Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! (2012)

25mDrama, Animação, Comédia

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Kono naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! ou KonaImo vai contar a história de dois irmãos separados no nascimento que tem a chance de se encontrar no ensino médio. Clichê? Talvez, se não fosse o fato de que a pedido do seu pai, Shougo se transfere para a escola que sua irmã menor estuda, mas não sabe quem ela é pois ela quer reatar os laços de amizade entre os dois sem que ele saiba antes de se apresentar como sua irmã mais nova. O problema é que em uma escola cheia de garotas, Shougo acaba se tornando bem popular, e agora ele pretende descobrir quem é sua irmã mais nova e ao mesmo tempo arranjar uma namorada. Como fazer para conseguir os dois sem fazer sua irmã virar “estatística”?


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1The Voice of My Unfamiliar Little Sister

During his father’s funeral, Shogo hears a voice outside his window claiming to be his little sister, before he has a chance to learn more, he is told the conditions of his inheritance.

2My Sister and the Moonlit Dance

After the mysterious phone call the person claiming to be his sister, Shogo school life gets more hectic with the arrival of a new transfer student.

3My Sister's Seduction

The question of Shogo's sexual preference is causing Miyabi and Rinka to go overboard on showing the appeals of a woman.

4My Sister's Hero Is Her Onii-sama!

Shogo has ruined his relationship with Miyabi; after letting Konoe know about his secret, a new problem has arisen.

5My Little Sister Won't Let Me Sleep

He thought it was over but his little sister keeps calling. Shogo discovers someone else has the same prototype phone as Konoe.

6My Neko-mimi Maid Sisters

Lyrical Sisters is on the verge of shutting down, Shogo puts together and executes a plan worthy of the Mikadono name.

7My Little Sister Is Disciplined and Beautiful!

Using the school broadcast system, Shogo’s “sister”, has requested he stops looking for her or she will reveal damaging secrets.

8My Sister Resisted

Kunitachi might be the Shogo’s sister but he can’t get close to her. Ikusu suggest that Shogo and Kunitachi spend time outside the school to have her drop her guard.

9Surprise Attack! Little Sister Warning!

Shogo is getting a new neighbor and an unexpected surprise.

10My Blooming Sisters

When all of Shogo’s potential wives are invited to the same party, things do not go as planned. Especially when he finds a trusted member is planning to overthrow his inheritance of the company

11My Sister's Trap

With all the lies, conflicting stories, and people trying to ruin his inheritance, Shogo is breaking down. To add to his worries, Kannagi is making outrageous demands.

12My Sister Was Always Beside Me

With the help of Ikusu, Shogo has finally put the clues together on who his real sister is.