Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series (2017)

25mAnimação, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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O anime acompanha Kino, um jovem aventureiro e sua moto falante chamada Hermes. Eles conhecem as pessoas e culturas de diferentes lugares ao longo de suas aventuras, passando apenas três dias em cada local.


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1O País Para Se Matar Pessoas

Kino and Hermes meet a young man on their travels. He planned to move to the country that lay up ahead, but according to him, murder isn't prohibited by law there, and a vicious criminal has escaped to that land.


Kino arrived at a country where Kino has wanted to visit. Kino heard that there is a wonderful country, but everything has changed by the present king. He forces travelers to struggle for life or death battle to make a show.

3Bothersome Country

When Kino take a short rest, the ground is moving, and then huge castle wall appears. Kino and Hermes are astonished to see "Moving country" for the first time.

4Ship Country

Shizu and Riku board an ultra large ship called "Ship Country" that trades with other continents. Shizu and Riku get to know a girl named Ti who is a guide chosen by the leader.

5Country of Liars

Kino and Hermes encounter a man waiting for his lover to return and a woman who takes care of him in a country.

6In the Clouds

A family of peddler makes camp for the night at an open space in high mountains. There is a girl as a slave who works silently with them.

7Historic Country

Kino heard that there is a large and magnificent clocktower in the country where they are going next, then Kino was remained of a story of her master's past.

8Country of Radio Waves

Shizu, Riku and Ti get to a country where is stable in politics and economy, people are very kind and accepting immigrants. However, they come to know the country has a long-standing problem.

9Various Countries

This is a collection of short stories with author's note.

10Kind Country

A beautiful country has a bad reputation that stir up Kino's interest. When Kino and Hermes get to the country surrounded some mountains, they get a warm welcome from the citizens unexpectedly.

11Country of Adults

A girl spends the last week before her 12th birthday when she comes of age in her country. She gets acquainted with a male traveler named Kino. She hears that he takes a journey as he like.

12Fields of Sheep

Kino and Hermes encounter a ferocious flock of sheep at a vast plain when Kino is riding her motorcycle Hermes unhurriedly.