Jeannie é um Gênio (1965)

25mSci-Fi & Fantasy, Comédia, Família

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O astronauta Tony Nelson liberta Jeannie, um gênio que vivia em uma garrafa. A jovem se apaixona pelo militar e passa a usar sua mágica constantemente, provocando grandes confusões na vida de seu amo.


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1Fly Me to the Moon

Tony and Roger train a chimpanzee to travel to the Moon. Jeannie turns him into a human. But when she tries to turn him back, she accidentally turns Tony into a chimp.

1Happy Anniversary

On their one-year-anniversary, Jeannie causes Tony's latest space mission to crash-land on the island of their first meeting. There Tony comes upon the bottle of the Blue Djinn who imprisoned Jeannie 2,000 years ago.

1The Lady in the Bottle

The rocket launch for a space mission goes awry and Captain Anthony Nelson finds himself stranded on a desert island. When he opens an antique bottle lying on the beach, he becomes the master of a beautiful, 2,000-year-old genie named Jeannie, who is willing to grant him anything he wishes.

2Jeannie or the Tiger?

After not seeing her for over 2,000 years, Jeannie invites her sister for a visit. After seeing a picture of Tony, she traps Jeannie in her bottle and take her place as a way to steal Tony from her.

2My Hero?

Jeannie blinks Tony to ancient Persia, where he avenges Jeannie's honor against Ali, the Killer of Giants. Meanwhile, Jeannie visits her parents and happily announces that she has found in Tony the man she wishes to marry.

3The Second Greatest Con Artist in the World

While Jeannie and Tony are in Hawaii, a con man tries to get Jeannie's pin given to her by Tutankhamun in exchange for diamonds supposedly found on a beach nearby.

3My Master, the Rich Tycoon

When Jeannie lets in a man into house who derides Tony's taste, she makes several valuable works of art appear. Unfortunately, the man is a representative of the IRS.

3Guess What Happened On The Way To The Moon?

Tony is on a survival mission with Roger when Jeannie seems to have followed him. She proceeds to help him in every way possible by giving him food, shelter, and finally transportation while Roger suffers in the hot, sweltering desert.

4My Turned-On Master

In order to prove that she can live without her powers, Jeannie transfers them to someone else for twenty-four hours. Unfortunately, that someone is Tony.

4My Master, the Rainmaker

Tony is amazed that Jeannie can control the weather so he inadvertently wishes it could snow. When Jeannie makes it snow, Dr. Bellows arrives rousing his suspicion and a few people on the base think Tony can control the weather.

4The Marriage Caper

General Stone has accepted an ambassadorship overseas and offers Tony the opportunity to come along to be his military attache. Tony's fiancée Melissa urges Tony to accept the prestigious position and move up their wedding date.

5My Master, the Weakling

Tony and Roger meet up with an a navy commander who thinks that all astronauts are soft and runs the two of them ragged as a way of toughening them up.

5My Wild Eyed Master

Tony has to retake an eye test to go on his next mission. Trying to help him, Jeannie gives him x-ray eyes.

5G.I. Jeannie

Jeannie joins the WAF in hopes of becoming Tony's secretary.

6Jeannie, the Hip Hippie

Tony is forced to cancel his first vacation in years in order to help Mrs. Bellows find a group to play at a charity bizarre.

6What's New, Poodle Dog?

Roger tells Jeannie that he has arranged dates for Tony and himself with two beauty queens. Before Roger can tell Tony, Jeannie turns him into a poodle.

6The Yacht Murder Case

Tony is suspected of killing Jeannie when she disappears from a yacht after he is seen arguing with her and telling her to go home.

7Everybody's a Movie Star

Tony and Roger are assigned to be in a film about a day in the life of the average astronaut.

8Who Are You Calling a Jeannie?

While at NASA, Jeannie hits her head and loses her memory. Tony has to rescue her from the authorities.

8How to Be a Genie in 10 Easy Lessons

A well-meaning Jeannie has tried her best to please Tony, but her magic continues to cause problems. Roger suggests that Tony have Jeannie study Tales of Arabian Nights, claiming it will teach her how to properly use her gifts.

8The Americanization of Jeannie

Jeannie reads about how to be an American woman in a magazine and takes after it in order to please Tony.

