Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (2010)

25mAnimação, Comédia, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



Keim Katsuragi é um garoto que prefere o mundo virtual do que o real. Ele adora um game de captura de garotas virtuais. Keim aceitou um desafio que veio por e-mail mas acabou descobrindo que para ganhar esta missão terá que consquistar meninas reais. Como incentivo, se perder, ele terá sua cabeça cortada.


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1Flag. 1.0 When the Sun Goes Down

Keima explains to the audience how he has captured fourteen girls and two unique girls after the last season. Meanwhile, Kanon is preparing for her school tests, but ends up talking with her split personality, Apollo, who claims to be a goddess. The next day, Keima and Elsie meet up with Tenri and within her, Diana. Diana wants Keima to marry Tenri as Tenri's love for Keima increases her powers, which he refuses. When asked to explain what she is, Diana reveals she is a goddess, one of the Jupiter Sisters, who helped the New Demons of Hell against the Weiss, when they attempted to take over the three realms of Earth, Heaven and Hell, and control all souls. After defeating them, the Jupiter Sisters sacrificed themselves by sealing themselves together with the Weiss, but they escaped ten years ago. Diana asks Keima to help find her sisters and reveals they reside in his past conquests, who did not forget their memories with him.

1FLAG 1.0 A Lone Flower Blooming

After a brief recap of the first season, Keima theorized to Elsie on why the spirits are attracted to the girls he helped before until they get into trouble with bulliess but are saved by Kusunoki Kasuga, the captain of the girls karate club. As Kusunoki berates Keima for being weak, Elsie's spirit sensor detects a spirit inside of Kusunoki. Despite learning from Elsie that Kusunoki is heir to her family's martial arts thus her hatred of weak/cute things and tough training which made most of the members of the girls karate club to quit, Keima asks Kusunoki to make him her apprentice to learn more about her. Kusunoki refuses at first but reluctantly agrees due to Keima's Bishōnen looks. At first Keima can't find anything useful until he catches Kusunoki cuddling a cat which reveals she does like cute/weak things. Embarrassed and angry, Kusunoki tries to throw the cat out from the balcony but a manifestation of her appears and saves the cat. Keima realizes Kusunoki's conflicted feelings to be masculine or feminine has made the spirit in her manifest her feminine side whenever cute, girly and weak things appear before her. In order to fully draw out her feminine side by doing girly things, Elsie tells Kusunoki to go on a date with Keima much to their embarrassment as they both reluctantly agree.

1FLAG.1.0 Love makes the World go round

Keima is bishōjo gamer who is called "The Capturing God" on the Internet for his ability to capture any girl in any bishōjo game but does not like girls in real life. One day, he accidentally accepts a contract with the demoness Elsie to help her capture evil spirits that have escaped from hell and have hidden themselves in girls' hearts with the only way to force these spirits out is to make the girls fall in love with him. Keima angrily explains to Elsie that he doesn't like girls and his "capturing skills" only work in games but is shocked to learn that both of them will be killed by the magical collars on their necks if he breaks his contract, forcing him to comply. His first target is his classmate, Ayumi Takahara who is training for the upcoming track-and-field meet. Keima cheers her on by displaying banners using Elsie's magical raiment at the field everyday. While Ayumi is annoyed by his actions, Keima believes she will eventually get used to him and like him. After a confrontation with jealous seniors, Ayumi sprains her leg a day before the meet. However, Keima confronts her that night as he figured out that Ayumi faked her injury because her meeting with the seniors made her question her confidence. Keima consoles Ayumi and tells her to believe in herself, which makes her fall for Keima. They kiss when Ayumi keeps Keima from falling down the stairs, forcing the spirit out of her body and allowing Elsie to capture it. Ayumi wins the meet but loses all of her memories with Keima, though she blushes when Keima congratulates her. Much to his confusion, Elsie has transferred to his school, claiming to be his sister.

