Isekai Ojisan (2022)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Durante 17 anos o tio de Takafumi esteve em coma, até que em um determinado dia finalmente acordou.


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1I'm Finally Back From the Fantasy World of Granbahamal After 17 Long Years!

Takafumi’s uncle wakes up from a 17-year coma, claiming he was in another dimension, and he tries to prove it by showing off his magical powers.


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3I'm Your Un—...Aunt, Dear

While Takafumi and his uncle strategize on how to increase their YouTube subscriber count, Fujimiya is worried about the well-being of her crush.

4You Helped Me Through Tough Times

Fujimiya tries to catch Takafumi’s attention. Takafumi’s uncle shares a seemingly romantic memory he experienced during his time in the other dimension.

5That Reminds Me, I Almost Got Assassinated Once

Takafumi's uncle has a flashback to the time he narrowly escaped an assassination attempt - and his story keeps getting grimmer.

6So They Threw Me into the Basement of a Freak Show...

Even Takafumi’s uncle has memories he’d rather forget. But he also remembers a rare heroic moment he experienced in the other dimension.

7As You Can See, SEGA Games Are Very Helpful in Life!

Takafumi’s uncle recalls the time he almost made friends in the other dimension. Meanwhile, Fujimiya heads to her college campus to meet someone.