Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi (2020)




Um feiticeiro que já foi o melhor aluno da famosa Torre das Presas, agora passa o tempo perseguindo seus clientes desesperados como prestamista, pelo menos até que seu cliente elabore um plano para ganhar dinheiro: fraude no casamento. Sem querer ser arrastado para o plano, Orphen encontra um monstro que tem sido seu objetivo desde o dia em que deixou a Torre de Presas. Entre aqueles que procuram matar o monstro e Orphen, dando tudo para proteger o monstro, seus péssimos, mas pacíficos dias terminam. Tentar voltar sua irmã, Azalie, de volta à sua verdadeira forma, leva a muitos mais mistérios e à chave do segredo do mundo.


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1A Vestige of the Past

Orphen is searching for his friend Azalie after she had disappeared five years ago. He’s currently trying to pay off his debt at the inn he’s staying at when two dwarves named Volkan and Dortin tell him they have a sweet plan to get him out of debt.

1Say My Will, Demon King

Orphen, Majic, and Claiomh continue their journey to Kimluck when they stumble upon an eerie theater that wasn’t on their map.

2The Tower of Fangs

Orphen, Volkan, and Dortin are captured by the authorities after the fiasco with the monster that appeared. Orphen is then summoned by Heartia to go talk to his former master, Childman.

3Heed My Call, Beast

Orphen goes with Childman and the other Black Sorcerers in order to try to track down Azalie before they can kill her. He manages to track down the creature, and despite his best efforts to talk to her, the creature attacks.

4The Chaos Witch and the Successor of the Razor’s Edge

Orphen remembers more of his past at the Tower of Fangs and a time when he and Azalie ventured back to the orphanage where they grew up. Back in present time, Orphen finds a couple of stowaways…

5Deep Dragon

Orphen, Claiomh, and Majic try to get through Fenrir’s Forest to get to Tafrem. However, Majic ends up lost in the forest and runs into a mysterious girl.

6Forest Maiden

After Orphen is attacked by the Deep Dragon, he wakes up in a cell unsure of where he is or who he is for a moment. A girl then appears before him, and offers to heal his wounds and eventually, his memories return.

7Gather In My Forest, Wolves

Orphen tries to stop MacDougal from going into the Dragon’s sanctuary. The Deep Dragon attacks the village for attempting to go into the Dragon’s sanctuary and Orphen tries to save the villagers.

8An Unexpected Assassin

An assassin is killing one elder after another. Forte and Leticia try to find out who’s behind the murders. Meanwhile, the assassin shows himself before Orphen and he’s shocked to see that they have the same face as him.

10Make My Past Disappear, Assassin

Claiomh is kidnapped by the assassin, and Orphen faces off with the assassin that calls himself Krylancelo once and for all in order to save her.

11The Uoar Class

Claiomh tries to cook some food to nurse Orphen back to health, but it might be doing more harm than good. Orphen and Leticia take Majic to the Tower of Fangs so he can enroll.

12Death Keening

Tish ends up following one of the assassins so that Orphen wouldn’t have to deal with them and ends up getting hurt. Orphen plans to get revenge, but gets help from an unlikely source.

13Come to My Tower, Successor

Orphen, Claiomh, and Majic head to the Tower of Fangs to settle things with the Uoar Class once and for all!