Longe Demais (2022)


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Uma bolsa de estudos para a escola de maior prestígio da Nigéria abre as portas do luxuoso mundo da elite para um adolescente com problemas financeiros.


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1Welcome to Wilmer

Just as he gets a life-changing opportunity, Ishaya and his impoverished family find themselves in crisis, pushing him to make some dangerous decisions.

2No Way Out

Ishaya offers to sell ecstasy at Wilmer Academy. He begins to make in-roads with the cool kids, but stumbles on some illicit activity at a party.

3The Dr. High Effect

A video from the party goes viral, forcing Carmen to come face to face with the consequences of her actions. Ishaya launches his new business.

4A Founder's Day Affair

Heightened security at the school causes chaos and protests. Ishaya meets his hero — and the experience crushes him. Adufe makes a costly mistake.

5Revelations Are Forever

Ishaya desperately looks for a way out, but Adufe gets dragged deeper into the gang's illicit dealings. Rambo attacks Wilmer Academy.