Love All Play (2022)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Drama



A história acompanha Ryou Mizushima, um jovem motivado a jogar bediminton, mas que passou seu ensino médio nas sombras das competições por não ter um treinador adequado para o orientar.


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1A Fair Wind

Badminton team member Mizushima Ryo dreams of attending Yokohama Minato High School with the player he admires, but he had given up on that dream because he thought it was impossible. But one day, the high school's badminton coach Ebihara visits Ryo--

2The Journey Begins

Thanks to Ebihara, Ryo gets to participate in the badminton team's practices before entering high school. His practices at Yokohama Minato with students recruited by Ebihara from other schools and his idol Yusa begin!!

3Entering School

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4Ranking Match

As the ranking matches to determine Inter-High qualifier participation approach, the first-years express their dissatisfaction with the way they are treated. Yusa is as overbearing as ever, and the first-years don't even have their own lockers. These ranking matches could be an opportunity for them. Even if they don't win, they can still leave a mark on him and demand better conditions. The first-years band together as the ranking matches begin.


The final ranking match between Ryo and Matsuda begins! No matter where Matsuda aims his shots, Ryo tenaciously returns them, and the frustration causes Matsuda to set aside his normally cool play in favor of recklessly chasing down the shuttle. The other team members who have finished their matches can't take their eyes off the game. How will their back and forth match end? And what will be the results of the ranking matches?


Yokohama Minato makes it through the Inter-High prefectural qualifiers and advances to the prefectural tournament. The individual singles matches begin. Yokokawa suffers a close loss against Hojo High School's Okazaki, but Yusa avenges him. Later, during the doubles matches, the team comes up against Hojo High School again. The twins face off against Okazaki and Arimura. The twins who seemed to be doing well and in high spirits are suddenly thrown off their game. Overwhelmed by Okazaki's intensity, Yoji crumbles under the pressure...


Five-time Inter-High champions Saitama Futaba Academy arrive for their practice match. However, the third-years that make up the main force of their team are absent. When they realize they've been underestimated, the members of Yokohama Minato are eager to fight. However, once the matches begin, it becomes clear that the difference in skill is great, and the first-years are defeated soundly. Among the Saitama Futaba players is a standout player named Date. With the skills to defeat even Hongo, he apparently has some history with Yusa...

8Summer Breeze

First semester is over and summer vacation starts tomorrow. Ryo is lectured by Ebihara and his parents for his poor grades. Not wanting to quit playing badminton, Ryo studies as hard as he can. Even the night before the team leaves for the Inter-High, Ryo diligently works on his assignments. Though he does his best to catch up on his studies, he eventually falls asleep at his desk. When he wakes up in the morning, he has the chills. Ryo turns pale when he realizes he's messed up. He's caught a cold...

9Training Camp

The training camp from hell begins. Ryo decides he'll make use of his perseverance, which is his greatest strength. As Ebihara taught him, he watches closely and thinks carefully as he follows the training schedule. While doing his laundry at the end of the first day, Ryo is deep in thought about Yusa and the other upperclassmen. They build their stamina regularly and seem perfectly fine even after a hard day of training. While Ryo is contemplating how impressive they are, Akira comes along. He seems to have figured something out and tells Ryo a certain story about Yusa...


The newbie tournament is scheduled for fall. However, Yusa and Yokokawa are busy preparing for nationals and won't be participating, which means an extra spot has opened up for the other team members. Of the two doubles spots, one of them will undoubtedly go to the twins. Sakaki and Ryo do their best to win the remaining spot. They begin practicing right away, but things don't go as well as planned. Both of them struggle to play on their uncoordinated team...





O primeiro ano de ontem é o segundo ano de hoje! Agora que Ryo e seus colegas de time estão no segundo ano, novas responsabilidades surgem. Entre elas, organizar uma festa para que a nova turma se conheça e lidar com os problemas que os novos membros estão passando no clube de badminton. Será que eles poderão se orgulhar do título de "veteranos" ou falta muito "arroz com feijão" para chegar nesse nível?