Karin (2005)

25mAnimação, Comédia

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* Baseado no mangá shounen com o mesmo nome de Kagesaki Yuna, serializado em Monthly Dragon Age.


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1Overflowing is Embarrassing

Karin is almost having a regular day at school, but then a new transfer student comes to her school. When Karin finds her new victim and injects her blood into her victim's body, and Kenta sees the whole thing! The next day at school, Karin and Kenta talk, Kenta possibly finds out her secret and Karin has a huge nosebleed...

2My Preference is Embarrassing

Karin learns that she has a "normal" vampire's trait. She has a preference in blood.

3Happiness is Embarrassing

Karin tries to figure out what happiness is.

4Being Exposed is Embarrassing

Karin decides that she needs to keep Usui happy, so she can maintain apathy for blood. She thinks the best way to do this is make him lunches.

5My Whole Family is Embarrassing

Usui discovers that Karin is a vampire. What will her family do about it?

6An Energetic Mother is Embarrassing

Usui works every day at the restaurant to the point of exhaustion, making him really unhappy. With Karin's "taste" being unhappiness it makes it impossible for Karin to be around him without overflowing.