Lindo Amor, Vida Maravilhosa (2019)

35mDorama, Comédia, Drama

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Segue quatro pessoas e sua busca por amor e felicidade: Kim Seol-A que trabalhou como uma apresentadora e agora é casada com o CEO Do Jin-Woo; Moon Tae-Rang, um chef e irmão mais velho de uma família de adotados; e Moon Hae-Rang, irmã mais nova de Moon Tae-Rang, que trabalha como secretária de Do Jin-Woo.


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1Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life

It’s the summer of 2009 and Cheong Ah is a senior in high school who is the second of three daughters. Her parents run a small chicken restaurant while her older sister is a news anchor. Cheong Ah doesn’t have any hopes or dreams, and no one knows why, except for a friend she has only talked to via text messages. She skips school and gets on a train to go meet him where she runs into a handsome soldier.

3The Investigation Begins

Cheong Ah must make a witness statement at the police station about Joon Kyum’s death, but she is still in shock. Her mom takes the lead, making things up as she goes. Judge Hong comes to the police station after identifying her son’s body. She is not only upset about her son’s death, but also suspicious of Cheong Ah’s story.

5Autopsy Request

While Cheong Ah is on her way out of the police station with Joon Kyum’s letter, Judge Hong bursts in wearing her pajamas. Judge Hong tries to search Cheong Ah and when that doesn’t work, she requests an autopsy on Joon Kyum’s body. Meanwhile, Seol Ah pieces together the story and figures out what is going on. Later on, the police come to search Cheong Ah’s room.

7Jun Gyeom’s Funeral

The day of Jun Gyeom’s funeral arrives. Judge Hong calls Cheong Ah’s mom, Young Ae, and finds out that Cheong Ah went to school. However, Cheong Ah shows up at the funeral on her own. Chairwoman Hong, Jun Gyeom's aunt, takes her anger out on Cheong Ah. Meanwhile, Seol Ah goes on a blind date, but the man who shows up is not the person she expected to see.

9Nine Years Later

Nine years after Jun Gyeom’s death, Cheong Ah studies to become a police officer. She takes the civil service exam for the seventh year running, but things don’t seem to go very well. Still, Cheong Ah tries hard, remembering Jun Gyeom’s last words to her. Meanwhile, Seol Ah lives a harrowing life as Vice Chairman Do Jin U’s wife, because she still doesn’t have a baby.

11Jin U’s Affair

Jun Hwi visits Cheong Ah’s studio apartment in search of Rim, who he thinks is Mr. Lightning. Suddenly, Cheong Ah gets a call from the hospital. Rim is the victim of the car accident that Jin U caused, but he isn’t badly hurt. Jin U, on the other hand, is still unconscious after surgery. However, Seol Ah discovers that Jin U is having an affair. Seol Ah tries to keep Jin U’s affair a secret from Chairwoman Hong.

13Clearing Up the Misunderstanding

Cheong Ah shows up at Rim’s hospital room in the Mr. Lightning costume to prove her innocence to Jun Hwi. They go to the patrol division to let the police know what happened. After Cheong Ah’s name is finally cleared, Jun Hwi asks the Head of Patrol about the detective who handled Jun Gyeom’s death several years ago. Meanwhile, Seol Ah is in shock after hearing Jin U’s condition.

15The Sisters' Reunion

Cheong Ah and Seol Ah run into each other in front of the ICU and they realize that they are both involved in the same car accident. Seol Ah tells Cheong Ah to keep their reunion a secret from their mom. Tae Rang sees Seol Ah waiting in front of the ICU and forces her to go eat with him. As they fall asleep in the hospital chapel, Jin U’s condition worsens.

17Mother and Daughter Reunite

Cheong Ah runs into Chairwoman Hong in front of the elevators at Inter Market. Before Chairwoman Hong remembers who she is, Cheong Ah makes a run for it. Meanwhile, Young Ae discovers that she needs surgery. As she sits near the hospital, thinking about what the doctor told her, she sees Seol Ah for the first time in nine years. They have a brief, tearful reunion.

19Pretending Not To Know

Young Ae and Judge Hong meet in the lobby of the hospital. When Seol Ah shows up to meet her aunt-in-law, she’s surprised to see her mom there but pretends not to know her. Young Ae leaves the hospital in a hurry, but her legs give in from the shock of the encounter. Tae Rang sees her and helps her get home. Meanwhile, Cheong Ah confides in Jun Hwi regarding the accident.

21Taking the Investigation into their Own Hands

Cheong Ah and Jun Hwi meet at the accident site by chance. Cheong Ah tags along with Jun Hwi, whether he likes it or not. As they find evidence from the accident together, both Cheong Ah and Jun Hwi discover more about each other. Meanwhile, Seol Ah convinces Chairwoman Hong that they should be on the same side.

23False Kindness

Seol Ah eats her mom’s food that Tae Rang delivers to her. When Chairwoman Hong sees Seol Ah eating, she suppresses her anger and begins her nice mother-in-law act, just as her lawyer suggested. Meanwhile, Yeong Woong comes home from the local welfare center empty-handed and tries to blame it on Young Ae, as usual. However, this time, Young Ae takes a stand.

25The Other Woman Wakes Up

Hae Rang wakes up from her coma and Seol Ah finally finds out that Tae Rang and Hae Rang are siblings, not husband and wife. Seol Ah feels betrayed that she opened up to Tae Rang. Meanwhile, Inspector Mun decides to help Jun Hwi investigate the car accident. Finally, Rim and Jun Hwi meet outside Hae Rang’s hospital room.

27Seol Ah Comes Home

Seol Ah comes home, and her family warmly welcomes. Seol Ah, Cheong Ah, and Yeon Ah have an honest talk for the first time in a long time. Meanwhile, Hwa Young thinks Seol Ah and Tae Rang are having an affair, and tells Hae Rang not to give up on Jin U and be his side.

29Reaching a Settlement

Cheong Ah and Seol Ah threaten Chairwoman Hong with the voice recording. Cheong Ah deletes the recording, but Jun Hwi also pushes Chairwoman Hong to make a settlement with Rim. However, Chairwoman Hong presents Jun Hwi with a condition. Later, as Cheong Ah and Jun Hwi talk on the phone, Jun Hwi gets the feeling that Cheong Ah is the same person he met before.