Jersey Shore: Os Originais (2018)


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Jersey Shore chegou! Após longos anos separados Snooki e cia estão juntos novamente para curtirem as praias de Miami e reviverem os momentos que trasformaram Jersey Shore em um sucesso Mundial. Mesmo após 5 anos separados, nada mudou entre a amizade desse grupo que se transformou em uma família louca.


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1It's Complicated

The gang reunites in Las Vegas to meet Ronnie's baby, but no one knows what to expect when Ronnie's relationship drama gets blasted all over social media.

1What's In the Bag?

After five years apart, our favorite guidos are reuniting in Miami for a family vacation, but The Situation’s legal issues have put his vacation in jeopardy.

1The Mediation

Angelina struggles to forgive the ladies after their cringe-worthy bridesmaid speeches, Mike and Lauren open up about their hopes to have a family, and Deena launches a clothing line.

1Goodbye Mike

Mike prepares for his prison sentence, Ron realizes it's time to make changes in his life, Jen's split from Roger goes public, and Deena celebrates the birth of her baby boy.

2The Ring

Ronnie and Deena’s unresolved issues resurface, and the family is complete with the arrival of The Situation.

2Taken Pauly

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ronnie moves to L.A., Pauly introduces his Double Shot at Love girlfriend Nikki, and Lauren gets involved in Jenni and Deena's conflict with Angelina.

2Snooki Vs. The Rock

2Thirty Days Later

A fresh-from-rehab Ronnie reconnects with Vinny and Pauly, Nicole relishes pregnancy eating, and Jenni confronts Angelina and Ronnie for talking about her divorce on camera.

2Oh Canada

Vinny and Pauly meet a pair of Canadian women, Jenni calls out the roomies for bailing on her Mother's Day videos, and Ronnie's relationship drama continues to unfold.

3Sunday Vinday

Ronnie clogs all the toilets in the house, and Nicole and Vinny's past jeopardizes their friendship.

3The Double Book

Jenni experiences a medical mishap, Pauly rents a Las Vegas resort for the family's socially distanced vacation, and Deena shows up with Lauren and another surprise guest.

3Hollywood Shore

3JWoww Gets Her Groove Back

Ronnie throws a birthday party for his daughter, Pauly and Vinny visit Mike behind bars, and Jenni invites her new 24-year-old boyfriend to Las Vegas to meet the roommates.

3The Truth About Ronnie

Ronnie is pushed to the edge when the truth about his family situation comes to light, the gang wins big at the casinos, and Jen turns up unexpectedly at the suite.

4Ron Ron Juice

A night of Ron-Ron Juice has the whole house on full tilt, and a French girl at the club has Ronnie questioning everything.

4Single Ronnie

Pauly and Vinny develop a dating show to help Ronnie find a good role model for his daughter, and the guys reach into their bags of tricks to distract Deena before Angelina's arrival.

4Meatballs Don't Hike

4Gym, Tan, Strip

As the roommates arrive in Las Vegas, Vinny is worried his ankle injury will affect his Chippendales gig, Pauly senses a "Ronpage" is looming, and Angelina loses a bet.

4Heartbreak Hotel

Ronnie worries about his baby's well-being when he gets news about Jen, Vinny misses Pauly D while he's out of town, and Angelina shocks the roommates when she pays a visit.

5About Last Night

Ronnie is in full on spiral mode after a night of epic bad decisions, and Mike has big news to share.

5Trouble Shot At Love

Ronnie gets to know his dating show bachelorettes, Angelina gets a warning from her psychic grandmother, and the guys worry about how to tell Deena that Angelina's arrival is imminent.

5Two Baptisms And A Pet Psychic

5Tick. Tick. Tick.

Vinny prepares for his big stripping debut, Ronnie's constant texting leads everyone to suspect trouble at home, and the group gets some good news from Mike in prison.


Angelina aggressively tries to smooth things over with Jenni, and Vinny misses Pauly so much that he carries around a cardboard cutout of him.

