Hwarang (2016)

1hDorama, Drama

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O drama retrata a história de Hwarang, um grupo de guerreiros elite do Reino de Silla. Moo Myung (Park Seo Joon), Sam Maek Jong (Park Hyung Sik), Soo Ho (Choi Minho), Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han), Yeo Wool (Jo Yoon Woo), Han Sung (Kim Tae Hyung [V do BTS]) e a donzela Ah Ro (Go Ara) – conseguiam sobrepujar, na inteligência e na força, qualquer um em sua busca por justiça em Seorabeol, a capital do reino. Um deles se tornará o Rei Jin Heung de Silla e mudará curso da história.


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1To the Capital

In Silla about 1,500 years ago, Queen Jiso reluctantly receives an unexpected visitor and two friends go to the capital in search of family.

2Mak Moon's Death

Dog-Bird receives bad news and Wehwa agrees to form the hwarang as part of Jiso’s grand plan to help ensure Silla’s future.

3Your Brother

Wehwa reviews hwarang candidates. Ahnji advises Dog-Bird to pretend to be his son and stay in the capital by taking Seon-u’s name.

4Become a Hwarang

Ahnji faces someone from his past and A-ro teaches Seon-u the ways of the nobility so that he may join the hwarang, but trouble finds Seon-u.

5Beginning of Hwarang

A new chapter opens for Silla, still the weakest of the three kingdoms. The queen regent gets a surprise at the hwarang ceremony.

6Annoying Half-Breed

Training begins and tempers flare in the Hwarang House as the highborn sons adjust to the spartan rules and Seon-u’s half-breed status creates strife.

7King as Water

Seon-u tries to figure out what it means to be a good brother. The hwarang are tested but not all make the grade. Ji-dwi visits the palace.

8Dance and Music

Seon-u and A-ro ponder the past, Ji-dwi discovers that not everyone likes gifts and a familiar face visits the Hwarang House.

9Ruin the Performance

Princess Sookmyung returns to the capital and joins the Hwarang House. A-ro seeks the truth and the hwarang show off their musical skills.

10New Disciples

It’s the day of the big performance. Ji-dwi confronts the queen, who thinks he has no say, and A-ro finds herself in the wrong place.

11Eliminate Her

A-ro tends to Seon-u after an accident, Ji-dwi has a bad dream, the hwarang go hunting and the queen gives Princess Sookmyung an order.

12Sparring Competition

The hwarang ponder rumors about the king and get a break from training. Ji-dwi gets philosophical and Su-ho helps the queen.

13Amity Delegates

Silla decides to send a delegation to Baekje to avoid war. Wehwa asks the hwarang for volunteers to escort the delegates led by Princess Sookmyung.

14Reveal Yourself

The hwarang face dangers on the road. Ahnji gives Jiso news that she does not want to hear. Princess Sookmyung gets an unexpected offer in Baekje.

15A Sword Fight

Tempers run high between Silla and Baekje. Seon-u confronts the Baekje Crown Prince and A-ro’s fate remains uncertain.