Inuyashiki: O Último Herói (2017)

23mAnimação, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Crime

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A história acompanha um senhor de idade maltratado pela família, que devido a um contato com aliens acaba tendo o corpo refeito. Agora, como um ciborgue, ele vai tentar usar o que ganhou para ajudar os outros. Infelizmente, ele não foi o único que foi transformado…


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1Ichiro Inuyashiki

Ichiro Inuyashiki is unable to tell his family about his terminal cancer diagnosis. That night he has a strange encounter that transforms his body.

2Hiro Shishigami

While Inuyashiki finds purpose in saving lives, Shishigami who was also reborn as a machine feels alive by repeatedly committing murder.

3Naoyuki Ando

Inuyashiki sees Shishigami fly away and realizes that he has the same kind of body. Shishigami confronts the band of punks that bully his friend Ando.


After being kidnapped by the sinister Samejima, Fumino manages to escape to her boyfriend Satoru's house but soon finds herself back in danger.

5Yuko Shishigami

Ando is in anguish over Shishigami's crimes. When he learns that there is someone out there like Shishigami, he tries to enlists his help.

6People of 2Chan

The fugitive Shishigami hides out in the home of his classmate Shion Watanabe. Ando helps Inuyashiki begin to master the powers of his body.

7Shion Watanabe

Though Shion believes he is innocent, Shishigami confesses his crimes to her. But she won't give up on him even after seeing his machine body.

8Mari Inuyashiki

Shishigami is attacked and disappears. Amid news of an impending meteor impact, Inuyashiki's daughter Mari sees her father and Ando together.

9People of Shinjuku

Shishigami declares war on Japan and begins to kill indiscriminately. Ando realizes that he is murdering people via their mobile phones.

10People of Tokyo

As Inuyashiki struggles to stop Shishigami from crashing planes, he receives a call for help from Mari who is trapped inside a building.

11People of Earth

With the battle over, Inuyashiki returns home and reveals his machine form to his family. Shishigami pays a visit to his once dear friend, Ando.