Maggie: A Vidente (2022)

30mComédia, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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O dom de Maggie permite que ela veja o futuro de seus amigos, pais, clientes e pessoas aleatórias na rua. Mas quando ela começa a ter visões de seu próprio destino depois de conhecer um estranho, sua vida amorosa vira de pernas pro ar.


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1Things Begin Where They End

Disheartened with relationships and always foreseeing how things end, Maggie’s life is forever changed when she has a prediction she didn’t see coming.

2A New Friendship Awaits You

As Maggie struggles to offer hope to a client, Ben and Jessie’s new presence in the duplex pushes her to move her psychic business out of her home and into a local storefront, where she meets a potential new love interest.

3You Are the Master of Your Own Emotions

A tentative Maggie is coerced into a double date by Louise with Daniel and John. After the double date, Louise breaks things off with John based on a face Maggie made while having a vision.

4A Dinner Guest Will Surprise You

Maggie is all set to go on her first fancy date with Daniel but when she gets a vision of a fight on her date, she preemptively cancels.

5You Are a Skilled Mentor by Nature

Maggie mentors a teenager who's just started having visions, which leads to conflict between Maggie and her mother as Maggie reflects on her own teen years. Amy hits Louise's car and goes overboard trying to make it up to her.

6I See a Baby in Your Future

Maggie’s pursuit of a vision involving Ben causes Amy and Dave to get addicted to her readings. Meanwhile, Ben struggles to find joy going through boxes from his childhood with Jessie and Louise.

7You Will Have a Night to Remember

When Maggie introduces Daniel to her parents on her birthday, it goes worse than she ever could have predicted.

8Your Past Will Inform Your Present

Maggie and Louise get a second chance at prom when Ben invites them to help him chaperone at his school.

9You Will Help Someone Take a Chance

Maggie grapples with putting herself out there at her job. Without a sign or any advertisement at her storefront, she gets countless confused walk-ins and must overcome her fears of owning who she is.

10A Mysterious Invitation Awaits You

Maggie is excited to receive an invitation to a fancy gathering for mystics only. Meanwhile, Louise hands over control of her dating apps to Jessie, Ben, Amy and Dave.

11You Will Experience a Loss

Maggie is excited about Amy's bachelorette weekend getaway. She's been inundated with visions and needs a break

12The Fortune You Seek is in Another Cookie

t’s been a week since Maggie lost her visions and she hasn’t gotten any clarity. Desperate, she goes through the stages of grief and tries everything she can to get them back.

13Things End Where They Began

Having accepted the loss of her visions, Maggie looks forward to Amy and Dave’s wedding. But everything goes downhill at the rehearsal dinner when Jessie reveals that she knows the secret the whole group has been hiding.