6Meatball Down

Ronnie has to take responsibility for his actions in the club before his pregnant girlfriend's visit, Vinny searches for the perfect barber, and Deena ruins boys' night out.

6Jurrasic Angelina

The guys devise a backup plan to surprise Deena and an unconventional strategy for defusing Angelina's wrath, and Angelina gets pranked.

6The Blessification


Jenni tries to uncover the truth about Ronnie and Jenn, Pauly plans an epic prank, and Vinny makes his Chippendales debut in front of his roommates and mother.

6The Designation

As their Las Vegas vacation nears the end, Nicole's very extra friend Joey comes for a visit, Jenni leaves the trip early, and Pauly plans a surprise.

7Baby Mama Drama

Ron's pregnant girlfriend Jenn arrives for an awkward visit, and Vinny is in the doghouse after he grabs a stripper at the club.

7The Text

Angelina and Deena question whether to come together on the trip, and Mike doesn't realize he's still on camera while trying to have a low-key text exchange with the guys.

7The Not-So-International Vacation

7The Incident at the Strip Club

The roomies don't know what to expect when Ronnie finds out Jenn joined them at the strip club, and Jenni's boyfriend arrives in Las Vegas.

7Four Guidos and a Baby

Nicole and Jenni try to mend their friendship, the guys go baby shopping and revisit the Ronnie and Jen warzone, and Vinny and Pauly make a serious bro-mmitment.

8The Temptation of the Keto Guido

Snooki gets caught stealing from a stripper, Vinny is feeling tempted and might sin, and Pauly D is looking for love.

8Attack Of The Killer Raccoons

The guys devise a plan to get Angelina and Deena to attend a family dinner with Nikki, but the women are hesitant to reunite.

8Deena's Revenge


Deena has an encounter with a judgmental bar patron, and Angelina is bothered when Jenni's new boyfriend pries into her sex life.

8Back to Seaside

Jenni and Angelina finally bury the hatchet, and the gang takes a nostalgia-filled trip back to Seaside Heights.

9Umm, Hello

While the girls are away, Pauly decides to invite their old roommate Angelina to Miami.

9Somebody's Wifey's In Town

Nikki comes to dinner, Pauly gives Nikki a list of trigger words to avoid setting off Angelina and Deena, Vinny slips up, and Angelina and Deena finally talk after the wedding speech fiasco.

9Happy Birthday, Vinny!

9Holy Drama

Pauly celebrates the end of Vinny's Chippendales residency with a feast, and looming drama between Jenni and Angelina threatens to upend the baptism for Deena's son CJ.

9Vinny and Angelina: A Love Story

Back where it all started, the roommates enjoy a night back in their original seaside house, but things get messy when Vinny and Angelina air out old dirty laundry.

10Meatball (Training) Day

The girls go off on Angelina when she makes a surprise return to Miami, and Meatball Day gets weird.

10The Return of JWOWW

Everyone is on edge when Jenni arrives in Las Vegas and agrees to a family dinner where she'll finally come face-to-face with Angelina.

10Best Party Planner Ever

104 Fists. 2 Bottles. 1 Shore House.

Fingers are pointed, piercings are questioned, and wine bottles are at risk when Nicole and Ronnie get drawn into Jenni and Angelina's feud as Deena tries to play peacekeeper.

10What a Drag

Ronnie makes a surprise appearance at Deena's gender reveal party, and later, everyone heads to Atlantic City for Pauly's DJ gig.

11Angelina Leaves Her Mark!

Angelina's embarrassing bodily mishap leaves a lasting impression on the roomies when she departs the house, and the gang heads to Bimini, Bahamas.

11The Note 2.0

After an awkward family dinner with Jenni and Angelina, the guys enlist Dr. Drew to help them stage a mediation and break the tension between the ladies.

11The Sexpert

11Last Night Is Cancelled

The housemates spend a day at the boardwalk as tensions linger between Angelina, Jenni and Nicole, and the boys try to have a good time without Mike.

