Manayek (2020)

45mDrama, Crime



Neste drama policial, um veterano investigador da Divisão de Assuntos Internos prestes a se aposentar, esbarra em um caso de corrupção policial onde o principal suspeito é o seu melhor amigo, um policial condecorado.


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Tal begins to re-investigate the circumstances of Ruslan's murder, even though Izzy and everyone around her tries to stop her.


On the eve of his retirement, police internal affairs investigator Izzy Bachar learns that his friend, Barak, a senior police officer, has been accused of corruption.


Tal thinks she knows who tried to take her out and points the finger of suspicion; Izzy gets pulled back into the world he thought he'd left behind.

2The Witness

Izzy doubts the allegations against Barak as the bodies continue to pile up; Ronit plans an operation; Izzy convinces Tania to file a civil suit.


Barak realises he's in danger again and responds accordingly; IAD's inspection crew begins to work, but faces plenty of obstacles.


Tal Ben Harush is assigned to the IAD task force against her wishes; IAD and Barak's crew search for Eliran Hen.


Heba and Izzy start to accomplish things as Tal's condition improves, unaware that Barak is a few steps ahead of them.


The IAD task force regroup following Eliran's mess of an escape, with a new plan to find Ruslan; Izzy discovers the truth about Barak.


Tal's condition improves and against the doctor's advice, she demands to be discharged; Barak makes Dudu intervene at the IAD.


After raiding the Rishon LeZion police station, the IAD team question Barak's men about Ruslan's disappearance.


Tal returns to work even though it's too soon; the investigation makes good progress; the state attorney reconsiders the case.


The recently widowed Barak is on the edge of a promotion and will gain command of the Rishon LeZion station.


Internal affairs surprise top commanders and the Rishon LeZion police by making the investigation public; Barak goes abroad.

7The Attorney

Some solid intelligence work by Tal and Izzy land the IAD task force some wins against Barak, but they don't realise Barak has the Central District Attorney working for him.


Barak appears to be ready for the internal investigation; the case collapses in Tal, Izzy and Hiba's hands; everything is lost.


As the IAD task force prepare for a raid, International Crimes take over and arrest Leibo's co-conspirator Imad.


Barak and Tamir continue with their plans, unaware they're still in danger; Tal has trouble dealing with the consequences of the failed investigation.


When Eliran is arrested by Ukrainian police, Izzy and Tal are tasked with convincing Eliran to testify; the plan to raid the ammo containers gets a second chance.


Barak lets his guard down and the net around him begins to tighten; Tal struggles to get out of the tough situation she's in.

10It's Over

Izzy struggles with his separation; Tal tries to process her unwanted pregnancy; Ronit's raid finally goes ahead.