Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? (2011)

25mAnimação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A história centraliza-se em um estudante chamado Ayumu Aikawa que foi assassinado por um serial killer. Pouco antes dele morrer ele conhece uma garota chamada Eucliwood Hellscythe. Como Yuu, é uma necromancer, ela consegue revivê-lo como um zumbi. Ele então continua “vivendo” para procurar seu assassino e conseguir se vingar. Mas após um mês, ele encontra uma Masou Shoujo chamada Haruna e, sem querer, leva seus poderes mágicos, sendo forçado a se tornar um Mahou Shoujo e lutar contra monstros chamados “Megalo”. Com o tempo uma ninja vampira chamada Seraphim aparece em sua casa, para pedir a ajuda da Yuu em assuntos relacionados a sua vila ninja. Mas ela recusa-se, e após um série de acontecimentos, Seraphim acaba ficando na casa dele. Agora Ayumu que é um Zumbi, tem a companhia de uma Masou Shoujo, de uma Necromancer e de uma Vampira Ninja.


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1Yes, I'm Now Making a Magical Transformation Again!

Ayumu finds himself wearied by the stress of everyday life, and happens upon a drinking partner with whom he is able to share his concerns. Meanwhile, Haruna's increased appetite has her thinking she has recovered her Magical Garment Girl abilities.

1Yes, I’m a Magical Garment Girl

Ayumu is a boy with a problem. He’s dead. Well, actually he’s a zombie, and he’s about to be chopped in half by a magical girl in pink dress with a matching chainsaw. Some guys just can’t catch a break.

2Aah, Farewall to Me

With Mystletainn unable to erase anyone's memories, they still remember the events of the day before, thrusting unwelcome attention upon Ayumu. Tomonori invites Ayumu to go up into the mountains, to get away from the commotion and do some stargazing.

2No, It’s a Vampire Ninja

Dinner time is rudely interrupted by a mysterious female with an insatiable hunger for miso soup. Apparently, there is a war raging in the village of ninjas, and the curvy newcomer could use Eu’s help.

3Yo! That's Some Friendly You-nity!

Haruna and Eu perform a delicate operation on Mysteltainn to try to repair the damage done to him. Ayumu gets advice on how to deal with Orito. Tomonori takes a crash course in dancing in order to be a backup dancer for Sarasvati at her upcoming concert.

3Yes, Hair in Pigtails

While Ayumu goes bowling with a friend from school, his three lovely roommates spend the afternoon playing twister and fighting over the last package of pudding.

4No, Get Lost, Good Sir

Thinking he is doing him a favor, Orito invites Ayumu out to a restaurant run by the vampire ninjas, which offers a full course of unsociable service. Afterward, the two of them engage the ninjas in a mood-changing contest, to win the cost of their meal.

4Whoa, Am I Glowing?

When a talking Doberman shows up at the front door instead of the pizza man, Ayumu learns the tragic secret behind Eu’s powers. Oh yeah, there’s also a whale of a demon that needs to be put down!

5Yes, It Goes Around Every Year

Sera and the other vampire ninjas are called back to their village, leaving Haruna in charge of the house. Eucliwood comes down with a fever, and Ayumu goes to great lengths to look after her, but ends up having to call in outside, underworlder help.

5Yeah, That’s Kyoto Tofu

Ayumu’s romantic rendezvous takes a deadly turn when his dream girl turns out to be a demonic serial killer. It’s a good thing zombie boy travels with a vampire ninja and an armor-clad necromancer. Let’s get ready to rumble!

6No Way, We Were Winning!

The Head Teacher calls Ayumu with news that Mystletainn will be returning shortly. Souyu High School holds its culture festival, and Haruna helps Ayumu's class prepare for their activities. Ayumu admits to a sense of fulfillment in his high school life.

6Yes, I Summon Death

Eu, the most powerful necromancer in existence, slips into a pretty pink dress and picks up the most darling little chainsaw as she prepares to go all magical girl on a pesky demon with a plethora of lives!

7Mm-hmm, Teacher is the Greatest!

Having absorbed Eu's magic power, Haruna now suffers from the same side-effects that prevented Eu from speaking. The culture festival enters its second day. Tomonori has her control ring taken from her by the teacher, leading to an unforeseen outcome.

7Hey, Which Middle School Are You At?

Ayumu’s exams are interrupted by a rampaging demon-horse and the arrival of a killer-soup wielding vampire ninja! If the poor boy can survive his latest adventure, he may find a mate for life!

8Whoo, a Mixer with Kyoko!

Kyoko returns, offering to reveal Chris's weakness, but only if Ayumu will keep her sufficiently entertained. She wants him to throw her a big blind-date party, with lots of people. Will getting all of the arrangements made be too much for Ayumu?

8Heh, I’m a Schoolyard Wife

Yuki must learn to like her new husband, Haruna can’t decide whether she wants to kiss — or kill — Ayumu, and the Necromancer disappears while no one is looking.

9Ah, My Darling is a Ne'er-do-well

In order to defeat Chris and get Haruna's magical power back, Ayumu meets with Nene, the mightiest of underworlders. In exchange for her help, Ayumu and the others help her illustrate her comic. Meanwhile, Saras gets ready to put on another concert.

9Yes, When I Strip Down, You’ll be Amazed

A mysterious madman from Eu’s past terrorizes her new friends. Will the necromancer give in to his demands, or will she stubbornly watch Ayumu and the others meet their untimely ends?

10Still, That's Okay

Head Teacher Ariel proposes a test to Ayumu, to see if he is ready to take on Chris. At stake are Ayumu's memories, which will be erased if he fails the test. Haruna decides to help Ayumu pass the test, but will her help end up doing more harm than good?

10No, That Will Explode

Ayumu, Haruna, and Sera desperately search for Eu, but an evil zombie from the necromancer’s past is willing to kill to keep her by his undead side.

11Yeah, You Stay With Me!

In the wake of Eu’s abduction, Ayumu finds himself trapped in a bizarre nightmare, and only Haruna has the power wake him. Meanwhile, Sera and her fellow vampires attempt to close the gates of the underworld once and for all.

12Yes, There’s Still More

The fighting is all finished, but the action is just beginning to heat up! Haruna wins a special trip to the pool, and we all know what that means: swimsuits!