How Far Is Tattoo Far? (2018)


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Relationships are put to the test of trust by asking pairs of friends, family members and couples to design tattoos for each other that won't be revealed until after they've been permanently inked.


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1Rev My Engine

A wild couple steps up their sex life with X-rated ink; bitter exes engage in evil tattoo warfare over each other's parenting skills.

2Kirk and Codi's Bama Bro-Down

"Floribama Shore" castmates, Codi and Kirk, one-up each other with some extremely puke-worthy tattoos; two sisters are deadly serious about the messages they've put on each other's bodies in permanent ink.

3S**t Hits the Fan

Lifelong friends brand each other with massive tattoos that will ruin their sex lives; heels come off when best frenemies expose embarrassing personal stories from the past with their tattoos.

4Deadly Secret

A husband's plan to live out his ultimate sexual fantasy and bring out his wife's freaky side backfires in a huge way; best friends risk putting their friendship on ice with a tattoo to die for.

5Kailah Exposes the Truth

MTV's "The Challenge" vet Kailah exposes her boyfriend's big insecurity with a tattoo on a very unexpected body part; a best friend's surprising secret leaves everyone in the studio in tears.

6Free the Nipple

Insecurities about one's body are put on blast, leaving a bromance in the balance; sisters reach a turning point in their relationship when a long-standing grudge is finally confronted with permanent ink.

7A Permanent Proposition

A fed-up wife gives her husband a final ultimatum to leave his man-child ways behind with a revealing tattoo; a baby mama in a turbulent relationship permanently inks a clear question about her man's commitment.

8Tony's Ultimate Challenge

"The Challenge" vet, Tony, comes to the studio with a life changing question for his fiancé; girl code is thrown out the window and a reminder of a best friend's painful betrayal from the past is revealed.

9Worst Appointment Ever

Childhood buddies go balls-to-the-wall with their tattoos for each other, leaving one to cover his freshly tatted body part forever; what was meant to be a funny tattoo results in a surprising reaction that leaves everyone in the studio speechless.

10Suck on This

Bisexual BFFs put everything on the line; the cat's out of the bag when a young couple reveal their biggest pet peeves.

11Liar, Liar, Ass on Fire

A young couple come to the studio with a backfiring ultimatum; rage gets the better of two brothers when their tattoos go too far, possibly affecting their relationship for good.

12Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater

This young couple comes to the studio with opposite intentions, leaving her cheating boyfriend to face a backfiring ultimatum; rage gets the better of two brothers when their tattoos hit way too close to home.

13Feeling Crabby

Ride-or die-besties brand their sexual preferences on each other's bodies for the whole world to see; two pranksters do each other dirty when their most intimate secrets are revealed.

14Throuple or Nah?

A do-or-die ultimatum between brothers threatens to end more than just their relationship; a risqué question between two lovers puts the path to their happily-ever-after in question.

19Not Too Stupid to Tattoo

Daredevils Zach and Chad from Too Stupid to Die enlist in an all-out prank war, and best friends reveal their betrayals in a permanent way.

20Crappy Situation

Two cousins air out their dirty laundry, and a couple of pranksters misfire and risk their entire relationship.