets begin to unfold as Keiichi talks with the local detective.

4Wataakashi-hen: Cotton-Revealing Chapter, Part 1

After watching Rika express her continued resolve to escape her fate to Hanyu in the Sea of Fragments, Satoko awakens alongside Rika in a new world. In need of a more reliable murder weapon, Satoko manipulates Teppei into giving her the contact information for an arms dealer.

4Onidamashi-hen: Demon-Deceiving Chapter, Part 4

Keiichi grows more suspicious of Rena. The next day at school, Rika encourages Keiichi to be brave. Keiichi feels guilty and tries to return to normal life. That same evening, his parents leave town for the night, leaving him alone, and Rena wants to come over to cook dinner for him.

5Wataakashi-hen: Cotton-Revealing Chapter, Part 2

Mion begins to develop feelings for Keiichi. Posing as Shion, she delivers a dinner box to him to thank him for giving her the doll. While working at a games shop one evening, Mion runs into Keiichi and Shion who appear to be on a date. After Keiichi and Shion leave together, Mion becomes tearful and angry. On the night of Watanagashi, Shion and Keiichi sneak into the ritual storehouse while Mion wonders about their whereabouts. Mion begins to scratch her neck after Satoko suggests that the two must be off alone together.

5Watadamashi-hen: Cotton-Deceiving Chapter, Part 1

Keiichi and his friends attend a game competition at a Sonozaki family owned shop. As a consolation prize for the event money, the store owner gives dolls to everyone except Mion. Keiichi gives his to Mion as he sees no value in keeping it. Later, Keiichi and his father meet at the cosplay restaurant. There, Keiichi meets Shion and confuses her for Mion, due to similar appearances. She proclaims that she is actually Mion's twin sister. Keiichi believes she is Mion pretending to be effeminate.

6Wataakashi-hen: Cotton-Revealing Chapter, Part 3

Mion lures Kimiyoshi to the Sonozaki mansion and violently tortures him to obtain information about Oyashiro's curse. The next day, Mion overhears Rika telling Keiichi that the world is "finished," leading Mion to believe that Rika is behind Oyashiro's curse. Not knowing of Rika's whereabouts, Satoko becomes concerned since she is unable to travel to a new fragment with Rika unless her death can be confirmed.

6Watadamashi-hen: Cotton-Deceiving Chapter, Part 2

Keiichi learns about the yearly murders from Shion, Miyo, and Jiro. At the festival, Shion drags Keiichi away from Rika's dance and the two run into Miyo and Jiro, who are breaking into the ritual tool shed. They decide to go inside to look at it with Miyo.

7Tatariakashi-hen: Curse-Revealing Chapter, Part 1

In a new loop, Rika tearfully confides in Satoko about her "nightmares." Satoko suggests that the nightmares may be messages from Oyashiro and encourages her to stay in the village. Later, the games club members participate in a baseball game which ends in victory when Satoko hits a home run. After a celebratory barbecue, Satoko visits Teppei in Okinomiya. She asks him to move in with her, explaining that the entire village has been bullying her.

7Watadamashi-hen: Cotton-Deceiving Chapter, Part 3

Inside the sacred shed Keiichi learns about the dark origins of the Hinamizawa village and the Festival. The day after he finds out that Miyo, Jiro, and the village mayor have gone missing.

8Tatariakashi-hen: Curse-Revealing Chapter, Part 2

Satoko continues deceiving her friends and her uncle by posing as a victim of abuse.

8Watadamashi-hen: Cotton-Deceiving Chapter, Part 4

Rika has suddenly gone missing and Satoko coldly suspects Keiichi, who was the last one to talk with Rika, but Mion says that she saw Rika speaking with some men in construction uniforms. While looking for Rika, Mion pulls Keiichi away from a locked silo and indirectly informs Keiichi that Rika is trying to kill people and that she needs to put an end to string of murders occurring, which is being led by the Three Great Families.

9Tatariakashi-hen: Curse-Revealing Chapter, Part 3

Satoko stops attending school and continues convincing Teppei that she is being bullied by the village. Keiichi and the others begin protesting outside of Child Welfare Services. Wanting to protect Satoko, Teppei invites Oishi to the house to explain the situation.

