Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi (2022)

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O clã Akane viveu por muitas gerações sendo formado apenas por jovens garotas e um código de conduta simples: homens são perigosos e por isso é proibido se relacionar com eles.


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1Men Are Dangerous

Tsubaki and her fellow kunoichi are repeatedly taught that men are something to be feared. But not even the antics of Tsubaki's younger teammates are enough to keep her mind from wandering, and wondering what men are truly like.

2Effort and Giftedness / Escape Plan With Nee-sama

It's Team Dog vs. Team Sheep, and Benisumomo is fighting both to win and to protect her reputation. Sazanka doesn't like how distracted Tsubaki seems lately, so she concocts a plan to sneak out of class and go see her.

3Friendly Showdown / Tag (The Man Is It)

Tsubaki asks an unusually tight-knit team to teach Sazanka and Asagao how to get along better. Hana decides to put the "fear of man" into her students, using a high-stakes game of tag.

4Men and Women / Mokuren's Medical Jutsu

Tsubaki inadvertently learns the truth about why she and her fellow students are told to believe men are scary. Mokuren has a relaxing day off lined up, but that's easier said than done when there's a never-ending demand for her skills.

5A Fight Over Some Fruit / Independence and Indulgence

An unusual competition results when Asagao accuses Team Horse of stealing what's rightfully hers. Ajisai's two older teammates constantly baby her, and she'll try just about anything to get them to stop.

6The Transfer Student / Shy Around Strangers

Rindou the transfer student arrives, but she's not exactly what the girls are expecting. Having joined Team Dog due to her unusual background, Rindou's first big challenge might be winning over one of her own teammates!

7Rindou's Resolve / Late-Night Summons

Rindou is slowly getting used to life in her new village, but some of the girls are in a hurry for her to take off her mask. Sazanka grows suspicious when Hana issues a late-night summons to Tsubaki and Rindou.

8The Strongest Team / Nee-sama

Team Boar is back in town, and if it weren't for a certain quirk they have in common, they would probably be unstoppable. When Rindou wonders why Sazanka calls Tsubaki "Nee-sama," she gets a story about how Team Dog first came to be.

9Of Snakes and Men / What Defines Results

Catching snakes is sometimes easier said than done, especially when shenanigans abound. Team Rooster returns after a long sojourn in the mountains, but have they achieved the results team leader Sumire desired?

10A Team Leader's Troubles / Favors and Debts

Leading a team isn't easy for Tachiaoi, especially when her members always seem to have ideas on opposite sides of a spectrum. Meanwhile, different team leaders employ all manner of their own approaches, as Benisumomo helps demonstrate.

11Attractiveness Jutsu / I Want to Be Attractive

When Rindou introduces Tsubaki to the concept of attractiveness, it doesn't take long before word gets out. Soon, half the girls in the village are practicing what they believe is a new and easy method for defeating men.

12Rivals / Picture of a Man

Attractiveness Jutsu is all the rage amongst the underclassmen, and Hinagiku isn't taking it well at all. Tsubaki's newest attempt to learn about men involves artistic renditions, but things are not always as they appear.

13Showdown! Akane Class vs. the Man!?

Tsubaki is left in charge of the village while the two adult teachers are away on an errand. What could possibly go wrong?