9Who Needs a Green Eyed Jeannie?

When Jeannie is jealous of an old friend of Tony's, he gets her to promise to not interfere again. However, the old flame turns out to be a mobster's wife.

9The Moving Finger

Tony goes out to dinner with a famous movie star. Jealous Jeannie decides she wants to be one herself to get Tony's attention.

10Here Comes Bootsie Nightingale

Jeannie is jealous when movie star Bootsie Nightingale wants to date Tony for publicity purposes.

10The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday (1)

Jeannie never had a birthday party because she doesn't know here birthday. She is so sad she starts to vanish. Tony and Roger promise her that they would find out, using NASA technology.

10Djinn and Water

One of Jeannie's great grandfathers is summoned back by Jeannie in hopes of aiding Tony in making fresh water out of salt water.

11Tony's Wife

Jeannie's sister arrives and offers to help teach her how to get Tony to marry her.

11The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday (2)

Tony attempts to get Jeannie's birth date from Roger who was sent to Alaska before Jeannie disappears forever.

11Whatever Happened to Baby Custer?

Eight-year-old Custer already idolizes Tony and when he sees Jeannie's magic, he immediately tells his parents. Worried about Custer, they sends him to therapy with Dr. Bellows.

12Jeannie and the Great Bank Robbery

When Tony has an important report to finish, he tells Jeannie to help someone else and she ends up helping bank robbers in a heist.

12How Do You Beat Superman?

Jeannie feels that Tony is not paying enough attention to her because he is too preoccupied with football. She blinks an imaginary man named Tony Millionaire to make Tony jealous.

12Where'd You Go Go?

Tony's ex-girlfriend Diane comes into town and invites him to dinner, making Jeannie jealous. Meanwhile, Roger accidentally bumps into her and successfully asks her out on date. A worried and jealous Tony decides to drag Diane all over town in search of Jeannie and her unidentified escort.

13My Son, the Genie

Jeannie has been assigned to become the training instructor of a new genie.

13My Master, the Great Caruso

When General Peterson hears Tony singing with opera, he enters him in the NASA talent contest.

13Russian Roulette

Tony and Roger are assigned to entertain two visiting Russian cosmonauts. As a symbol of friendship, Roger unknowingly gives them Jeannie's bottle with Jeannie in it.

14Jeannie Goes Honolulu

Tony and Roger Healey are sent to Hawaii on Air Force business, but to discourage Jeannie from coming along, they tell her that they are being sent to the North Pole. During their stay, Tony meets an Admiral's daughter, Eleanor, and they begin seeing each other. When Jeannie finds out, Tony tries to stifle her temper by lying his way out of it, saying that he and Roger are on a Top Secret Mission and one of his assignments is to protect Eleanor.

14The World's Greatest Lover

Feeling sorry for Roger, Jeannie makes him irresistible to all women.

14What House Across the Street?

Following her mother's advice, Jeannie tries to make Tony jealous by accepting Roger's marriage proposal. Jeannie blinks a mansion onto a vacant lot across the street from Tony's, along with a set of phony, rich parents.

15The Battle of Waikiki

Jeannie blinks the revered ancient Hawaiian, King Kamehameha, back to life and takes him on a tour of what the Hawaiian Islands now look like in 1967 (when the episode was actually filmed). He becomes disillusioned when he believes that the Hawaiian people have forgotten all about him and makes plans to re-capture the Islands in his name again.

15Jeannie Breaks the Bank

Tony draws the authority's attention when Jeannie puts three milliion dollars into his bank account because he is a low-paid astronaut.

16Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (1)

Tony accidentally locks Jeannie in a moon safe and tries desperately to get her out before it is sent to the moon.

16My Master, the Author

After getting Tony's permission, Jeannie Jeannie write a book about child care, sends it to a publisher, and the book becomes a best seller. However, Jeannie had put Tony's name as the author. Dr. Bellows puts Tony through a test by making him babysit his prank-loving nephew. While babysitting, General Peterson drops by and asks him to babysit his quiet niece.

16Get Me to Mecca on Time

It is the day of the Ramdah, which means Jeannie and Tony must make a trip to Mecca and cite the sacred words or else she will lose her powers forever and go into limbo.

17Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (2)

After hiring two Safecrackers(Charlie,and the Professor)Tony,and Roger find that they had been double-crossed.They were robbed.Tony's concern is,if the Professor,and Charlie try to open that safe without the right combination the safe will explode.Will Tony,and Roger find the safe with Jeannie inside on time?

17Greatest Invention in the World

Roger convinces Tony to let Jeannie grant him a wish. Roger accidentally wishes that he hadn't dropped coffee on Tony when he accidentally does. The result is a fabric that cannot be burned, stained, or cut. Dr. Bellows witnesses the impossible destruction of the fabric and attempts to find out how Tony had concocted this great invention.

17Richest Astronaut in the World

Roger accidentally discovers the truth about Jeannie and steals her from Tony. He then uses Jeannie for his own greedy purposes.

18Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (3)

Jeannie's sister drop's by for a visit,and having not found Jeannie anywhere,enters Tony's bedroom alone,and unprotected.Roger arrive's,and overhearing him say that Jeannie is locked inside the safe,she decide's to snag Tony for herself.She arranges for Tony,and another Airforce officer to switch travel order's so that Tony will go to the Middle East,and the other officer to go take Tony's place.Tony tell's Jeannie that he'll be going away for afew day's,and that she should not worry,because Roger will take of her.Jeannie's Sister seeing an opportunity,disguisis her voice like Jeannie's,and tell's Tony that while he is in Baghdad,he should contact Hadji,the master of all the Jeannie's;he can free her.Having heard that Tony leave's for the Middle East,but he get's to the Place he believe's is the tent of Hadji,he realises it is Jeannie's sister's master's palace.She imprison's Tony in a bird's cage.While back at Nasa Roger having been informed of Tony's arrival in Bagdad,he tell's Jeann

18My Master, the Spy

Dr. Bellows suspects Tony of being a spy when he is at a NASA meeting and is seen in Paris having lunch with Jeannie at the same time.

19Genie, Genie, Who's Got the Genie? (4)

In this,the conclusion of the four parts there is an urgency to getting the safe opened.First,Jeannie informs Tony that when a Genies been locked up for a whole Month,she no longer belong's to her Master.She will be the slave of whomever open's the safe.It's like being trapped in her bottle.So,Tony has to make sure that he be the one to open the safe.Second,there is a timing mechanism on the safe;it has to be opened within 72 hours.Dr Bellow's has sent a Dr.Whitimeyer,a dem. expert.Tony has to make sure he's the the one to defuse the explosive mechinism,and open the safe to become Jeannie's Master,again.Will he succeed with both?

19You Can't Arrest Me... I Don't Have a Driver's License

Jeannie drives off with Tony's car and Tony ends up in traffic court.

20One of Our Bottles is Missing

While Dr. Bellows and his wife make an unannounced visit at Tony's home, Mrs. Bellows spots Jeannie's bottle and insists that she must have the bottle. While getting a copy made, the shop mixes them up and the real bottle ends up with the Bellows, with Jeannie inside.

20My Master, the Doctor

When Tony mentions to Jeannie that his childhood dream was to become a surgeon, she blinks him right into the operating room where Roger is to have his appendix removed.

21My Master, the Ghostbreaker

Tony, Jeannie and Roger go to England to check out a mansion that Tony inherited. When they get there they find out the mansion is haunted.

21My Master, the Civilian

After Tony reluctantly accepts a job in the private sector, Roger and Jeannie look into his very successful future. They try to change his mind by letting him think it will be horrible but he still takes the job.

21Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper

Frustrated over Jeannie's constant use of magic to help around the house, Tony makes Jeannie swear that she will never help him with her magic powers again. When he is kidnapped by a spy ring shortly thereafter, Jeannie has to watch helplessly.

22There Goes the Best Genie I Ever Had

Tony finds out that he can send Jeannie away forever because it's Haji's birthday. He weighs whether Jeannie is worth keeping despite all the trouble she is causing.

22How Lucky Can You Get?

After giving some lectures locally, Tony and Roger celebrate their promotions to Major in Reno. Against Tony's wish, Roger smuggles Jeannie along on the trip hoping to increase his odds in the casino.

23My Double-Crossing Master

Tony makes a bet with Roger that Jeannie would never fall for another man. This leads to Tony disguising himself as a British officer. However, things get sticky when Jeannie falls for the "British" officer and Tony becomes jealous.

