Joshikousei no Mudazukai (2019)

24mComédia, Animação



Vida cotidiana de estudantes com personalidades meio doidas.


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On her first day of high school, Tanaka realizes that she's made a grave mistake - because she slept through the entrance exam. Oops.


Because Baka is just too ridiculous, Wota asks Robo to read her manga - but on second thought, the literal-minded Robo might not have been a good choice, either.

3Forgotten Item

Loli is NOT LITTLE, dammit. And she can handle a solo trip to the grocery store just fine - so long as she can avoid that jerk-face Baka, that is.


Majime desperately wants to get to know Robo. Does Baka hold the key to striking up an interesting conversation?


A new transfer student arrives. She's beautiful. She's half Australian. She loves girls. She's... allergic to Baka? What??!


Majo is a bit socially awkward, but she means well. You just have to get past her friendship bracelets made of body parts and games that predict how you’ll die, that’s all!


Yamai sure does wear a lot of bandages... but such is the curse of the half-blood scion of the Atlantia and Dragonia races!

8Buying Swimwear

It’s summertime, and that mean it’s time for spoOoOoOoky stories! But is the real horror Baka’s terrifying tale, or what lies in wait for them at school after hours…?


After getting disrespected by some brats on the street, Loli decides it’s time to update her look. The results are… well, they’re something. Let’s leave it at that.


It's time for the first years to choose either the Humanities or the Science Course. You wouldn't think this could cause a fight between Baka and Wota, but you'd be wrong.


They say you should never meet your idols. They might end up being your homeroom teacher in disguise. Whomp whomp.


Baka's grades are REALLY BAD. She might not get to advance a grade if she fails a single test. Is studying even worth it? Eh, probably not. Time to run away to a pig farm…