9Tataridamashi-hen: Curse-Deceiving Chapter, Part 1

Keiichi makes a bet to the club that he can cook better than Satoko. The same night, he attempts to fry some vegetables but nearly burns down his own house. Rika and Satoko arrive to put out the fire and Satoko prepares her own dish. Rika explains to Keiichi that Satoko is taking a liking to cooking for him since it reminds her of when her older brother, Satoshi, used to wait for her meals.

10Tatariakashi-hen: Curse-Revealing Chapter, Part 4

Keiichi continues to lead protests outside of Child Welfare Services to save Satoko. After seeing Keiichi's determination, Oishi suspects that he has been tricked by his friends into unwittingly taking part in bullying Satoko. When the Sonozaki family begins pressuring Child Welfare Services into action, Oishi offers to escort a social worker to the Hojo residence.

10Tataridamashi-hen: Curse-Deceiving Chapter, Part 2

Keiichi learns more about Satoko's painful past, which causes him to care for her even more.

11Tatariakashi-hen: Curse-Revealing Chapter, Part 5

After beating her uncle to death, Satoko showers to clean the blood off of herself and attends the festival with Rika and the others. During Rika's dance, Satoko lures Keiichi away and asks him to come to her house.

11Tataridamashi-hen: Curse-Deceiving Chapter, Part 3

After Satoko's panic attack, Keichi, the club, and the rest of the class are desperate to ensure her safety.

12Kagurashi-hen: God-Entertaining Chapter, Part 1

Hanyu reminisces about her past and her relationship with Rika in the Sea of Fragments. Satoko overhears Hanyu telling Rika about a sword hidden inside in the ritual storehouse that can kill someone living in loops.

12Tataridamashi-hen: Curse-Deceiving Chapter, Part 4

Following Keiichi's lead, everyone head to the child guidance centre to try and save Satoko.

13Kagurashi-hen: God-Entertaining Chapter, Part 2

Eua overpowers Hanyu and forces her to watch Rika's death at the hands of Keiichi and Satoko in two separate fragments. While purchasing a present for Satoko's birthday in a new world, Rika begins to experience memories of being killed by Oishi.

13Tataridamashi-hen: Curse-Deceiving Chapter, Part 5

To save Satoko, the village of Hinamizawa unite in protest at the child consultation centre.

14Kagurashi-hen: God-Entertaining Chapter, Part 3

Rika and Satoko begin to fight to the death across numerous loops.

14Nekodamashi-hen: Cat-Deceiving Chapter, Part 1

Rika receives a visit from Hanyuu and is told about an artefact, the holy sword Onigari-no-ryuuou.

15Kagurashi-hen: God-Entertaining Chapter, Part 4

Rika begins punching Satoko, telling her that she could never live in a world without her.

15Nekodamashi-hen: Cat-Deceiving Chapter, Part 2

Rika makes a decision; Rika and the club members visit a toy store in Okinomiya.

16Nekodamashi-hen: Cat-Deceiving Chapter, Part 3

Mysterious goings-on disrupt life in a small town.

17Nekodamashi-hen: Cat-Deceiving Chapter, Part 4

Rika arrives in a world without tragedy, where she is free from Oyashiro-sama's curse.

18Satokowashi-hen: Village-Destroying Chapter, Part 1

A year after escaping near death, Rika reminisces about Hinamizawa; Satoko receives some surprising news; Rika decides she wants to go to St. Lucia Academy.

19Satokowashi-hen: Village-Destroying Chapter, Part 2

Rika tells Satoko about a dream she's been keeping secret for a long time; Satoko is confused.

20Satokowashi-hen: Village-Destroying Chapter, Part 3

Rika gets the life she's longed for at St Lucia Academy, but Satoko struggles.

21Satokowashi-hen: Village-Destroying Chapter, Part 4

Mysterious goings-on have disrupted life in a small town.

22Satokowashi-hen: Village-Destroying Chapter, Part 5

Satoko no longer wants to suffer, and begins a lonely battle to realize her own dream.

23Satokowashi-hen: Village-Destroying Chapter, Part 6

Satoko finds out that some non-looping people retain a fragment of memory from the loops she lived through. One of those people is her uncle Teppei.

24Satokowashi-hen: Village-Destroying Chapter, Part 7

Satoko tries again by using Miyo, who now also retains memories from previous loops.