Karneval (2013)




Nai procura por alguém importante para ele, com apenas um velho bracelete como pista. Gareki rouba e bate-carteiras para sobreviver. Os dois se conhecem em uma mansão aonde logo se tornam criminosos procurados por agências de segurança militar. Quando Nai e Gareki estão sem esperança alguma, eles se deparam com a agência de segurança número um no país: “Circus”! A partir desse momento começa uma aventura cheia de ação e com bons momentos de diversão também.


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1Opus 1: Rainbow Colored Flower Fuse

With Yotaka gone, Gareki and Tsubame are left to pick up the pieces and make sense of what has happened.

2Opus 2: Fortune Cat

Now that Nai knows Karoku's bracelet has something to do with Circus, he goes in search of answers, but he finds that his earlier brush with trouble is far from over.

3Opus 3: Illusory Picnic

While under Circus's protection, a curious fact comes to light regarding Nai's true identity. With that clue in hand, Nai, Gareki, and several members of Circus pay a visit to where they believe Nai came from.

4Opus 4: Evening Swallow

After their trip to Rainbow Forest, Gareki asks to drop by Karasuna, where they run into an old acquaintance of his. From this enounter, Nai and Yogi learn more about Gareki's past.

5Opus 5: Clown's Prescription

Yotaka has become a Varuga. Meanwhile Gareki feels very conflicted about his past with Yotaka and Tsubame.

6Opus 6: Wing of Sunrise

With Yotaka gone, Gareki and Tsubame are left to pick up the pieces and make sense of what has happened.

7Opus 7: Three Knights And

Team Two is helping Team One put on their Circus parade and show, and Yogi gets Nai and Gareki to join the parade in an effort to cheer up Gareki. But a malfunctioning Team One rabbit throws a wrench into their festivities.

8Opus 8: Silver Box

Yogi and Tsukumo are sent on a mission to Rinole, the City of Ice, to follow-up an investigation started by Team One. Nai and Gareki are sent along with them, and the four of them find more than they bargained for.

9Opus 9: Blue Rose

Yogi going berserk sends the bad guys running, but when Nai senses that something is wrong with him, Tsukumo turns back alone, only to run into trouble herself.

10Opus 10: Beastmaster's Tears

With Yogi and Tsukumo out of commission, Nai and Gareki are put into the care of Airship One. Meanwhile Gareki learns more about special powers.

11Opus 11: Ice-Cream Parade

Hirato and Tsukumo take a meeting with the CEO of the Lindain Group in Vantnum while the rest of the gang gets the day off. The CEO has disturbing news, but a boy they run into in the city has even more intriguing information.

12Opus 12: The Rainbow Promise

Nai is determined to go to the Kafka facility to rescue Karoku. Soon the Circus decides to use this as an excuse to raid the facility.

13Opus 13: Karneval

As Nai and Gareki make their way towards the mysterious rainbow to see if Karoku is there, the rest of Circus work to wrap up what they can of the raid on the Kafka facility.