2Flag. 2.0 Scrambled Formation

Apollo casts a warning in the sky to her sisters to trust no one before succumbing to her wounds. Lune attempts to finish her but is stopped by Nikaidō. Keima, Diana, Elsie and Haqua have Apollo taken to the Katsuragi household where they discover the magic dagger used on Apollo and Kanon is ancient Weiss magic and the culprits are Vintage, a group of demons who wish to resurrect the Weiss. With Kanon having a week to live, Keima must find the other four goddesses to heal her before Vintage gets them. To accomplish this without incident, Elsie disguises herself as Kanon and Keima tricks his mother to go to South America. Partnering with Haqua who is disguised as Elsie, Keima uses the rumor of Kanon's confession to see the reactions of his prior conquests, who will act jealous if they remember falling in love with him. Keima narrows his suspects to Ayumi, Chihiro, Shiori and Tsukiyo Kujyo, who were all embarrassed around him.

2FLAG 2.0 Problem Solved by the Fist

Kusunoki is embarrassed on her date with Keima but still continues it hoping it will draw her feminine side out. After failing to connect themselves in their date, Kusonoki and Keima decide to do the most romantic thing: eating an ice cream together. After overcoming their embarrassments and eating it, Kusunoki's feminine side finally comes out where both Kusunoki and her feminine side fight for dominance. As both of them fight and explaining their reason with Kusunoki wanting to get rid of her femininity as it is a weakness in her martial arts and preventing her from inheriting her family dojo while Feminine Kusunoki wants to get rid of her martial arts as its preventing her from becoming a woman, Keima stops them and tells them they can just choose both and not sacrifice one for the other. Kusunoki protest at first but Feminine Kusunoki tells the former that Keima is correct since she did enjoyed her date with Keima despite her earlier denial. Feminine Kusunoki admits her defeat but makes Kusunoki promise not to forget her femininity. As her last act, Feminine Kusunoki takes control of Kusunoki's body to kiss Keima as a remembrance which Kusunoki does so willingly a she realize she likes Keima and kisses him which release the spirit inside of her. Kusunoki still continues her marital arts and now accepts her femininity. Later, Elsie tries to explain to Keima the powers of the evil spirits only to get trapped inside a Spirit capturing bottle used by her friend and fellow Spirit hunter, Haqua.

2FLAG 2.0 Demon of a Sister

Keima confronts Elsie on why she’s still here and he still has the magic collar on his neck which the latter reveals that their contract is still not finish and the collar will only be removed until they capture all of the runaway spirits in the city. After meeting Keima’s mother, Mari, Elsie claims she is her “husband’s illegitimate child” which Mari snaps on her husband on the phone for his “infidelity” and allows Elsie to stay with them. Keima however, refuses to accept Elsie as his little sister as in his view, she doesn’t have the requirements that qualify her to be one which she tries to impress him albeit unsuccessfully. But upon hearing her story on wanting to be successful just like her older sister, Keima reluctantly accepts Elsie as his sister.

3Flag. 3.0 5 Home

Keima plans to spend an hour each with the girls to raise their affection for him without any of them encountering each other with Haqua's help. He manages to succeed with Tsukiyo on the bus but compilations occur when the 2B-Pencils finish band practice early which leaves Haqua with Chihiro. As a result, he misses Yui but continues by walking home with Ayumi and Miyako. Unfortunately, Haqua and Chihiro are heading in the same direction which prompts him to take Ayumi and Miyako inside the mall. After making sure Chihiro is busy with Haqua, he has a private talk with Ayumi that he won't give up on her. Next, he meets up with Chihiro at the music store where he praises a song she wrote. Later, he heads towards the library to meet with Shiori where he finds a story written about them that resembles her conquest with the roles reversed but his character is killed due to the rumors with Kanon.

3FLAG 3.0 The Section Chief Cometh

Elsie is glad to meet her friend Haqua, a genius who was one of the best students in their class and is now the Section Chief of District 32 of the Far East Division. When Elsie ask Haqua how many spirits she has captured, Haqua claims she captured ten and is in disbelief at first when Elsie says she captured five as she always known her as a klutz. But their conversation is interrupted when Elsie's boss, Chief Docrow, reports an evil spirit is on the loose in her area due to a failure of another spirit hunter. Haqua decides to capture this spirit by herself but Keima, after hearing her talk with Elsie and seeing her suspicious attitude, tells Haqua that he knows the spirit hunter who let the spirit loose was Haqua herself as she was chasing it before she meet Elsie and Docrow reported it. While Keima isn't interested on why Haqua is keeping it a secret from Elsie, he offers to help her find the spirit at school in exchange for telling him what the evil spirits are. Haqua explains the spirits are the souls of the Old Demons of Hell who were overthrown and sealed by like-minded Demons who were oppose with the former's wicked ways but managed to escapes to Earth and hide in girls hearts which the spirit hunters are tasked to capture them before they are reincarnated as their host's child. Since the spirit feeds on negative emotions, Keima leads Haqua to the most depressing place in campus, the school theater. Keima decides to leave everything to Haqua but she needs his help and admits to him that she hasn't caught a spirit yet and lied to Elsie to save face. Is then when Elsie reports to her that she has found the spirit in the theater.

