Mate-me, Cure-me (2015)

1h 1mDorama, Comédia, Drama, Mistério

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Cha Do Hyun é um herdeiro de terceira geração que desenvolveu transtorno dissociativo de identidade, na sequência de vários eventos traumáticos que ameaçam a vida. Ele tenta recuperar o controle sobre sua vida com a ajuda de Oh Ri Jin, uma residente de psiquiatria no primeiro ano, que o ajuda em segredo. Mas o irmão gêmeo de Ri Jin, Oh Ri On, é um escritor que está determinado a descobrir a vida sem escrúpulos dos ricos e começa a seguir Do Hyun. Pode Do Hyun assumir o controle sobre sua condição antes de uma de suas sete personalidades assumirem o controle?


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1I don’t even know yet…how many persons are there living inside me.

Cha Do Hyun is in line to be the successor of Seung Jin Group. No one in his family is aware that he's been suffering from dissociative identity disorder for years following a family tragedy. Oh Ri Jin is a first-year psychiatric student who runs into one of Do Hyun's many personalities while looking for one of her patients.

2You can never forget my different eyes!

Falling in love at first sight with Ri Jin, Se Ki vows to get rid of his host Do Hyun. Do Hyun looks for ways to make sure to keep his various personalities in check while he assimilates to life in Korea again.

3If Se-gi approached Oh Ri-jin with the intention of getting rid of me…

Do Hyun feels guilty when he finds out that he inadvertently put Ri Jin in danger because one of his alter egos. Ri Jin figures out the truth of his condition and sympathizes with him.

4Just continue living like that, as if you’re not there.

Considering his instability a risk to himself and others, Do Hyun declines treatment and withdraws from people and work. Seung Jin Group harbors a deep family secret kept hidden from Do Hyun, who also discovers a new personality has emerged.

5Try to recall, what happened between you and that lady

Unable to tell Do Hyun and his other personalities apart, Ri Jin gets confused about who she's beginning to have feelings for. Do Hyun is warned that Se Ki's personality is growing stronger.

6Who are you?

Determined to keep Se Ki from taking over his life, Do Hyun asks Ri Jin to become his personal doctor. ID Enter is determined to track down Writer Omega's identity and works.

7If you want to save me so badly, then you shouldn’t be late.

After getting through a life-threatening situation with Ahn Yo Seob, Ri Jin is left with the decision to either leave for America or become Do Hyun's doctor. Ki Joon tries to look into why his cousin sees a psychiatrist.

8You must not lose Yo-na at any cost!

Ri Jin discovers a new personality in Do Hyun when he learns about one of Omega's stories. Chae Yeon begins to feel jealous that Do Hyun might like Ri Jin.

9Turning the fate into destiny..that’s my third mistake.

Ri Jin encounters virtually all of Do Hyun's personalities in one night. Do Hyun makes a shocking revelation when he finally finds out who Writer Omega truly is.

10The memory that only you can I there inside it?

Se Ki grows angry when he discovers that Ri Jin has been spending time with Do Hyun. Ri Jin grows worried when she's told that Do Hyun may never return to recover his forgotten memories.

11Show me and persuade me with your charms.

Ri Jin encourages Se Ki to share the painful childhood memory with Do Hyun, and discovers what Ri Ohn has been hiding in his room.

12If you did it, then I will do it too. Because you’ll become me soon!

Do Hyun finally recovers a crucial piece of his forgotten memories, and is now determined to become stronger and bear the burden. Chae Yeon is conflicted about her upcoming engagement to Ki Joon.

13It’s Ahn Yo-na’s world from now on! Oppa~!

Do Hyun vows to find the other mysterious child that was also at the Seung Jin mansion when he was a boy. Ri Ohn is caught off-guard when the teenage girl personality Yo Na suddenly appears.

14I’ll find out about everything that had happened!

Ri Jin discovers that her own childhood memories are emerging in the pursuit to recover Do Hyun's memories. Do Hyun finds out the truth of what happened in that basement during his childhood days.

15Living the rest of my life to atone for the sin won’t be enough; you’re the person covered with the wounds.

Rattled by the truth of the memories he shares with Ri Jin, Do Hyun is committed to living the rest of his life in repentance. Ri Ohn asks Do Hyun to step in so that Ri Jin doesn't recall her childhood memories.