Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi (2021)

24mAnimação, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama, Crime

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A história se passa em um mundo de fantasia, acompanhando Keyar, um healer (Curandeiro) que foi traído e usado pelos seus companheiros de grupo por sua classe ser vista como inútil, já que não pode lutar sozinha. Entretanto, após certos eventos, Keyar desperta uma magia de cura suprema, “regenerando” seu própria mundo e voltando no tempo 4 anos antes, para que assim possa refazer sua vida, e ter sua vingança contra todos que fizeram mal a ele.


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1O Curandeiro começa de novo!

With the Demon Lord defeated, Keyaru’s revenge begins. The first step is to rewind time. Followed by planning…

2O Curandeiro arruína a Princesa Flare!

Flare has a dark side that Keyaru originally didn’t see until it was too late. Forgiveness isn’t something that he’s interested in now. So, he waits…

3O Curandeiro compra uma escrava!

One does not forget the past, even if it hasn’t happened yet. Many people remain unpunished. Getting to them may require help, though.

4O Curandeiro adquire Setsuna!

How far will Setsuna go for revenge? Keyarga is curious to know.

5The Healer Finds a New Toy!

Keyarga’s actions have not gone unnoticed. He used the Krylet sword technique against Gioral soldiers. And one woman will not let the insult stand.

6The Healer Sheds Blood and Tears!

The cost of revenge is steep. Especially when innocents pay the price.

7The Healer Executes Justice!

They expected the Hero of Recovery. They planned on him being heroic. Unfortunately for them, Keyarga isn’t a hero.

8The Healer Meets the Demon Lord!

Keyarga knows this woman. She will become the Demon Lord and the enemy of all humankind. So, what is she doing in a city where humans and demonic beings coexist?

9The Healer Takes Revenge for a Meal!

Keyarga, Freia and Setsuna will protect Eve until she becomes the Demon Lord. But that protection comes at a price: The Philosopher’s Stone.

10The Healer Becomes a Single, Lovely Flower!

How does one catch a predator? Keyarga turns himself into the perfect bait.

11The Healer is Troubled by Norn’s Brutality!

Keara reads Blade’s memories and learns Norn plans to attack Branica in three days and with his new weapon, he hopes to take revenge.

12The Healer Starts a New Journey!

An unexpected development catches Norn off guard. She needs another plan, but that assumes she can first survive Keyarga’s wrath.