Life on Mars (2006)

1hDorama, Crime, Drama, Mistério, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A detective chief inspector from 2006 is investigating a serial killer when he is knocked over by a speeding car. Waking up, he finds himself mysteriously transported back in time to 1973. Initially struggling to come to terms with his situation, he has to come to terms with the old-fashioned technology and attitude of the day, while figuring out how he came to be trapped in the past.


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1The Crash

After a car accident in 2006, Sam Tyler was up in 1973. Sam's 21st Century attitudes make him a fish out of water in this world of clunky technology and old fashioned policing. And nothing seems more alien than his new boss, DCI Gene Hunt, who believes in gut instinct and, all too often, sheer brute force. Then Sam discovers a connection between a murder in 1973 and the kidnapper in 2006. Could solving this case be the key to getting home?

2The New World

Sam decides he has to embrace this world - for now. But then he discovers Gene is planning to plant evidence to secure the conviction of Kim Trent, an elusive criminal. Shocked by Gene's attitude to crime-solving, Sam releases Trent. But when a young woman gets caught in the crossfire as a result of Trent being freed, Sam is forced to question his methods. Can he and Gene put aside their differences and find the evidence to nail Trent?

3The Stabbing

When Sam responds to a fatal stabbing at Crester's Textiles he's shocked to discover that it's the converted mill where he lives in 2006. Sam sets up a forensic investigation but Gene already has a hunch about the murderer. Sam believes he has to stop Gene from sending an innocent man down for life. But does he have more to learn about this world than he thinks?

4A Conflict of Interests

Gene believes that local gangster Stephen Warren and the police can co-exist and that the streets are safer as a result. But Sam knows that in the future, dodgy deals like this will irrevocably change the relationship between the public and the police. Whilst Gene lays a ghost to rest, Sam sets to work on convincing his new partner, but is distracted when he meets his mother as a young woman.

5The Footie

Sam and Gene go undercover in a local pub to solve the murder of a local Manchester United fan. As Gene looks like he's set to drink the pub dry, Sam worries about their chances of finding the killer before Saturday's big match. With the press using the murder to fuel the flames of hate between rival fans, Sam is under pressure to solve the murder before the tensions destroy the community.

6The Deadline

When his mother's voice bleeds through from 2006 and he hears her say goodbye to him, Sam is desperate - he's alive and determined to make himself heard. But then the call comes in that a man has taken people hostage at the Manchester Gazette and is intent on killing them at 2pm - the same time Sam's machine will be switched off. Could stopping the hostage-taker be a way of staying alive?

7Wrongful Death

Sam demands a transparent investigation into the death-in-custody of small-time drug dealer Billy Kemble. He believes that if the police don't police themselves, the public will never trust them. When the explosive evidence of what happened to Billy falls into his hands, Sam has a huge decision to make. This evidence could tear the team apart. It's an opportunity to destroy his world and the people in it, but also perhaps an opportunity to get home.

8The Good Father

Sam is finally accepting of this world - until he comes face to face with his 29 year-old dad, Vic. Vic Tyler is a small time gambler who unwittingly finds himself at the centre of a murder enquiry. As Sam moves to protect his father, he embarks upon an emotional journey, piecing together a childhood memory and uncovering an uncomfortable truth that will change him forever.