Kabukichou Sherlock (2019)

24mAnimação, Mistério, Comédia



Um grupo de indivíduos, incluindo um pseudo-Sherlock holmes, investigam casos estranhos.


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1Hello Detectives

Something strange has been happening to John Watson. He goes to the detectives in Kabukicho for help, but they're even weirder!

2Why Not Join the Staring-At-Eye-Moles Squad?

A woman is hired as an idol for her beautiful moles under her eyes. But when the day of her big show comes, the producer disappears! Is a crime involved?

3The Dream of Fuyuto Kyokgoku, the Ace

A nephew is framed for the murder of his uncle, and it's up to Sherlock to clear his name.

4The Water's Usually Hot

Now that he's broke, Watson has to use the public bath. But there's murder waiting for him there, too!

5Offside is the Best Side

Mary's decided she wants to go to an expensive school, and Lucy decides to raise the money. But getting big money fast means taking big risks...

6Kobayashi the Man, Giving It His All

Kobayashi runs into his old boss from his time in the Kaneko Gang. When one of the Kabukicho Irregulars steals a valuable sticker from the gangster, he'll have to risk it all to help them out.

7Wife Looks Into the Future

Watson gets his first solo case as Sherlock sends him to investigate the home of the mysterious Irene Adler.

8Don't Take Off the Swimsuit

Irene joins the team as they track down a medical chart in the possession of an infamous blackmailer, while Sherlock gets stuck with childcare duties.

9That Woman's Pad

Jack the Ripper is after Irene's life, and Sherlock and Watson must take extraordinary steps to protect her.

10Now Hiring Psychics

A badly depressed Watson struggles to come to terms with his new life, as Sherlock vows vengeance on Jack the Ripper.

11Jack the Ripper

The identity of Jack the Ripper is revealed when Sherlock finally makes his move.

12No More Nyan-Nyan

The detectives try to cheer up after a hard week. Mrs. Hudson sends them after her missing cat to keep their minds occupied.

13First Moonlit Night

While James has a difficult time in prison, Mycroft arrives at the row house and reflects on how Sherlock got his start in rakugo.

14Take Back Your Melon Heart

Fuyuto is in shock and not himself for several weeks after the events with Jack the Ripper. Sent to the hospital, he is met with a new case.

15Where Is He?

Watson and Mary do their best to stop the scammers that are planning a horrific upcoming terrorist attack.

16Michel and Dopey

Michel finally reunites with his long-lost daughter, but she is promptly arrested for murder soon after.

17Looking Back on Saudade

Ten months after the business with Michel's daughter, Sherlock cracks a mysterious code that leads to an even deeper mystery.

18Lots of Animals

What starts off as an investigation into an animal killer, escalates into something far more sinister and dangerous.

19The Curtain Rises on the Grand Guignol

New information comes to light about all of the strange incidents, and the true cause of everything is finally revealed.

20Moriarty Savors

As the villain makes his move, Watson finds himself in serious danger; Mary is caught in a compromising position.

21Not Breathing

With Watson's disappearance accomplished, the villain is prepared to execute the next phase of his master plan.

22The Thread Where We Talk About Yeast

A Santa with a purple beard drops off some presents and a suspicious Sherlock chases after him before receivnig an invitation to a clandestine meeting.

23Everybody Be There at Eight

Watson desperately tries to find Sherlock before he reaches the point of no return. He even tries to hire the other detectives, but they refuse to help.

24See You in Kabukicho!

Following the investigation into Moriarty, Sherlock performs his final rakugo entitled Moriarty the Living.