3FLAG 3.0 Drive My Car

Keima and Elsie eavesdrop the conversation between Mio and her chauffeur and learn that the Aoyama’s family are no longer rich since her father died and Mio’s mother has been working hard to make ends meet. The chauffeur leaves in disgust after the prideful Mio refuses to stop pretending to be rich. Mio catches Keima snooping around and quickly goes back to her apartment. Since Keima is the only one to know her secret, he can use it to get closer with Mio. The next day, Keima becomes Mio new chauffeur by riding her to school in various elaborate bike carriages made by Elsie’s raiment. On the fifth day, Keima, tired of riding Mio current carriage, almost gets whipped by Mio who smiles but quickly reverts to her cold expression and goes home. Keima now decides the next stage of his plans by bringing her to a ball she was invited.

4Flag. 4.0 Doll Roll Hall

Keima arrives at the library whereupon Shiori allows him to read her story while being watched. Meanwhile, Nora discovers Kanon and demands Haqua an explanation. In the library Keima discovers that Luna, Tsukiyo's doll, is Vulcanus who warns Keima never to approach Tsukiyo again. Attempting to stop Vulcanus from being discovered, he approaches Tsukiyo not realizing she is in fact truly Vulcanus controlling objects. With both Vulcanus and Tsukiyo mad at Keima for cheating on her, he makes Tsukiyo remember the promise he made to her. Succumbing to her pity for his injury, Tsukiyo kisses Keima whereupon she grows wings. Nora explains to Haqua that Vintage have infiltrated the spirit hunters and the search order for the goddesses is a plot to capture them. Reunited, Diana and Vulcanus combined their powers to removes the cursed dagger but Apollo turns Kanon's body into a liquid state as a preservation measure.

4FLAG 4.0 The District Chief Regains Her Honor.

Haqua arrives and tries to capture the spirit which has gotten powerful from feeding the negative emotions of the unconscious students around them but the spirit escapes to the roof by possessing the students to stop Haqua and Elsie. Keima suggests Haqua should team up with Elsie but Haqua refuses, claiming she is more better than her. However, Haqua is in distraught as she has failed to live up to her friends expectations which allows the spirit to possesses her. By the time Keima and Elsie reach the roof, Haqua is under the spirit's control and it uses her and the possessed students to capture them. In order free Haqua from the spirit's control, Keima tells Elsie to calm the negative emotions in Haqua's heart. As Elsie talks to her, Haqua admits to Elsie that she lied to her as she was ashamed and didn't want let her down but Elsie breaks free from the possessed students and hugs Haqua, telling her no matter what, she will always been the greatest demon in her eyes which finally breaks her free from the spirit's control. Now working together, Haqua defends Elsie from the possessed students while the later uses the spirit capturing bottle to capture the spirit which they succeed. With the spirit captured and returned to her, Haqua thanks Keima for his help and for not revealing her lie to Elsie while Keima congratulates Elsie on a good job which she celebrates by buying both Keima and Haqua lunch.

4FLAG 4.0 The Crusade That is Right There, Right Now

Keima attempts to finish and get the heroine, Sora Asuka from the PFP Bishōjo game "Crayon". But the game has many bugs including one that loops a previous scene over and over again. No making things any better is the fact saving the game only crashes it and game company that made it is now bankrupt thus there are no patches to fix the game. In order to avoid the bug loop and finish the game, Keima forcefully enlists a reluctant Elsie to help record the choices that he made in the game. Elsie is at first confused on why Keima takes the game seriously but soon respect his dedication to help the girls in his games just like the girls he helps in real life. After many attempts, Keima finally manages to avoid the loop bug and goes to the next scene but unexpectedly gets into another bug, resolving him to try again much to Elsie's horror. A wikipedia article about "Crayon" reveals a rumor that someone managed to get the ending, hinting Keima was able to finish the game.

