Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria (2018)

23mAnimação, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Algumas lendas urbanas são melhor deixadas não testadas! Yuuto Suou recebe mais do que ele esperava quando ele se junta a seu amigo de infância Mitsuki Shimoya para testar uma lenda urbana. Quando ele usa seu telefone para tirar uma foto de si mesmo com o espelho divino do santuário local, ele é levado para outro mundo - um deles imerso no folclore dos antigos mitos nórdicos. Usando seu conhecimento adquirido na escola e de seu smartphone movido a energia solar, ele tem a chance de trazer proeminência o Clã Lobo, as mesmas pessoas que cuidaram dele, ao mesmo tempo em que ganha a adoração de um grupo de donzelas guerreiras que empunham a magia como o Einherjar.


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1The Oath of Chalice

Yuuto's been sent to another world, where he is now commander, or "Patriarch" of a clan of warriors. To survive in this new world, he uses his cell phone, his only connection to the girl he loves back home.

2Tactics of the Wolf

To protect his new oath sister, Linnea, Yuuto leads the Wolf against the "Hoof" clan, their enemy. Things are going well for the Wolf when the leader of the Hoof strikes at Linnea's army, the weakness in their defenses.

3Twin Runes and Twin Sisters

Yuuto doesn't know what to do about the marriage proposal he's received from Linnea. To make matters worse, he gets marriage offers from two more girls, Kris and Al, who have come from the Claw clan just to be with him!

4Steel Is Tempered One Hundred Times

Yuuto visits a town that he's newly added to his domain, which was formerly run by the Horn. The people of the town aren't happy about their new ruler. Linnea tries her best to persuade them, but she's lost faith in her own ability to be a Patriarch.

5The Lion That Devours the Tiger

Yuuto is faced with the powerful forces of the Lightning. They're unmatched in battle, and lead by an unstoppable leader. But Yuuto has a plan...

6Valkyrie's Day Off

The war is over, and it's time for a vacation! Yuuto and the gang travel to a vacation spot, where all the girls fight over who gets the right to wash Yuuto.

7A Long-Awaited Revenge

Yet another powerful foe is after the Wolf. This time, it's the former brother of Yuuto, who was exiled for his misdeeds. Now he wants revenge...

8The Kotatsu and the Empty Bellows

Effy isn't getting along with the girls at school, and Kris has a plan to fix that. Meanwhile, Ingrid is annoyed that Yuuto fails to notice her advances, and tries to get him to realize that she's a girl.

9Beautiful Moon

It's New Years eve, and Mitsuki goes to a small party at her friend Ruri's place, where she learns a valuable secret about Yuuto's situation. She tries to tell him, but her surpressed emotions start to well up.

10Cornered Wolf

Leafa, a girl who looks just like Mitsuki, give Yuuto a clue how to return home. The Wolf enjoys a New Years party, only to learn that the Lightning is on the march once more.

11Proof of a Great Ruler

The Panther launch a surprise attack, catching the Wolf off guard. Yuuto is forced to show if he truly has what it takes to be the Master of Einherjar.

12A Place to Call Home

Yuuto is sent back to modern Japan, where he's forced to make a choice: stay there with his beloved Mitsuki, or go back to save everyone.