Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear (2020)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



Yuna, de quinze anos, prefere ficar em casa e jogar obsessivamente seu VRMMO favorito a fazer qualquer outra coisa, incluindo ir para a escola. Quando uma nova atualização estranha dá a ela uma roupa de urso única que vem com habilidades dominantes, Yuna fica dividida: a roupa é insuportavelmente fofa, mas muito embaraçosa para usar no jogo. Mas então ela de repente se vê transportada para o mundo do jogo, enfrentando monstros e magia de verdade, e a roupa de urso se torna a melhor arma que ela tem!


  • Backdrops 5
  • Posters 5


5Bear, Raises a Bird (?)

While Yuna explores the town for ingredients, she stops by a food stall she regularly visits. There, she sees a group of children from the town orphanage. On a whim, she buys them some food. During her visit, she realizes how dire their situation is.

7Bear, Goes to Royal Capital

Yuna takes Noir and Fina to the royal capital. On the way, they meet Misa-na and her grandfather. The king's birthday celebration will start soon and the capital is bustling with life. And now, Yuna meets the rest of Noir's family.

8Bear, Lays to Waste

Since the girls have some private errand they have to do, Yuna goes with Lady Ellalaura to explore the castle. A dark shadow is cast upon everyone's fun when a man named Gulzam makes his appearance. Yuna goes to pick up Cliff for the worried Noir.

9Bear, Opens Shop

Now that the birthday celebration has wrapped up, Yuna and Fina decide to head back to Crimonia. They go on one last outing and come across the bakery they had visited when they first explored the royal capital. Unfortunately, they find it closing down.

10Bear, Goes to Sea

Yuna is very disappointed. She had a great time visiting the royal capital, but she was unable to find any seafood. However, Yuna realizes if she can't find seafood, she just needs to go to the source! She immediately bolts out toward the sea.

11Bear, Fights Squid (?)

Yuna single-handedly takes care of the thieves blocking the land route for trade from Millela at the expense of her sleep. Drowsy, she follows along as Atla ties up all the loose ends. Exhausted as she is, Yuna begins to think about the kraken problem.

12Miss Bear and Fina

Yuna is busy as an intermediary between Crimonia and Millela. At the same time, various people ask to see her or spend time with her. In the middle of Yuna's hustling and bustling, Fina is left alone with feelings that she can't convey...