Luis Miguel: A Série (2018)




Esta série retrata a vida do cantor mexicano Luis Miguel, que durante décadas cativou a América Latina e o mundo.


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In 1995, Micky attempts to woo Mariah Carey. Patricio takes financial risks. Years later, the singer struggles to overcome his demons.

1Qué nivel de mujer

In 1992, a desperate Luis Miguel goes to great lengths to discover the truth about his mother's disappearance while also fighting for custody of Sergio.

1Cuando calienta el sol

Luis Rey, the father of Luis Miguel discovers the enormous talent of his son at 10 years old and is responsible for managing his career and personal life. While, Micky meets his first love, Mariana Yazbek.

2Cómo es posible que a mi lado

Luis Miguel faces tough decisions amid a legal battle. In the past, Mauricio starts working for Micky just as Patricio handles a plagiarism claim.

2Noche de paz

Luis Miguel is delivered devastating news about his health in 2005. Years earlier, Hugo advises the singer not to be consumed by his search for Marcela.

2The malagueña

As the press get wind of Luis Miguel's talk with Hugo, his dad tries to get him a duet with Michael Jackson. Flashbacks recall Luis Miguel's TV debut.

3Por debajo de la mesa

Mauricio hopes to repair the relationship between Micky and his daughter. In the 90s, with Mariah's help, the singer is offered a chance to play Zorro.


Micky's competitive jealousy threatens to upend his relationship with his family. Many years later, he hopes to make amends with his estranged daughter.

3Yo que no vivo sin tí

Luis Miguel begs his record label to let him try a new pop sound, and celebrates his 18th birthday. Back in 1981, Luisito Rey asks too much of Marcela.

4Sabor a mí

Amid personal struggles, Luis Miguel contemplates making a movie about his life. Years earlier, Micky's jealousy creates conflict with Mariah.


Micky struggles to balance filming his "Ayer" music video with spending time with Michelle. In the future, the father-daughter duo faces new challenges.

4Culpable o no

Jealousy threatens to destroy Luis Miguel and Mariana's relationship. Alex feels betrayed by his brother after finding a postcard from their mother.

5Amante del amor

Mariah and Micky's relationship is on the rocks as they record a duet together. Decades later, Micky tells filmmakers anecdotes about his parents.

5Come Fly With Me

The possibility of a duet with Frank Sinatra brings Luis Miguel to New York, but back home, tragedy strikes. In 2006, he attempts to sing again.

5La chica del bikini azul

Luis Miguel's hard-partying ways end up putting an infatuated fan in serious danger. Financial issues call into question his dad's business practices.

6La Bikina

After Patricio deceives him, Luis Miguel retaliates. Flashing forward, Micky prepares for a comeback concert and finally reaches out to his daughter.

6El día que me quieras

Overwhelmed by grief, Micky asks his feuding songwriters to join him in Acapulco. Patricio makes a calculated move. In 2006, Susana heads to Peru.

6Mamá, Mamá

The singer endures basic training at a military college in order to film there, and learns about responsibility. Alex searches for their mom in Italy.

7Todo y nada

Luis Miguel is conflicted about whether to believe Mauricio. Years before, the singer tried to deter Sergio from going pro too young. Érika moved in.

7La incondicional

In the midst of financial troubles because of his father, Luis Miguel travels to Italy to help Alex search for their mother and discovers several lies.

8Historia de amor

In 1994, Luis Miguel faces tough decisions involving many of his loved ones. While 2007 starts to feel more stable, a shock is around the corner.

8Alguien como tú

Luisito Rey starts a new record label. While trying to determine what to do about his owed taxes, Luis Miguel travels to Aspen with a frustrated Alex.

9Todo el amor del mundo

An investigator looks into Marcela's disappearance. Luis Miguel grows frustrated with reporters' questions about his father, who debuts a new singer.


After a breakthrough in the search for his mother, Luis Miguel must decide how to proceed. In 1985, tensions run high during a family reunion in Italy.


A financially destitute Luisito Rey begins running out of options. Érika and Fede argue over Luis Miguel. In 1986, Marcela gets serenaded onstage.

12No me platiques más

The truth about Luis Miguel's birthplace threatens to destroy his career just as he's trying to release a new album of classic Mexican songs.

13No me puedes dejar así

As his father's medical condition worsens, Luis Miguel grows desperate for what could be his last opportunity to find out what happened to his mother.