Kindred: Segredos e Raízes (2022)


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Quando Dana, uma jovem negra e aspirante a escritora, começa a se estabelecer em sua nova casa, ela se vê viajando entre o passado e o presente, surgindo em uma plantação do século XIX e confrontando segredos que ela nunca soube que corriam em seu sangue.


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Dana comes to town expecting a warm welcome from family, but she’s met with the opposite. Some comfort arrives in the form of a new friend.


A nosy neighbor puts the wrong kind of spotlight on Dana before a nasty fall triggers a trip back to the past. Kevin gains firsthand experience of Dana’s troubles as the pair are forced to play uncomfortable roles in order to stay out of harm’s way.


Dana and Olivia search for the answer to what keeps bringing Dana back to the past. Kevin acts the gracious party goer at the behest of his hosts.

4The Waiter from Two Nights Ago

Back in Los Angeles, Dana and Kevin prepare to return to the past but have to deal with the familial fallout of their travels.


Dana and Kevin find themselves back on the farm. A confrontation with Olivia makes Dana reevaluate her purpose. Kevin must find a way to explain his mysterious return to the Weylin family.


The enslaved population faces unforeseen consequences from Dana’s well-meaning actions. Margaret’s search for Rufus’s future wife finds Kevin drawn deeper into the family drama.


Tom takes Kevin and Rufus on a trip to town. Without Kevin’s protection on the plantation, Dana struggles with a vengeful Margaret.


Dana finds herself in a dire situation. Kevin chases a runaway slave. Tom seeks to restate order on his plantation.