Kono Healer, Mendokusai (2022)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A história acompanha dois aventureiro, uma elfa negra que investiu muito em sua habilidade de insultar pessoas e se tornou um verdadeiro pé no saco e um cavaleiro sem esperança que tem que suportá-la.


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1In this world where monsters are rampant...

A knight and a foul-mouthed healer meet and are going to have a hard time together!

2Forced to travel with Carla, a healer...

...Alvin resumes his original quest to gather antidote herbs, but on the way he ends up getting attacked in a graveyard by ghosts which they manage to escape unexpectedly, but then he falls into a trap set by goblins and basically the first half of the episode is filled with great suffering but Carla's curse is still in effect so he can't get away from her and there's even more suffering in store nevertheless and anyway these titles are really long and kind of serve double-duty as next episode previews and we're pretty curious about how many people actually listen to the whole thing and that's the deal with episode 2.

3Despite the terrible time he's been having...

While trying to demonstrate their skills, Alvin and Carla encounter a delicious and dangerous enemy.

4The first dungeon Alvin tackles with Carla is designed for...

Just when Alvin and Carla are about to face their first dungeon experience, it turns out to be pure beginner's fun and so even Alvin is convinced that he can master it in no time.

5The owner of the inn they visit seems very nice, but...

After leaving the dungeon, Alvin and Carla go to rest at an inn, but the healer doesn't seem to like the establishment or the attendant very much. Then they meet a somewhat suspicious old lady.

6As usual, Alvin and Carla have to overcome a series of crises...

Rejuvenated, the witch gives Alvin and Carla the herbs they need. The two leave for the guild and obviously have another problem.

7This show is fairly unique in that Carla is the only recurring female character...

Alvin and Carla decide to help a zombie get his revenge by confronting a powerful necromancer.

8Thanks to Altargaia (reminder: this is the mushroom's name)...

Released from prison, Alvin reunites with Carla, who has decided to help Maria summon a particular soul.


Alvin and Carla meet in the forest the Medusa and Dryad. What are they planning to do with them?


Alvin and Carla visit the adventurers' guild and meet an old companion of Alvin's there, who isn't particularly fond of our party...


Alvin once again finds himself in an awkward position from which he cannot free himself. Can Carla help him this time, or is she just making it worse?


With a fresh assignment, Alvin and Carla head to the evil henchmen's hideout to put an end to it once and for all. But as always, things don't go as planned...