5Flag. 5.0 Punch and Date

Keima sends Tsukiyo home warning Vulcanus not to reveal herself while he searches for the other goddesses. Unexpectedly, Yui has come to Keima's home to ask him out. Keima explains to Haqua he must now conquer Yui before Vintage realizes she has a goddess. The next day, Keima crossdress as a girl which gains Yui interest to awaken her past memories while unknowingly being overseen by Shiori. After Keima asks her out for a date, the goddess Mars finally awakens inside of Yui. As the crossdressing couple spend time together on their date at an amusement park, Keima is kidnapped by a Vintage agent. Wishing to save Keima, Yui's love for him finally restores Mars' powers which she defeats the agent who is revealed to be Haqua which was a part of Keima's plan to awaken her powers. Yui proclaims her love for Keima and kisses him, which restore Mars' wings.

5FLAG 5.0 It Always Rains at the End of a Hard Journey

After learning there are still 60,000 spirits to be captured before his contract is finish, Keima goes into a depression, not helping matters when his classmate the cheerful Chihiro Kosaka makes fun of him. Despite telling Elsie he doesn't care what people say about him, he is still affected by Chihiro's words. Suddenly, Elsie detects a spirit and to Keima's horror, it's inside Chihiro. Keima refuses to help her since he's still angry on what she said and the fact she's very average and doesn't have any unique traits that can help him figure her out. However, they watch her confessing to a boy, only to see her get rejected and runaway crying. The next day, Keima, feeling sorry for Chihiro, decides to console her over her rejection but to his anger, Chihiro is back to her old self as she reveals she has been confessing and getting rejected to any boy she fancies many times. Keima scolds Chihiro for playing around with love but she strikes back with his obsession with games and his anti-social attitude which strikes a deep cord within him. Even more depressed, Keima locks himself in his room for days until he does come back to school but refusing to speak with anyone. Worried about him, Ayumi visits Keima who has fainted from not eating.

5FLAG 5.0 Idol Bomb!!

Elsie has become a fan of the popular teen idol, Kanon Nakagawa. However Keima shows no interest in her, explaining the flaws of idols in real life compare to video game idols. Unknown to both of them, Kanon just so happens to be a classmate of theirs and is coming back to school. When Kanon meets Keima on the school rooftop garden, she is shocked and depressed to learn Keima doesn’t know who she is and precedes to taze him repeatedly which at the same time Elsie detects an evil spirit inside Kanon and Keima’s next target. Kanon vows to make Keima acknowledge her and make him her fan by holding a private concert just for him but Keima ignores her and act cold to her. However Keima is purposely ignoring her as he believes it’s a trap as boys should be chasing girls, not the other way around. The next day, Kanon holds another concert for Keima which he ignores her again. Depressed, Kanon suddenly starts to disappear in front of Keima and Elsie.

6Flag. 6.0 About me

Shiori is having trouble finishing her novel for the Mai High Festival due to her conflicting feelings for Keima. She then notices a young girl, who is actually her goddess, and chases after only to meet up with a crossdressing Keima. As she inquires his crossdressing and eat at a Ramen shop, Shiori tells Keima that she wants to make a story of him. Keima explains to Haqua that with Shiori's boosted confidence after their talk, she can now finish writing her novel. But the next day, Shiori is suffering writer's block so Keima decides to stay with her at the library to help her. After several drafts and procrastination by reading books, Keima eventually tells Shiori to write about herself especially when they both lock themselves in the library. Realizing Keima was there and kissed her during that time, Shiori starts writing. The next morning, Keima reads her story about her life at the library which ends with her declaring she loves Keima.

