Jaguar (2021)

42mDrama, War & Politics

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Em busca de justiça, uma sobrevivente do Holocausto se une a um grupo de agentes contra centenas de nazistas que fugiram do país depois da Segunda Guerra.


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A woman who survived a concentration camp as a girl seeks murderous revenge on Nazis, but those who have been watching her have other plans.

2The Hotel

Isabel and Lucena must cozy up to Otto and his wife Ilse as the team works to put their plan in motion ahead of Heim's arrival.

3The Gran Club

Just as Lucena seems to gain Bachmann's trust, the situation takes a challenging and dangerous turn. Marsé opens up to Isabel about his past.


The crew travels to Almería in an attempt to track down Otto and Ilse so that they can capture Heim. Castro reveals a personal secret.

5The Hospital

With the military closing in, the agents put their lives at risk to get Heim out of the hospital, and one of them makes a stunning confession.

6The Mill

While Isabel holds Heim captive, he antagonizes her with stories of torture he inflicted. She reflects on recent memories she made with her new friends.