Lapis Re:LiGHTs (2020)


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Baseado em um projeto de mídia mista que mistura elementos de fantasia, garota mágica e ídolos, o Lapis Re: LiGHTs seguirá um grupo de estudantes enquanto eles treinam para se tornarem ídolos. Juntos, eles usarão a magia da música e a magia de ... bem, magia literal ... em suas performances.


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1Legendary academy

Tiara is a new student at Flora Girls Academy and she's reunited with her childhood friend Rosetta, who shows her around campus. Tiara is rather surprised at how easy it was for her to get into this prestigious school, but there might just be a catch...

2Accord chase

After finding out that her group is in danger of being expelled, Tiara tries to form a study group. Meanwhile, Rosetta keeps running off on her own after school, so the other girls follow.

3Plucky bump

Ashley accidentally forgets Lavie's birthday, leaving her in a grumpy mood. The girls play bumpball and try to win the tournament.


Tiara is introduced to three sisters from Yamato who go to their academy, Kaede, Nadeshiko, and Tsubaki. Supposedly, they get along pretty well, but there seems to be some tension between Kaede and Nadeshiko.

5Sunny day

Lucifer and Angelica challenge Tiara and her group to a board game. Meanwhile, some of the other groups survey the forest after reports of something strange happening there.

6Ruin Explorers

The girls go look for Maryberry, who has disappeared. Meanwhile, some of the girls may have figured out the cause of the supernatural phenomena they've been sent to investigate.

7Luminous hope

Tiara and her group finally start getting some points. Tiara comes to the conclusion that she'd like to perform an Orchestra with her friends, and she finally finds out the truth about Yue.

8Instinct olquestra

Tiara and the rest of her group try to get ready for their first Orchestra and Tiara also learns more about her old sister Eliza and the unit she was in named Ray.


LiGHTs finds out that they actually didn't get enough points from their Orchestra and are expelled. Tiara is forced to go home and the rest of the girls try to figure out what to do.

10Honorable princess

The rest of LiGHTs travel to Waleland in order to go see Tiara.

11Top concern

Tiara and the others find out that a horde of Magical Monsters is headed towards Mamuceaster, so they try to head back, but Eliza stops them. Meanwhile, the other groups back at the academy get ready for the Ceaster Festival.

12Specificity ornament

All the girls perform Orchestras to try to thwart the horde of Magical Monsters heading towards Mamuceaster. Later on, we learn the secret that Eliza's been keeping.