Mayoiga (2016)

25mMistério, Animação, Drama

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Um ônibus de turismo misterioso com jovens rapazes e garotas está seguindo para exótica vila de Nanakimura. Um destino onde as pessoas podem participar de uma existência utópica, livre dos obstáculos do mundo... é o que diz o boato. Se aprofundando nas montanhas, o ônibus leva 30 indivíduos, cada um com suas expectativas e corações aflitos... Para sua surpresa, eles haviam chegado a uma vila abandonada com aromas fracos persistentes de vida caindo aos pedaços. Qual é o segredo de Nanakimura?


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1Look Before You Leap

A group of young men and women are headed to Nanaki Village for a fresh start in life. There, it's rumored that people declared missing are in fact leading a utopian existence...

2Blinding Mist

Finally in Nanaki Village, the group steels themselves to meet the current residents, only to find the village seemingly abandoned. As they begin to explore the village, many begin to question the group's organizers...


The group forms a search party to find the missing members - Yottsun and Masaki - but find what seems to be a large bear. As Mitsumune runs away, he spots a bruised and cowering Masaki. The group tries to interrogate her on Yottsun's whereabouts, but she provides little information as Mitsumune defends her. Later, Dahara tries to calm down the group by organizing sleeping arrangements and dinner. In one of the rooms, Jack gets angry with Hyoketsu when he accuses him of copying his persona, and attacks him with a hoe. The boys restrain him as Lovepon screams for his execution, but Mitsumune and Maimai plead for mercy, and Valkana defuses the situation by throwing Jack in an underground cell he found. Later, Valkana reveals his backstory to Koharun. That night, Mitsumune runs into Maimai while going to see Jack. Lovepon then reappears, hoping they wish to execute him. When Mitsumune refuses, Lovepon tries to kill him instead. Mitsumune manages to throw her off when he spots Yottsun's body floating down the river in front of him.

4Yottsun's Drowning

The tour is now divided into two camps: those who wish to stay and those who wish to leave. As the former decide their course of action to secure their safety, the latter heads back down the mountain. Will they manage to leave?

5Three Yuunas Is a Crowd

Their escape plans thwarted, Mikage's group returns to the village to report their findings, only to find that Jack has broken free. As accusations fly, their unease only grows...

6The Monk's Immorality

While the two groups reunite in the village, the mounting suspicion of each other strains the group dynamic. As the group struggles to find some semblance of cohesion, more members begin seeing apparitions...

7When the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play Mischief

Mitsumune and Masaki have a heart-to-heart where Mitsumune reveals his past and what led him to Nanaki Village. Masaki tells him he can leave the village if he can confront his past, but...

8Visit Nanaki Before Doubting Masaki

Captured by the group, Masaki reluctantly begins telling her story and what her connection is to the Village. But not everyone trusts her words...

9Hyoketsu in the Moonlight

As members of the group left behind try to make sense of their situation, Masaki, Hayato, Mitsumune, and the bus driver continue toward the tunnel. Masaki finally explains why she is adamantly against going through the tunnel, but how much of what she says can be trusted?

10Danger Past, God Forgotten

Mitsumune regains consciousness in the outside world, but he can't shake off the feeling that he must go back to get the others. Meanwhile, the group left behind in Nanaki Village experience a curious, growing lethargy.

11Get in the Bus, and It'll Get the Song in You

Valkana's crew attempts to revive the other tour members who're experiencing a strange lassitude, but their efforts are interrupted by Jack and Judgeness, who reveal the true mastermind behind the whole tour.

12Nanaki Mirrors Your Soul

With Hayato's Nanaki on the loose, the group runs for their lives. Haruka is watching her plan unfold when she receives word from the last person she expects to hear from.