Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen (2020)

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A Nijigasaki High School está localizada em Odaiba, Tóquio. A escola é popular devido ao seu estilo de escola gratuita e diversas especializações. A história é centrada nos membros do clube de ídolos da escola em Nijigasaki, e sua tentativa de impedir que o clube seja abolido.


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1A Brand New Thrill

Lanzhu and Mia arrive in Japan. The School Idol Club starts creating a promotional video for the 2nd School Idol Festival.

1The First Thrill

Yu Takasaki and Ayumu Uehara are wandering around Odaiba when they see a school idol named Setsuna Yuki performing and are totally moved. They find out that she actually goes to their school, and they go check out the School Idol Club she belongs to.

2Overlapping Colors

As the girls prepare for the festival, they get a request from Y.G. International Academy to do a joint concert. Emma invites Lanzhu but she declines. Kasumi, Rina, Kanata and Emma follow Lanzhu when they hear she's going to have another surprise concert.

2Cutest Girl

Kasumi refuses to accept the fact that the School Idol Club has been disbanded and decides to take matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Karin tries to track down the elusive Setsuna Yuki.

3Sing! Song! Smile!

Kasumi, Rina, Kanata, and Emma are excited to perform together, but they're all very different. There isn't much time left before the joint concert, so Rina proposes they all take turns to explain what they want to do, but they still can't seem to agree.

3Shout Out Your Love

The former members of the School Idol Club confront the student council president about her true identity. Meanwhile, Yu gushes about Setsuna Yuki to Nana, and Nana sheds some light on why Setsuna might've quit being a school idol.

4Ai Love Triangle

Karin meets Misato Kawamoto, Ai's neighbor. Ai invites Karin to go together with them. Meanwhile, the student council decides to merge the School Idol Festival with the Culture Festival, with Shioriko managing both events.

4The Uncharted Path

Ai and Rina join the School Idol Club. The members are impressed with how much Ai seems to be helping them out and then Ai makes some unexpected discoveries on her own.

5Dreamland Is Now Open!

Shioriko arranges a pre-show produced by the drama club for the day before the cultural fair. Later, Shizuku tells Yu that she wants to create a unit and perform with Ayumu and Setsuna at the Fair. The next morning, Ayumu and Setsuna follows Yu and Shizuku after finding them together.

5Something I Can Only Do Right Now

The girls start to make PVs for themselves. Emma wants to be an idol who can make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and they try to figure out how to visualize that. Emma tries to get Karin to join the club but she seems very opposed to that idea.

6The Shape of Smiles

Rina has always had a hard time communicating with others, but after joining the School Idol Club, she makes the decision to try to change once and for all by putting on a solo performance.

7Haruka, Kanata, and Beyond

Kanata's little sister, Haruka, is a school idol at Shinonome Academy and comes to visit Kanata at her club one day. The sisters are very close, but Haruka is worried that Kanata is pushing herself too hard and makes a drastic decision.

8Shizuku, Monochrome

Shizuku lands the leading role in an upcoming play for a joint drama festival Nijigasaki and another school are having. However, she loses the role when the Drama Club president tells her that she's unable to truly put herself out there.

9Friends but Rivals

The Nijigasaki High School Idol Club is invited to perform as school idols at Diver Fest. But there's just one catch... Each school participating will only be able to perform one song.

10Summer Begins

The School Idol Club start their training camp to prepare for their upcoming concert, but something seems to be bugging Ayumu...

11Everyone's Dream, My Dream

The girls propose the School Idol Festival to the student council, but the process to get the application approved seems harder than they thought it would be.

12Blossoming Feelings

Things are a little awkward between Yu and Ayumu after their encounter the night before, but everyone continues to prepare for the upcoming School Idol Festival. Yu tries one more time to tell Ayumu something.

13School Idol Festival (The Place Where Everyone's Dreams Come True)

The day of the School Idol Festival is finally here. Will everything go according to plan?