Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari (2023)

Animação, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Quando os espíritos passam para o mundo humano, eles podem possuir objetos velhos e ganhar uma forma física: um tsukumogami. Tsukumogami podem ser gentis, violentos ou algo entre os dois, então a clã Saenome ajuda tranquilamente a enviá-los de volta para o mundo espiritual para evitar a destruição.


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In the midst of a battle with the Nagatsuki family's Tsukumogami "Wedding Furnishings", the landlord Nagatsuki Botan returns home. He scolds the "wedding furnishings" that clash with the terracotta horses. Seeing how close the distance between humans and Tsukumogami is, Hyoma misunderstands that Botan is being deceived by "wedding furnishings." Worried about Botan, the terrarium persuades him to wake up. Naturally, Botan, who grew up protected by "wedding furnishings" as if he were part of the family, would be offended. As a condition of his stay, he is told to compromise on "wedding furnishings" within the time limit, and he is in danger of being disqualified as a blind eye early on the first day.


In order to continue freeloading at the Nagatsuki family, Hyoma was sentenced to compromise on the "wedding furnishings" within three days. Successful. In particular, Hyoma accompanies Yui on her duty as a substitute for Yui, leaving Nagi and the others worried about repairing their relationship with Yui, who has deep feelings for Botan and is highly cautious. Tsukumogami, who claims to be Nagatsuki-gari, appears in front of the two, who are in an awkward atmosphere, and the battle begins. Hyoma witnesses the kin hunting as a duty of a special Tsukumogami who is used by people --

4Secret Agreement

Nagatsuki family mourning gods "Nagi", "Mirror", "Ink stone", "Yui", "Box", "Haori", and "wedding furnishings" all support the terracotta horse. He once again apologizes to Botan for his impoliteness and successfully obtains his right to stay. In a peaceful atmosphere, the two are called by the "wedding furnishings" in the middle of shaking hands and reconciling. Hyoma is perplexed as he is led into the living room with a barrel of "Kotobuki" in the center and a banner that says "Dear husband is coming." When negotiating for a roommate, it is announced that the "wedding furnishings" and the "wedding furnishings" have exchanged a secret contract regarding the marriage of Botan.