King Raid: Ishi wo Tsugumono-tachi (2020)

24mAnimação, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Fazem 100 anos que King Kayle enterrou Ang Mundo. Agora, em uma época de paz, o aprendiz de cavaleiro Kasel vive sua vida sem preocupações. Seu destino começa a mudar quando demônios começam a infestar sua vizinhança. Guiado por um sábio, Kasel encontra alguns amigos com quem pode contar e saí em uma missão para procurar a espada sagrada, pois ela será de grande ajuda para derrotar os demônios.


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1The Demons that Lurk in the Moonlight

Kasel, an apprentice knight, spends his days being trained by his best friend, Clause. One day, Demon sightings are reported near the town, and Clause is sent to investigate.

2The Truth, Revealed

Kasel and Frey reach the King's Forest, and find the corpses of the scouting party that came before them. However, they are unable to find Clause, and are attacked by Demons.

3What the Predecessors Left Behind

Dominix explains to Kasel and Frey what really happened 100 years ago, when King Kyle fought and seemingly defeated the Dark Lord Angmund. With Demonic activity on the rise, Dominix believes it is time for Kasel to go on a journey of his own.

4The Forest and the Elves

Kasel and his companions reach the Forest of Elidora, and is greeted by Selene, an elf. She agrees to lead them to their destination, but neither she nor the rest of the forest hide their resentment towards humans.

5The Power of the Holy Sword

With the Demon threat vanquished, Kasel meets Lorraine, the Great Sage of the Forest of Elidora. He asks her to unseal the Holy Sword for him, but to his surprise, she declines.

6Maven of Fire

The party arrives at a new town, where they decide to spend the night. They meet Madam Volf, an old restaurant owner with a past.

7The Target of Hatred

Riheet and the Black Edge continue to score victories against the rising Demonic threat. The princess of Orvelia, Scarlet, notices their achievements and welcomes their help. However, not all of the nobles feel the same way.

8Memories in the Eyes

The party stops by a small village to resupply. There, they meet a group of refugees who lost their homes to a Demon attack. Among them is Elise, who has a look in her eyes that strongly reminds Frey of someone else in the past.

9Scars of the Dead

On their way to Ogria Mountain, Kasel and his companions find a town that was recently attacked by Demons. There is only one survivor, who seems to have a secret of some kind.

10Individual Motives

The Black Edge are now heroes of Orvelia. After every sortie, the townsfolk greet them warmly. Even though the battle and Riheet's plans still have a long way to go before completion, Tamm's motivations are diverted by a personal interest.

11Orcish Pride

Kasel and his friends arrive at the Red Valley, home to the Orcs. Kasel must meet the Orc chief to unseal the Holy Sword, but the Orcs are not particularly fond of humans.

12The Time for Trial

Kasel enters the Orcs' Holy Shrine to receive his test and prove that he is the true heir to the Holy Sword. It is a test of the heart, mind, and will.

13To My Dear Friend

[RECAP] Kasel loses control of his power, and falls unconscious. While taking care of him, Frey writes a letter to Clause, recalling the events of their journey so far.

14The Entrance to the Abyss

Scarlet, as supreme commander, decides to send the knights of Orvelia to investigate the Galluah Plains, where the Dark Lord appeared 100 years ago. She will lead the expedition herself, and the Black Edge will serve as the vanguard.

15Battle in the Badlands

Malduk appears before the Black Edge, and unleashes a torrent of cruel, relentless attacks. Meanwhile, Kasel, who fell unconscious after his rampage, finally wakes up.

16The Mercenary with Wings of Freedom

Though Kasel is still worried about how he lost control during combat, the group continue their voyage to unseal the Holy Sword. On their way to their next destination, they meet Reina, a mercenary.

17Scars of Loss

The Black Edge are wiped out by Malduk, and only Riheet survives. Rescued by Scarlett, Riheet is taken to a nearby village to recover.

18A Night of Reminiscing

Kasel, Roi, Frey and Cleo are nearing the Windland Snow Mountains. They are attacked by another undead. This encounter brings back memories of the past for Roi, which he shares with Kasel.

19Secret Determination

Even in the outskirts, intermittent Demon attacks plague Kasel and his companions. As they enter the Windland Snow Mountains, they also face difficult weather. Time is running out, but they are forced to rest when Frey falls unconscious.

20The Solitary Sorcerer

Kasel and his companions finally reach the icy cave that is the home of Pavel, who holds the final key to unsealing the Holy Sword. However, without uttering a word, Pavel isolates Kasel with a magic wall and begins attacking him.

21Illya`s Truth

Scarlet and Riheet travel to the Tower of the Sage to meet Dominix. There, Riheet uncovers the true story of Illya, who he previously believed was the cause of all of the persecution he and other Dark Elves received.

22To the World Tree

Through his meeting with Pavel, Kasel reinforces his convictions to push forward with his journey. However, he is forced to use his powers to fend off a surprise attack from Demons, allowing Malduk to find him.

23Maria's Rain of Tears

Kasel and his friends survive their encounter with the Dark Lord, thanks to Maria. She reveals her true identity, and tells Kasel and the others what really happened in the battle between King Kyle and Angmund, the Dark Lord.

24Those Who Stand Firm

[RECAP] The goal is now clear - Kasel must travel to the World Tree, and retrieve the now unsealed Holy Sword. Princess Scarlet and Riheet, guided by Dominix, also decide to join.

25Blade of Vengeance, Blooms in Darkness

Scarlet and Riheet arrive at the World Tree before the others do. They search the area for the Holy Sword. The others - including the Dark Lord Angmund and the evil sorcerer Malduk - are close as well.

26The Battle of the World Tree

The Dark Lord Angmund arrives, taking the Holy Sword from Riheet. However, Kasel and the others arrive as well. The final battle to determine the fate of the world begins.