6FLAG 6.0 10% Chance of Rain

Ayumi attempts to lighten Keima's mood after his fight with Chihiro and asks him to makeup with her. After sharing lunch together, Keima learns that all his past girls he helped still have remnants of their feelings for him. Ayumi later tricks both Keima and Chihiro to do cleaning duty together where Keima learns Chihiro is truly sorry for insulting him. By chance, Keima discovers Chihiro's new crush, Yuta. After admitting Keima's claim that she doesn't take love seriously, Chihiro ask Keima to teach her some of his dating sim techniques in order to win over Yuta's heart. The following morning, Elsie indirectly points out that should Keima help Chihiro, he would not have to be directly involved in filling the emptiness in her heart. Overjoyed by this revelation, he gathers information on Yuta which he then formulates into a carefully calculated plan where he helps Chihiro get a notable impression from Yuta. As Keima teaches Chihiro in his final plan to get her to confess to Yuta, Chihiro start to take an interest with Keima.

6FLAG 6.0 I'm Ordinary?

Keima and Elsie realized that Kanon is actually turning invisible because of the spirit inside of her and he manages to stop Kanon from tazing him again by praising her song. As Keima sends Elsie to investigate, they learn Kanon was once a member of the pop idol group Citron before they disbanded and has never played any songs from her old band and Kanon's need for attention was the result of people not noticing her in the past. Keima later receive an email form Kanon and cheers up the depressed Kanon at her TV shoot. Kanon continues sending Keima an obsessive number of emails to visit her whenever she feels depressed. With the relationship going smoothly, Keima agrees to come to Kanon's Christmas Eve concert at Narusawa Seaside Hall. On the day of the concert, Kanon is nowhere to be found and Keima know it's time to go to the final stage of his plan.

7Flag. 7.0 Bad Medicine

Keima gets sick from a cold so Nora's partner Ryo is ordered to watch over him. With two targets left, Keima decides to use his cold to get Ayumi to visit him by calling her while he calls Chihiro not to come so both of them won't visit at the same time. At his home, Ayumi decides to stay to take care of Keima after seeing him sick. Just when things were going according to his plan, Chihiro unexpectedly visits no thanks to Ryo letting her in. With no choice, Keima hides Ayumi under his bed as Chihiro takes care of him while trying to simultaneously raise both girls affection. After Chihiro leaves the bedroom after singing her song for him, Keima tries to explain to an angry Ayumi nothing is going on between him and Chihiro. But Chihiro knocks on the door and confesses to Keima which he feigns ignorance before she leaves. Keima tries to call Chihiro but Ayumi contacts her first where she admits she heard Chihiro's confession and supports her.

7FLAG 7.0 Singing in the Rain

As Keima prepares Chihiro to finally confess to Yuta, Chihiro begins to have second thoughts and realizes she likes Keima and calls off the confession. However Keima is angry that everything he did for her is being thrown away and accuses her for not being serious which Chihiro angrily leaves as it won't matter how serious she get as she'll never be special like others. Keima, after realizing he never consider Chihiro's feelings as he was too focus on the confession, he decides to make amends and capture Chihiro's heart. By the time he finds her on a ship, Chihiro confesses she started liking Keima since they're both similar of being disappointed with the real world. However, he corrects her that despite his dislike with the real world, he never given up on himself so she should she do the same thing. But when Chihiro tries protest that someone as average as her can never be special, Keima kisses her by surprise and tells her as long as she truly wants it, nothing can stop her from becoming special, which forces the spirit out. With the spirit gone, Chihiro becomes more cheerful and confident and tells Elsie they should start a rock band. As for Keima, he starts to question his life after remembering the girls he helped before.

7FLAG 7.0 Shining Star

As Kanon prepares for her concert, she soon gets second thoughts and fears she will mess up and be forgotten again which she turns invisible and leaves the stadium which sends the backstage staff looking for her. As the concert draws near, Keima finally finds Kanon at a nearby building. Keima knows why Kanon fears of being unnoticed but tell hers she shouldn’t seek people’s attention as proof as an idol as her hard work to become one was the proof all along. With his encouragement and her fans cheering for her, Kanon returns to the stadium, thanks Keima and kisses him which causes the spirit in her to leave and finally be captured by Elsie. As she about to go on stage, she learns her former bandmates from Citron, Yuri and Lime, have sent their congratulations to her for making this far and Kanon makes an amazing performance to the crowd. As Keima and Elsie leaves, he tell her his views on idols hasn’t change but views Kanon as a shining star.