23The Greatest Entertainer in the World

General Peterson wants Tony to get Sammy Davis Jr. to entertain at his tenth anniversary at NASA.

23Watch the Birdie

Tony becomes General Peterson's golf partner in a Championship game against two Navy man when Jeannie makes him a world-class golf player.

24Have You Ever had a Jeannie Hate You?

Jeannie's sister arrives to give her a birthday present. She gives her two bottles of lotion, a white one to make her love her master more and a blue one to make her hate her enemies more. However, big sis changes the bottles and now the white one has the hate lotion and the blue one has the love lotion. After sprinkling the hate lotion on Tony, she becomes compelled to start torturing him by shrinking him and putting him in the oven. A few minutes later Roger arrives and accidentally puts the love lotion on causing Jeannie to fall for him. After some more torturing by Jeannie, her sister then arrives to claim Tony, but not until after she reveals her scheme to Tony. However, as Tony grabs the bottles, she switches them again. He then runs to Roger's apartment, which is now filled with expensive furniture and sexy female servants. When Jeannie sees Tony she puts him on a table reminiscent of the Pit and the Pendulum. Roger then mistakenly puts the hate lotion on and joins Tony

24Permanent House Guest

Dr. Bellows sees an elephant in Tony's bedroom, but all is normal when he returns with General Peterson. Realizing this, the ever suspicious Dr. Bellows moves in with Tony in hopes of actually catching him.

25My Master, the Pirate

Tony is sent back in time to defeat Captain Kidd who holds one of Tony's ancestors prisoner.

25Bigger Than a Bread Box and Better Than a Genie

The new woman in Roger's life Madame Zolta is a clairvoyant fortune teller. Planning to reveal her fraud, Tony arranges a seance.

26Haven't I Seen Me Someplace Before?

Its Roger's birthday and Jeannie and Tony throw a small party for him. Instead of a normal gift Jeannie decides to give Roger something he has always wanted, his very own wish. As Roger is leaving the house, Tony mentions the fact that the next day he is going on an important space flight and Roger then blurts out that he wishes that he was going on that flight and at that instant, Roger and Tony switch bodies. When Tony realizes what has happened, he and Jeannie go searching for Roger not only before he goes on the mission, but to keep Dr. Bellows from finding out what happened.

26My Master, the Great Rembrandt

The astronauts paint pictures to be auctioned off at a charity event. Tony copies a Rembrandt masterpiece, which is secretly perfected by Jeannie. When experts consider the picture to be a real Rembrandt, Tony is suspected of stealing it from the museum.

27There Goes the Bride

Jeannie puts a forbidden love spell on Tony. When Haji finds out, he makes Tony have several accidents that can only be undone if the love spell is taken off of him.

27My Master, the Thief

Jeannie steals a pair of slippers from a museum exhibition that were hers 2000 years ago.

28My Master, Napoleon's Buddy

Tony wishes to be able to talk to Napoleon for just an hour, so Jeannie sends them back in time. But Napoleon thinks that Tony is a spy and he plans to kill him.

28This Is Murder

When Tony is asked to escort a visiting princess, Jeannie announces that because of a family feud she has to kill her. So Tony burdens Jeannie with tasks hoping she will miss the princess's visit.

29The Birds and the Bees Bit

Tony discovers that genies lose their powers if they marry a mortal and proposes to Jeannie. After Roger and Jeannie learn that their children might get magical powers, Jeannie tries to keep Roger away so that Tony doesn't find out.

29My Master The Magician

Dr. Bellows insists that Tony puts on a magic show at NASA after catching him floating in his chair in his living room.

30My Master, the Swinging Bachelor

Jeannie makes a cake for Tony and his dinner guests that makes them act like children again.

30I'll Never Forget What's Her Name

Suffering from amnesia after a vase fell on his head, Tony instantly falls in love with Jeannie, thinking she is an ordinary woman. He declares his love and insists they get married.

31The Mod Party

Roger invites Jeannie and Tony to his mod party but forgets that he and Tony have a special NASA meeting that night. So they give Dr. Bellows a phony excuse but things don't turn out as planned when he and his wife make a surprise visit at Roger's.