Kanojo mo Kanojo (2021)

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Depois de abrigar um amor não correspondido por anos, Naoya Mukai finalmente consegue namorar sua amiga de infância, Saki Saki. No entanto, no momento em que tenta se comprometer com esse relacionamento, recebe uma confissão abrupta de Nagisa Minase. No início, Naoya tenta rejeitá-la, mas logo é dominada por sentimentos de não querer machucar Nagisa. Tentando evitar trair a confiança da namorada nele, Naoya pensa em uma "solução" para deixar as duas felizes - dois tempos. Naturalmente, Saki rejeita essa ideia, mas por meio da persistência de Naoya e Nagisa, ela relutantemente se submete. Com isso, começa um caso a três entre Naoya, sua namorada e sua "outra" namorada, à medida que desenvolvem um relacionamento que foge da norma social.


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1Even If That Isn't the Right Way

Naoya Mukai is in a relationship with Saki Saki, but another girl, Nagisa Mizuse, asks him out. He makes the unthinkable decision of asking them if they would be up for both dating him at the same time.

2How Nagisa Feels

Naoya, Saki and Nagisa are now living together. Keen to learn more about Saki and Naoya, Nagisa gets into her phone and looks through her browser history.

3A Place for Three

Naoya, Saki and Nagisa search all around school for a place where they can eat lunch in peace, without anyone finding out that they are in a relationship.

4Girlfriend and Girlfriend

Saki returns to Naoya’s place and plays some games with Nagisa, who is utterly horrible at it. They notice that a gaming MeTuber seems to have the same uniform that they do.

5A Third One!?

Rika, who’s outed as a popular MeTuber, insists on dating Naoya. When he rejects her, she decides to try to live at his home along with the other two.

6Tsun Is Dere

Rika starts her not-so-laid-back solo camping life in Naoya’s yard. Naoya and his girlfriends decide that enough is enough, and try to have her camping gear taken away.

7The Girlfriends' Challenge

Saki realizes Rika is serious about Naoya, and begins frantically looking for ways to keep her from joining their relationship.

8Obviously in Love

Rika comes to hang out in Naoya and Saki’s classroom, causing sparks to fly between her and Saki.

9The Tsun's Dere Gets Outed

Saki tells Naoya that Rika’s apparent crush on him is only the result of her being in heat. She insists that this is a real thing, and Naoya buys it.

10Can't Wait for the Hot Springs

As a way to clear the air after Rika kisses Naoya, he, Saki and Nagisa decide to go on vacation at a hot spring.

11Hot Spring Tropes

Nagisa spends her time on vacation with Rika to try to keep Shino from finding out that dating both her and Saki.

12Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Nagisa had insisted on supporting Saki on the hot spring vacation, but when Saki confronts her about it, she begins to speak her mind.