11Awkward City

In Atlantic City, the roommates do their best to support Ronnie and Jen’s relationship while celebrating at Pauly’s birthday gig, and Angelina continues to flirt with Vinny.

12JWoww vs. The Proposal

Ronnie is spiraling again, Vinny gets a taste of home, and tension between Mike and JWoww might ruin mike’s proposal.

12Calling Dr. Drew

The guys call on Dr. Drew to help resolve the disputes between Angelina, Jenni and Deena, Deena learns her private chat with Mike was made public, and Mike and Lauren get exciting news.

12The Lie Detector Test

12Snooki Goes To Washington, Pt. 1

After Lauren tells the gang that Mike's release from prison is being delayed, the ladies head to the White House to ask for help, while the guys let loose in Jenni's new home.

12Where's the Beach?

As the roommates head back to the Jersey shore, Ronnie and Nicole cut loose before everyone else arrives, and Angelina gets flirty with Vinny after a fight with her fiance.

13Future Mrs. Situation?

Ronnie tries to sort out his feelings for his pregnant girlfriend, and the roommates get the house ready for Mike to propose to Lauren.

13Snooki Goes To Washington, Pt. 2

The ladies gang up on Vinny after they return from Washington, D.C., the guys plan an elaborate prank, and the roomies get an update about Mike's release from jail.

13Staten Island Smackdown

Jenni joins Mike for his motivational speech at a rehab facility, Pauly arrives for family dinner, and Angelina pushes Vinny too far in their love-hate relationship.

14The Final Supper

The roommates' final dinner is filled with fun memories and a huge blowup between Ronnie and Mike, and Pauly D runs into a familiar face while he's working.

14Jewish Barbie

Mike competes in a burger-eating contest, Nicole takes a pregnancy test, and history repeats itself when Ronnie gets into hot water (literally) with another woman.

15Pork Roll or Taylor Ham?

The roommates come up with an elaborate scheme to kidnap Deena and bring her to the house, while newly single Ronnie takes time to himself to come to terms with his breakup.

16Wallopin’ in Manalapan

The roommates throw a party with Slip 'N Slides, bounce castles and more, and a night out heats up when a stranger pushes Ronnie to his breaking point.

17Ronnie Magro's Series of Unfortunate Events

A call from home leaves Ronnie worried and everyone else skeptical, and the roommates help Deena honor her father's memory and fight cancer with a fundraiser.

18The United States v. The Situation, Pt. 1

As Mike prepares for both a jail sentencing and his wedding, the ladies take his fiancee Lauren to a wedding dress fitting, and Jenni shuts down discussions about her divorce.

19The United States v. The Situation, Pt. 2

Ronnie claims to have gotten into an altercation in a parking lot, and the roommates gather as Mike receives his criminal sentencing for tax evasion.


Mike gets sentenced to eight months in prison for tax evasion, Ronnie raises eyebrows with a story about getting mugged, and the gang heads to a dude ranch.

21Guido Cowboys

During a trip to upstate New York, Angelina and Deena clash over beds, Ronnie reveals that his girlfriend Jen might be pregnant, and Jenni refuses to discuss her divorce.

22Ranchelor Party

The roommates throw Mike a bachelor party, but the guys and ladies have very different kinds of entertainment in mind, and Ronnie wants Jenni to open up about her divorce.

23Not Again

Ronnie falls into a funk as his relationship drama looms over the group, the guys choreograph a dance for Mike's wedding, and Nicole prepares for The Snooki Shop's opening.

24Where's Ronnie?

Deena gets emotional at her baby shower, Mike and Lauren host their wedding rehearsal dinner, and Ronnie's personal woes create tension with the rest of the group.

25Tuxedo Time

Ahead of Mike and Lauren's wedding, Ronnie opens up to Vinny and Pauly about his relationship problems, and Jenni and Nicole help their daughters prepare for flower girl duty.

26Worst Talent Show Ever

27Best Birthday Ever