Kandagawa Jet Girls (2019)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Action & Adventure



Duplas de garotas competindo em uma espécie de corrida de Jet Ski, com um toque de sensualidade.


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1The Kandagawa is Calling

The Kandagawa is calling - and Rin is determined to answer. Will a chance meeting with the cool and aloof Misa Aoi draw her down the path of destiny?

2The Ace's Pride

The race is on, and Kaguya and Kuromaru are giving Rin and Misa a run for their money! Who will be the victor in this match to decide supremacy over the Kandagawa?

3Country Comes to Town

After all their hard work recruiting for the Jet Racing Club, Misa and Rin deserve a break! But their R&R sours when they stumble upon two rather eccentric Jet Racers…

4My Favorite

It's just a routine Jet Race to see who'll walk away with that rare yellow dolphin keychain... right? Wait, Misa and Rin's opponents are WHO?! Uh oh…

5Pop Idol Racers

Rin and Misa are on the hunt for a new core unit for their training machine - and Misa is after Rin's phone number, provided she can work up the courage to ask her for it.

6What They Lack

Twins Ziyu and Dina have been making waves as idols and Jet Racers! Can Rin and Misa hope to compete against their opponents' nimble machinery and synchronized technique?

7Why They Race

A mysterious cryptid lurks beneath the waters of the Kandagawa. Who will discover the true nature of the beast!? Well, it won't be Rin, because she has a test to study for...

8The Great Nyu-Nyu

Yuzu and Manatsu claim that the elusive beast lives in the shadowy diversion channels beneath the Kandagawa, but Nyu-Nyu is not the only creature lurking in those dark depths.

9The 180 Jetter

The Kandagawa Cup prelims have arrived, and the Kandagawa Jet Girls are ready to race - but Rin and Misa's first opponent seems to have a lot on her mind besides Jet Racing...

10Catch a Summer Gig

Ruca-chan is in dire need of an upgraded power unit, but power units are incredibly expensive. Luckily Rin thinks she knows how they can earn the money to buy one.

11Rin Goes Home

To achieve victory in the Kandagawa Cup, Rin will need to forge her own path - and just when she needs to hear it, advice from her mother springs from an unexpected source.

12Our Jet Race

Win or lose, Rin and Misa now race as one. Will their teamwork hold in the most important Jet Race of their lives and against the ultimate enemy, Kaguya Shijyuin?