Makura No Danshi (2015)




Cada episódio vai se forcar na visão em primeira pessoa de um garoto diferente, de um total de 12, que vivem na mesma cidade. O público vai acompanhar desde seu cotidiano até ele suspirando enquanto dorme.


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1Pillow Danshi: Merry

The kind soul that watches over you as you sleep.

2Senpai Danshi: Tanaka Sousuke

Your senpai from work that embraces you with the composure of a mature man.

3Music Danshi: Hanamine Kanade

A high school student that gives his all to music and the violin.

4Dialect Danshi: Kijinami Eiji

The transfer student that hates losing but is more pure-hearted than others.

5Astronomy Danshi: Emori T Ryuushi

A college student that loves to look at the stars.

6Delusion of Grandeur Danshi: Maki Yuu

A freshman that doesn't want to be accused of having delusions of grandeur.

7Innocent Danshi: Enokawa Haruto

A super-energetic, hot 5-year-old.

8Happy IRL Danshi: Sasayama Nao

A hip college student that loves smart phones and mixers.

9Librarian Danshi: Mochizuki Shirusu

The librarian that treasures books and book lovers like yourself.

10Flower Arrangement Danshi: Chigiri Yonaga/Yayoi

Hobbyist twins who are filled with wisdom.

11Food Stall Danshi: Iida Yuuichirou

An old guy who loves oden and freedom.

12Pillow Boys Continued: Merry

The Kind Soul That Watches Over You As You Sleep.