Mahoutsukai Reimeiki (2022)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A história se passa no mesmo mundo de Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho, mas em um período onde a guerra entre a Igreja e as Bruxas teve fim, por mais que alguns conflitos menores ainda aconteçam.


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1O pior aluno e a bruxa do cajado

Saybil perdeu a memória de tudo o que aconteceu antes de entrar na escola de magia e ainda sofre o perigo de esquecer tudo novamente se não conseguir cumprir uma missão dada pela diretora da escola.

2Don't Call Me a Traitor

As Kudo struggles to escape a professional witch hunter, Professor Los races to rescue him. Unbeknownst to her, Saybil and Hort are not far behind. Can Kudo hold out long enough for his rescuers to find him? And how did the witch hunter know about the students' journey?

3Beyond the Steam

Having escaped the Tyrant, Saybil and the gang resume their journey to the witch village. Along the way, the bonds between them deepen as they learn more about each other. Their travels take them to a large city, where the gang decides to visit a large, luxurious bathing facility.

4I'm Not Afraid To Die

Now that Saybil and the gang have reached their destination, they can begin their studies in the field program. Or so they thought. It turns out that the beastfallen mercenary in the forest is the least of their problems. Can they find a solution, or will they have to risk being expelled from the Academy?

5I Decide Who's Worthy

Saybil and Professor Los are face to face with the witch who took over the field program village, but Professor Los has had her magic staff stolen from her, and Saybil still can't control his magic. Can they find a way to defeat the witch so Saybil and the gang can begin the field program and avoid expulsion?

6Knowledge of Ignorance

Saybil and the gang have finally begun their field program activities. However, Saybil's focus on supporting Hort and Kudo has caused him to isolate himself and neglect honing his magical talents. Professor Los hatches a plan to get Saybil to venture beyond his shop and interact with the world he knows so little about.

7I Can't Save Anything

After each stumbling in their studies, Saybil, Hort, and Kudo resolve to learn from their mistakes and work to become better mages. Although Saybil is finally leaving his shop and learning about the world, his neglect of his spellcasting remains an issue. An unexpected crisis drives home for Saybil the powerlessness of having vast magical capacity and no ability to use to use it.

8Respective Costs

In the aftermath of the Remnant of Disaster incident, Holdem has arrived to inspect the village. However, given the way they were tested before, Saybil, Hort, and Kudo are suspicious. Can they uncover and overcome whatever plans he has in store?

9A Stone Cast Into the Pond

Saybil has finally recovered his memories of his life before the Academy. Unfortunately, they have not provided him with the clarity he expected, so he seeks guidance from Hort and Professor Zero. Meanwhile, the Tyrant begins to adjust to life in the village.

10Snack Time

Kudo attemtps to break through Kady's ignorance and show him that witches aren't evil. Saybil has finally begun to refine his magical talents and embarks on experiments of his own. Hort continues to work on her feelings about letting the Tyrant live.

11Determination to Kill

After what happened with Kady, Saybil and the gang learn that further assaults against the village are coming. Everyone does what they can to prepare for the battle ahead.

12The Beginning of the Adventure

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