8Flag. 8.0 Goddess Mix

While attending a meeting between the section chiefs in New Hell, Haqua questions Dokuro Skull if Vintage have infiltrated the spirit hunters which the latter denies. However, Haqua is arrested by Public Safety which she later learns to her shock from Nora that Vintage have also infiltrated the highers ups and Dokuro Skull was the one who ordered her arrest. Back at Earth, Keima gathers all the awakened goddesses at his house in order to undo the spell casted on Kanon and awaken Apollo. During the ritual, Keima is brought to Apollo's realm. There, Apollo reveals she cannot leave now as she stopping the power of the Weiss from spreading the city but can only do so for three more days. Kanon and Apollo put their faith on him and grow their wings before he returns back home. While Majima High prepares for their upcoming festival, Ayumi becomes a participant of a pageant as Chihiro invites Keima on a date.

8FLAG 8.0 Her First Errand / Tea for Three

Keima learns the rare First Edition of the Dating sim game "Love Tears" will be on sale at another town so he goes there the next morning with Elsie tagging along. After teaching Elsie the history of dating sims and difference between many editions of the same game, Keima tasks Elsie to buy the game while he goes to a game fair. When she finally finds it, she discover three different editions of the Love Tears game but manages to get the correct one due to it's expensive price. Unfortunately, Elsie instead buys the Love Tears anime by mistake which Keima suspected so he bought the game at the game fair just in case.

8FLAG 8.0 Coupling with

This episode features 4 different perspectives happening on the same day. Elsie is angry that Keima called her useless for making his lunch despite "it" having bizarre ingredients that are still alive. After her friend Chihiro advices her on how to impress Keima, Elsie decides to make a strawberry cake for him. Unfortunately, she mistakenly uses ingredients from hell instead of normal ones which causes many accidents including releasing a Mandragon and blowing up the Home economics class. At the same time, Keima irks the english teacher Kodama who dislikes the fact Keima constantly play games in class, yet still manages to get a perfect score on his test. After getting into an argument with Keima over games and real life at PE class, Kodama is chased by the Mandragon. Meanwhile, the Mandragon arrives at the Katsuragi's residence where it drops Elsie's cake. Keima returns home and finds Elsie's cake and eats it out of guilt but get hit on the head with a vase by his mother who mistaken him for a thief due to the Mandragon, which is eaten by the "lunch" Elsie made earlier which then chases after Kodama, forcing him to cancel his meeting with Mrs Katsuragi. Elsie returns home, vowing to make another cake for Keima but he reveals he has tasted her cake and doesn't like sweets much to her chargin.

9Absent Lovers

Chihiro and Keima head to the rooftop to continue their date. As they are about to kiss, Chihiro asks him to be gentle as this is her first time, which leads Keima to realize that Chihiro doesn't have a goddess as she does not remember her first kiss with him.

9FLAG 9.0 Nagase-sensei of Second Year Class B

Jun Nagase is an idealistic and upbeat new student teacher at Majima Academy assigned to her senior's class, Miss Nikaidō, Keima's teacher. Jun is at first bewildered that Keima is playing video games in class and nobody minds about it but after the teachers tell her the problems they have to deal with him, Jun believes Keima is a problem child and wants to help him. She goes to talk to him but gets scared looking into his eyes and leaves. Convinced that Keima is actually lonely, she resolves to help him open up which at the same time a spirit enters her body. When Keima and Elsie learns about Jun's spirit, Keima finds his next target difficult as making of a teacher falling in love in games takes too much time as teachers never fall in love with their students as they only see them as their students only. Thus in order to make Jun fall in love with him, he has to make Jun see him as her equal in a short amount of time. As Keima leaves school to figure out his plan, he is caught by Jun who thinks he's ditching school. After dragging him to have lunch with her and talking about her idol, the late pro wrestler Jumbo Tsuruma, Jun tell Keima to talk about his problems to her. However Keima does not like this unprecedent event since it will take too long for him to capture Jun's heart.

