Mandamentos de um Serial Killer (2018)

45mMistério, Crime

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Um serial killer reverte os 10 mandamentos para chutar a consciência da sociedade com seus crimes.


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Soon to retire Detective, Peter Devriendt, is assigned a new partner, Vicky Degraeve, who has been transferred from the intervention team due to a back injury. Their first case is the brutal murder of Esmé, a young Turkish girl. Evidence points towards an honor killing by the hands of Esmé's uncle, Ferhad Perez.


Ferhad, the presumed culprit of Esmé's murder, is viciously attacked and left for dead alongside a puzzling message which is the first of the Ten Commandments. Investigations lead Vicky to Esmé's boyfriend, Joren who is shocked to discover Esmé was pregnant. Peter asks his informant, Hristo, to find out who brought Ferhad to Belgium.


It seems that there is a serial perpetrator, who goes by the name Moses, at operates large in the city. The police investigation team receives an email with photos of three potential victims. The third of the Ten Commandments is their only clue, "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy".


For the second time, Moses' actions have made it into the press. A video recorded by Moses leads Marnix and Simon, colleagues of Peter and Vicky, to a retirement home where they see a suspicious figure. Peter and Vicky make an unpleasant discovery.


Internal Affairs tackles Marnix and Simon over the shooting. Peter and Vicky probe further at the rest home and get much closer to Mozes. The press runs at full speed when Mozes seems to strike again.


Mozes remains untraceable but Hristo knows where to find the car he used. New information leads to another person of interest, but he's been in an unresponsive state in an institution for over a year.


The theory that Mozes deals with the commandments chronologically begins to fall apart. Meanwhile, the media blow up the Mozes phenomenon to giant proportions, and some even find ways to support him.


The daughter of a gambling website boss has been kidnapped and the crime claimed by Mozes, putting the police on high alert. Thanks to a fingerprint, they find a new lead. Has Mozes grown negligent?


Angry that he has been taken off the investigation and replaced by Tony, Peter spends his time helping his daughter fix up her apartment. Professor Jos Schatteman's name pops up in an old police file.


Is what happened to Schatteman the work of Mozes? Tony keeps digging and Liesbet puts Peter back on the case. Mozes asks the religious community run by Jacob Moreels for help and they happily oblige.


Moreels is released due to insufficient evidence, the press start to ask questions and Liesbet is under pressure. Sara is hospitalised by an overdose, while Chantal gets too close to Peter's secret.


Vicky and Tony look into Amalia's murder and question her daughter. Did the child speak with her mother's killer? Was Mozes the perpetrator? Vicky tries to complete the puzzle and asks Peter for help.


The whole team start to become suspicious of each other. Mozes can only stay one step ahead of the detectives because he has the same information as they do. What - or rather who - did they overlook?