Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon (2011)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



No futuro, a Terra foi devastada e os seres humanos têm sido forçados a abandoná-la e viajar para um lugar chamado Tenjo, o topo do mundo. Mas a guerra causou um colapso em Tenjo, fazendo com que os seres humanos retornassem para a Terra, que se tornou um planeta inabitável, mas exceto por uma pequena área, chamada Shinshu. A população humana é muito grande para a área de Shinshu, por este motivo, os humanos expandem esta área e criam o Juso Sekai, um mundo paralelo com o desejo de restaurar a ordem em Tenjo. Os seres humanos decidem recomeçar a história, mas em pouco tempo, uma nova guerra começa em Shinshu e Juso Sekai. Aqueles que viviam em Juso Sekai perdem suas terras e posses e invadem Shinshu. Agora, a terra esta dividida pelos invasores de Juso Sekai e um boato sobre a chegada do apocalipse se espalha em todo mundo.


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1Club Members in Scarlet

Tori is still naked and the battle continues with the battle against the Tres Espana and Europe!

1Those Lined Up Before the Horizon

GO! In a fantastical floating city, a group of students race across rooftops to catch their bumbling, yet superbly skilled, teacher. The prize? Five chances to play hooky, no questions asked! Explosions, blessed arrows, twin casting, and ninja mayhem are the day's specials in this first episode!

2The Soothsayers Take the Stage

With the cargo ship crashed into England soil, the fighting has been put on hold until a treaty can be reached.

2Innocents at the Table

A brief history of the Harmonic Unification War is introduced, but hold that: Tori is having a "pre pop the question" get together with his class! How ill he confess his love to this mysterious girl? Meanwhile, Masazumi Honda contemplates the way her life has turned out thus far, and just what she can do to change it.

3Those Setting Foot Upon the Ground

Musashi ‘s Shirojiro Bertoni is negotiating with England’s Charles Howard over the upcoming joint school event; A vicious back and forth between two skilled treasurers as the residents watch.

3Commandos in Town

Não temos uma sinopse em Português do Brasil. Você pode ajudar a ampliar o nosso banco de dados adicionando uma.

4Ruler of the Theatre

Musashi prepares for the upcoming school event as Tres España makes their appearance.

4Covert Ops Under the Night Sky

Trouble is afoot. Allegiances will be tested, friendships broken, and a true power will awaken. Who will walk away the victor? Only time will tell, and in this world, time is all that matters.

5The Hunting Ground's Humanitarians

The “exhibition” fights have started against Musashi and England, while Horizon and Tori discuss terms of their date.

5Graduates Under the Moon

Don't come to a super powered knife fight without your Armor of Deadly Sins. As the platonic reactors begin hitting critical mass, one warrior stands tall to stop a madman bent on destroying all of Mikawa, while another equally skilled warrior stands in his way. Will he succeed, or will Mikawa burn away in the night?

6The Man and Woman in the Plaza

The fights are coming to an end and their a few members of Musashi are missing. To make thing worse, Bloody Double Mary has decided to make her appearance.

6Advocate at the Confession Grounds

With Horizon detained and expected to commit suicide, the students of Class 3 - Plum must decide what to make of the situation. Tensions are sky high, and making the wrong move could spell disaster for Musashi's people.

7Storyteller in the Hall

The fighting has ended, but the battle of politics is beginning. Musashi has a few tricks up their sleeves but an unannounced party may ruin everything.

7Musashi's Knight

A best of three battle will decide the road that Ariadust Academy will take in the upcoming war. 3 representatives from each side will do battle, in any way desired, and the losers will bow to the victorious!

8The Decision Maker on High

With all the acronymed groups butting in, Musashi is forced to think quick before the newcomer brings their house of cards crashing in. If accepted, the new plan will offer them a chance to see behind the curtain and into the apocalypse.

8Ruler of the Land

The war of words begins. Masazumi goes head to head against Tori in the final leg of the bet of three battle to determine the fate of Horizon Ariadust. A surprise entrant in the debate makes his presence known, however, and Masazumi must defend her new position as best she can.

9One Parting Under the Night Sky

Even though Musashi agreed to be a mercenary for England in the upcoming war, plans are derailed by a letter of resignation from Tenzo Clothunit.

9The Summit's Flower

The time for talking is over. Blades are unsheathed and ready to strike, as both sides decide that a quicker solution to the Horizon problem must be reached. As both the Testament Union and the Musashi representatives prepare for the worst, new information is revealed that can potentially change everything.

10Howler at the Theatre

Two writers clash over Shakespeare work as the students work together for Tenzo to make it to his date.

10The Trumpeter at the Start Line

In order to save Horizon, the newly elected Chancellor Tori must take his army through the Testament Union's best ground defenses. Meanwhile, the battle over the skies will be determined by a God of War and two witches in hiding. Who will reign supreme over ground and air, and will they get there in time to save Horizon?

11Successful Candidate in the Flower Garden

As Tenzo battles the Fairy Queen for his Mary’s life, the Inadequate HQ must overcome Spain’s barrage attack or they will lose the war.

11Musashi's Mr. Impossible

With the Testament Union breathing down their necks, Tori and the rest are at their wits' end now that the High Pope has unveiled his trump card: The Armor of Deadly Sins - Lust. With it's incredible defensive capabilities, there's only one thing Tori can do to stop him: the impossible.

12Where the One Scarred by Swords Belongs

The battle is heating up with the Gods of War and the baseball team pressing Musashi. With the help of non-combative students, Musashi plans to turn the war around.

12Those Who are Aligned Beyond the Boundary

Futayo continues her battle with Muneshige and arises victorious. Tori makes it to Horizon, but she doesn’t want to be rescued. Tori must not only convince her to leave with him, but also figure out how to defeat the Disintegration Wall.

13The Greedy Ones who Cross Borders

Spain and Musashi are going for broke with Spain gaining the upper hand. But when England relinquishes its Armor of Deadly Sins, Musashi finally gains the upper hand.

13Those Lined Up Above the Horizon

The class of 3-Plum heaves a sigh of relief after Horizon Ariadust, the automaton P-01s, and Toori Aoi finally reunite for the first time.