9FLAG 9.0 Inside and Outside the Big Wall

Keima orders Elsie to go to the school library to learn modern human history after learning her knowledge about human history is two centuries out of date. Instead, she becomes fascinated on a book about Firetrucks. When she looks for more books about Firetrucks, she ask one of the librarians, Shiori Shiomiya and detects a spirit inside of her. After bringing Keima to library, the two are amazed that Shiori manage to find 458 books related to Firetrucks. While Keima thinks Shiori used the library index, Shiori, deep in thought, wants to tell him she was able to find them as she remembered all the books she reads in the library but is too shy to speak up. The next day, Shiori arranges the books in the library and explain her love for books. Keima is aware how shy librarian girls like her are easy to figure out as they are a common character in games but unlike games where he can read what the character is thinking, finding out what Shiori thinks might be more harder. As Shiori removes some books to be dispose off and laments to herself about their fate, Keima helps her get one book she can't reach. Shiori tries to think on how to thank him but fumbles in her words while thanking him.


Ayumi is still angry with Keima but is forced to work with him after he becomes the 2-B Class Cafe barista. Keima tries to talk with Ayumi but her anger and Chihiro being there doesn't help. Meanwhile, Lune orders Vintage to target all of Keima's past conquests.

10FLAG 10.0 School☆Wars

Keima has an idea to quickly grow the relationship between him and Jun by making her hate him and turning those feelings into love. But the plan backfires as it only cause Jun to be more concerned about him. After getting him alone in class, Jun tell Keima that she believes he is lonely and plays games as a form of escape but he shoots her down as she has no clue what he is and that she shouldn't judge him by her own standards, which leaves Jun shocked. With no other choice and a change of plans, Keima asks Miss Nikaidō for more information about Jun which she agree in exchange for helping her in her school work. Meanwhile, Jun still affected by Keima words, decides to help his class in their schoolwork after Mr Kodama insult them as failures. But when the students tell her that they don't have the zeal to improve themselves, Jun in anger, inadvertently scolds them and quickly leaves. After finishing his part of the deal, Nikaidō finally reveals to Keima that she and Jun were members of the highschool's girls basketball team before it disbanded over an incident in the past. With this new information, Keima now knows what to do.

10FLAG 10.0 Inside Of Me......

Shiori is embarrassed on what she said and tries to leave but when Keima comments on why books are useless nowadays, with much courage and anger, she verbally calls him stupid before quickly leaving. Keima later reveals to Elsie that he is purposely angering Shiori in order for her to speak up. Shiori laments on the fact that her shyness has prevented her to speak to people normally but decides she doesn’t need to communicate with people and the only things she need is her books. The next day, the Library committee has decided to add a Media room for the library. Shiori tries gives her opinion to the committee but is too shy to speak up. Later, she catches Keima writing in one of the library books which he justifies that he was making corrections and comments how books can’t instantly be corrected, angering Shiori and quietly shouting him an idiot before leaving. The next afternoon, she catches Keima doing it again only to realize he’s scribbling in his own book. In anger and confusion, she starts talking her inner thoughts out without realizing it until Keima points it out. The next day after that, Keima introduces himself to Shiori and talks about the library, now that she is speaking normally to him. With Shiori now speaking up, Keima decide it’s time to capture her heart after finding a Library notice to dispose books for the Media room.

11Show Me

As Ayumi contemplates on what Keima said to her, Keima ask her to meet him at Kozue River. Haqua explains to Chihiro why Keima has to make Ayumi fall in love with him as he tries to make her like him again. However, their date is constantly interrupted by Vintage which Chihiro suggests she, Keima and Ayumi stay at Miyako's home.

11FLAG 11.0 Always The Sun in My Heart

Still upset over what happened at class, Jun goes to watch a pro wrestling match only to find Keima sitting at her seat thanks to Elsie making a copy of her ticket. As she is forced to sit with him to watch the match, Jun wonders why the class won't let her help them, which Keima then asks her why the girls basketball team disbanded when she was captain and correctly concludes that it was her idealism that forced the other members to quit and despite claiming she was trying to help the team for them, she was actually helping them for herself which Jun leaves the match in anger. Despite this, Keima concludes it's time to capture her heart. Later, Jun tells the class she has entered them for a marathon hoping to help them bond, but instead they refuse, feeling that she's trying too hard on them, which leaves Jun disappointed and tells the class how selfish they are before running away. As the class bad mouths Jun, Keima unexpectedly calls out on their behavior and disappearing before they confront him. As Jun arrives at the old girls basketball team locker room, Keima confronts her, telling her despite claiming to have changed in order to teach her idealism to others, she still hasn't changed at all. As she runs away into the school gym crying and wondering why people won't let them help her, Keima consoles and tells her to not give up and try harder as it will finally make them accept her idealism. Just then, the whole class arrive in the gym to apologize to Jun much to her joy. Unknown to Jun, Keima knew what was going to happen so he planned with Elsie to have the class to start hating him after Jun left and made them worry about her after she was gone. As Jun's time as a student teacher comes to an end, Keima sees her off and asks her to come back which she promises to become a better teacher and kisses him, finally expelling the spirit inside of her.

11FLAG 11.0 The Last Day

Shiori locks herself and barricades the library to prevent the Library committee from disposing the library books for the Media room. As the committee tries to get inside, Shiori fall asleep and dreams how her love for books began until she is awoken by Keima who manages to enter the Library via a hole at the rooftop made by Elsie. Keima has come to support Shiori in her protest and stays close to her. The Library committee cuts the power to the library, surprising Shiori and causing the books around them to fall over them. As she hugs Keima, Shiori tells him only he understand her love for books and reasons for protecting them. However, Keima calls her liar and tells her she didn't barricade herself to protect her books but herself to the world. Keima knows she always wanted to talk to people but her fears of being misunderstood prevented that which is why she reads books as an escape from the real world. Troubled with this revelation, Shiori feels unsure on what to do until Keima drags her out of the rumble of books, tells her he'll be her support and kisses her, which releases the spirit. As the Library committee finally enters the library, Shiori finally speaks up for herself explain her reasons which the committee agrees to have a meeting about the dispose books. In the epilogue, Shiori feels like she has forgotten someone who was with her during her protest so she writes a story on what she remembers.

12The Memory of My First Love

As they head to Ayumi's location, Chihiro tells Keima he should tell the truth to Ayumi as unknown to Keima, she already told Ayumi that he was trying to win her heart for something important. At the harbor, Keima tell Ayumi he will honestly tell the truth if she ask anything before continuing their wedding.

12FLAG 12.0 Summer Wars

While playing his recently bought dating sim games, Keima plays one called "One Leaf". At first, he assumes it's a terrible game due to it's horrible character design but quickly falls in love with it's heroine, Yotsuba Sugimoto, aka "Yokkyun", as she is his ideal game heroine. Keima enjoys the game so much, that he decides to play it at a slow pace, ignoring everyone throughout the whole day much to Elsie's chargin and Haqua's confusion. Later that night, Keima receives an email from the game studio that created "One Leaf", who asks Keima to help them create the perfect dating sim game under his direction. As Keima think of ideas for the game, his inner minds soon starts arguing over what is the ideal and perfect dating sim which leads to an intergalatic war. But the war finally stops when all of them remember about Yokkyun and what is important that makes the perfect dating sim game. Finally making a decision, Keima decides to tell the studio to just make a good game. As the season finale come to an end, including a preview of the new cast of heroines for Keima in the next season, Keima ends the episode saying he used to think games were the ideal world and real life was just a bad game. But after learning that a perfect world can be found in a bad game, then he can also find it in real life as well.

12FLAG 12.0 More Than a God, Less Than A Human

Due to helping Elsie capturing spirits, Keima has gather a large backlog of new games he hasn't played. So on Sunday, he plans to finish all the games in his room by playing 6 games at the same time by going into "God of Conquest Mode" which enables him to play multiple games at the same time with impressive speed, while still managing to logically make the right choices and enjoy each game individually but suffers from Burnout later. Elsie finds this impressive yet bewilder and leaves him alone. Realizing he cannot finish all of his game at this pace, Keima decides to up the ante by playing 24 games at once while in "God of Conquest Mode". Keima finally manages to finish all of his backlog games except one as he is too tired to continue but he soon start hallucinating where all of the game girls he captured encourage him not to give up. Rejuvenated, he finally finishes the last game and "follow" his game girls into the game world where they all sing and dance together. The episode ends with an announcement for the second season of the anime and a new character introduced.